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My sister plays a horror game by herself for the first time XD

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Rated STARZ Gaming Channel


My sister, also another member of RatedSTARZ, (Yo Mama) finally musters up the courage to play a horror game by herself... and boy... did she pick one scary game to start with:lol:

She decided to play a point and click horror game, and she was absolutely terrified XD. And she has a good reason to be! :P. When I tried to help her edit the video, even I was afraid to look at the screen because this game was absolutely freaky:?

The worst part about point and click horror games is that there are A LOT of opportunies for quick jump scares. And I'm not really sure if that's a good thing or bad thing:lol:

And the final minutes with the grudge looking girl.... oh gawds...

Anyways here's Yo Mama's very first horror game video by herself. :) Enjoy you guys! :D

Let's Play!: The House (Finale Episode: DON'T OPEN YOUR EYES!)



Thank you guys for watching and support us! :)

And remember...

"Yo Mama plays horror games so you don't have to suffer like her! :P "