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Birthday BASH 2010

18 years on this planet.... and what have I discovered? How to jump over that canyon of bullet bills while avoiding the pirahna plants? How to save a princess while being incredibly stylish in green? How to hop from train to train while avoiding near sudden deaths experiences? Yes. Yes. And yes. :D

I remember back when I was a young pokemon master, every year I would wait with great anticpation for my birthday to come. Cake, party bags, presents, presents, and even more presents, man now those were the days. Whether it be a scooter, or a new pokemon toy, birthdays back then were AMAZING! And when it was all over, I would feel a little dead inside, and count down the days till my next birthday. Hahaha!!!

Birthdays are still fun, they're just.... how do I put it.... not as important as they were back then. Every year I would hope for some type of videogame, toy, or whatever, but now as the years have passed, birthdays have less meaning to me. I suppose what I'm saying is, there is no reason to have birthday parties anymore, I already have everything I could possibly want. Friends, family, the whole package.

Now before you go allsentimental on me, let me get one thing straight, I still love parties! Hahaha!!! Food, drinks (soda if you're curious), and gaming, what could possibly be better than that. I even wrote a little song for this special occasion.

Gaming Though The Ages

(A pspitus Rap)

She take my gaming....

When I'm in need...

Yeah she a freakin', friend indeed,

oh she a gamer,

way out of line,

steppin' on me.

18 years, 18 years, I've been gaming for 18 years,

Pac Man, Mario, doing the best,

Wasting all their lives and being a pest,

Saving Princess Zelda from day to night,

Stomping on the goombas just feels right,

Hiding in a carboard box today,

Kirby and Donkey Kong join the fray,

Running out of ammo where it at,

The Simpsons game is really phat,

Shooting portals here, andshooting portals there,

I'm so lucky that Kirby has no hair,

Zombies biting me and it really hurts,

Buying videogames takes a toll on my purse,

Kratos be bashing all the gods in the head,

Unlocking all the achievements to Left 4 Dead,

I could keep on rapping but I don't have the time,

And I can't think of anything that can rhyme.


Thanks to all my friends here at gamespot for sticking with me down to the bitter end. This may possibly be my last blog here on gamespot, as I will be starting college soon. I would especially like to thank the following individuals....

Aidan129- Whether it be mud crabs, perverted jokes, or simply trying to act gangsta, you have been one of my close friends here on gamespot, and to think it all started in the League of Reviewers right?you're theonly guy I knowthat hasa fan club about himself…… that doesn't even talk about you. Hahaha!!! Thanks Aidan, for everything. Even though we haven't been able to play xbox live cus of the time difference in our regions, (and cus I'm just too lazy to renew my membership :P) when we did play I had a blast.

Courtney817- Thank you for your periodic PMs Courtney. They are probably one of the few reasons that I even stillcome togamespot. Kind, compassionate, sweet, you're everything that Aidan is not. :P Hahaha!!! The ying to his yang, the peanut to his butter, the ice in his cream. Thanks for always being there, every time I'm feeling down or sad, I can always count on you to put a smile on my face Princess Courtney. ;)

red0584- Pervy jokes, uncontrollable urges to swear, you were like Aidan's brother from another mother. Hahaha!!! Just like Aidan, I remember when we first met back at the League of Reviewers, I had posted a short questionare blog asking, "Do you smell the inside of videogame cases?" Although I can't remember what your answer was, I'm going to assume that it was a yes. Hahaha!!! There was never a dull moment with you around. But that's probably cus everything to you was a "LIE"

twilightlullaby- You know twilight, when I first met you I honestly thought that you were a guy…. I'm not sure why, but through the AMFC I discovered that you were actually a girl, I know it's pretty pathetic. :P The mysterious girl with the strange aura surrounding her, it's hard to tell if you're happy, mad, sad, or angry, but that's what I like about you. Your tendency to be random, and your ability to speak your mind makes you a strong yet dangerous person. :P I enjoyed or periodic conversations on messenger, even though half of the conversations aren't even about me. Hahaha!!! :P But still, it was fun talking to you Princess Jennifer. And remember my food based analogies…… they could be handy in the future. You're the brownie in a world of cookies. ;)

DavidRsWii- One of my first friends here on gamespot. Even though we rarely communicate on gamespot anymore, we always use to play on xbox live. Mowing down enemies on Modern Warfare 2, or sneaking past enemy troops in co-op missions. Probably one of my most favorite, and frustrating, experiences on Xbox live. I'm running out of time to type this blog so I'm just going to say that "You're AWESOME dude". :P

Due to time, I'm going to have to cut this blog short. But here are the other people who have made an impact on my experience here on gamespot.

Honorable Mentions: Pashmina626, Marrium/Jenkins, th3d3c3ption, basically everyone at the Aidan McKenzie Fan Club, Tissushoe, and many of my fellow reviewers in the LoR.

Again, thanks to all my friends here at gamespot, this may be my LAST blog, but I will always remember you guys.

And remember…..

"Have fun gaming!"

Ahhh.... gaming....oh how I love gaming.....

It has been quite a while my fellow gamespotters, haven't posted a single comment, haven't written a single blog, andhaven't gulped down a cup of salad dressing in nearly two months! Time sure flies by when you're busy. :P Anyways I'm sorry if I haven't been active lately, and I'm sorry if I keep saying "sorry" :P Hahaha!!! Now let's talk games!

After spending an ETERNITY playing pokemon heartgold and screaming at my DS as I calmly fought through the elite four *cough*, I started playing Patapon 2 and Assassin's Creed 2. Have I finished either of them yet? No. And I probably should have considering I have had the games for over two months. Hahaha!!! :lol:

Patapon 2

Anyone who likes rhthym/ music based games should definetly not over look this title for the psp. Equipped with a couple of RPG elements here and there, and VWALAA! You have yourself an awesome game for the psp. With a few button taps on the right beat you can't command your patapon army to attack, defend, flee, etc. It doesn't get any better than this. :D

Assassin's Creed 2

Only playing Assassin's Creed 2 now you say? Yes, I know, I'm really slow. Nevertheless this has absolutely been a blast to play. There's just something funny about pushing a bunch of rennasiance peasants into the water, I thought they would have discovered the mystery of "swimming" by now. Oh well, more fun for me! :P I like how the game has varied the missions from its previous installment, and the attention to detail is just breathtaking. Can't wait to see the third game.

"And thats all folks!" As Porky the Pig would say. See you guys later! And remember.... HAVE FUN GAMING!

Gods, Massive Defects, pokemans, and other stuff, now's it's a party :D

Hey, what's going on you guys? Drink any good salad dressing lately, stomped any good goombas, caught any awesome pokemon, killed any gods recently, what's happening?

Over the course of my whole senior year, the fear of not graduating from high school or getting into a good college plagued my mind like week old pile of laundry, I wanted to ignore it but the odor lingered. But after countless weeks of filling out applications, searching for scholorships, and going to a buttload of meetings, I have finally been accepted to the Art Institute of Seattle, and by July of this year I will begin my journey through the Video Game and Art design program. :D Awesome! Yeah, since I've been accepted, everything has been slowing down lately, and trust me, I'm not complaining one bit. :P

So what have I been playing lately? Hmmm.... let's see.....

After playing a couple hours of MAG I've sort of got sick of it, it's not a bad game or anything, it's just that online multiplayer games can't really keep my attention. I'm one of those dudes who like play a game, beat it, and move on to the next one. Yeah, it's a bad habit, but what can I do? So many good games, so little time.

Speaking of good games, I've been playing God of War 3 and it is simply AMAZING! By the gods, Kratos is one vicious man. I thought he was a terrible guy before, but now, now he's just a monster! And I LOVE IT! :P The PS3 is definetely being pushed to its limits with this game, there were times where I even thought that my T.V. would explode from all of its graphic goodness. By the gods, if you own a PS3 you NEED to try this one out.

On top of God of War 3, I've also been playing a little Mass Effect on the side. I wasn't really sure what to make of the game when I first tried it, I started asking myself "What in the world is so great about this game?", but as I continued to played I've discovered the TRUE essence of Mass Effect, and have fallen in love with the game ever since. Just like Dragon Age Origins, and a nice juicy hamburger, you need to spend time, absorb its juicy succulent nature, to discover its real potential. :P

And how could I possibly forget about Pokemon HeartGold? I'm sad to say it but..... I think I'm addicted to pokemon. I just can't seem to put the game down, it's like attatched to my hands or something, it's weird. Like I was sitting in the car the other day cus my family and I were driving across the state to shop, and I was getting carsick. Why? Cus I kept playing pokemon. Even though I deliberately knew that my car sickness would get worse, I still kept playing pokemon, nothing would keep me from playing it, not even three buckets of barf. I've even gone to the extent of bringing my pokewalker with me to school, yeah I felt like a total loser, but on the other hand, everybody else brings their pokewalkers to school as well. It seems like a pokemon tidal wave has hit my school, and while it's sort of cool that people still show an interest in pokemon even though they're in high school, it's also a bit creepy- some of them are complete pokemon LUNATICS and quite frankly it scares me.

Well that's all from me for now, sorry if I haven't been keeping up with your blog posts lately, I'll try to be more active. Now I'm going to go and do my homework now...... *Turns on DS, and begins fighting 4th gym leader*What? Pokemon training is homework...... DON'T JUDGE ME!

Video Game Rap, pspitus version

Ladies, and Gentlemen who look like ladies, welcome to the greatest show on VIRTUAL Earth.

The pspitus' Video Game Update Rap.......thing....

I was sitting on my butt playing day to day,

Valkryia Chronicles was like a wad of clay,

it's an RPG believe or not,

it was better than an illegal case of pot,

it showed me that games can still be fun,

even if you're running around with a gun.

After I beat the game it began to rain,

Heavy Rain, 60 dollars, was it lame?

The Origami killer was on the run,

Making dangerous choices was a lot of fun,

No gun, no car, no sword to use,

The best weapon I had was the ability to choose,

And so I found out who it was,

Was it my neighbor down the street, or perhaps my cuz,

Well I'm not telling you, so I'm just going to pass,

Besides if I spoke, you'd probably kick my (insert word here)

Then came MAG, that sun of a gun,

256 players is a lot of fun,

Dying over here and dying over there,

Why the f_____ am I dying on that chair?

I run fifty miles to get to the place,

I know, it's true, I'm such a disgrace,

A ten minute jog is all I do,

holy s____, he tea bagged you dude!

So now I'm playing God of War,

the mini games are filled with a bunch of (insert word here)

I know that sounded dirty but what can I say,

my vocabulary is out of the fray,

it's 10:02 PM as I write this,

be right back I have to take a p___,

Oh hey I'm back, now where was I,

Oh yeah I think I was talking 'bout pie,

anyways I bet you're tied of my rap,

Yes, I know, it was a piece of crap.


A Zero's Tale- Chapter 8: Behind Bars

And the chapters keep coming. :D I'm glad you guys are enjoying my story, and believe it or not, it's just the beginning. The EPIC part hasn't even approached yet, but with each chapter we get closer and closer to the infamous Sirania Castle Ball. I hope all of you continue to enjoy reading A Zero's Tale as much as I continue to enjoy writing it, and please, if you have any favorite videogame song pieces you want me to incorporate into my story, feel free to PM me or leave a comment with the link. (youtube preferred) And remember you guys, there's a ZERO in all of us.

And I'm curious, do you guys like it when music is added to the story?

Character involved:

Jet E. Evil (pspitus)

Aidan (Aidan129)

Blaze C. Ember (th3d3c3ption)

A Zero's Tale

Chapter 8: Behind Bars

Song: Escape from Monkey Island- Protheses Shop

Scene: During the Sirania Castle Ball, inside the Sirania Castle Dungeon. Jet, Blaze, and Aidan idly sit by as a terse ticking noise echoes through the dungeon from an ancient clock sloppily hung on the wall. Jet, Blaze, and Aidan are in separate jail cells placed right next to each other. The damp, dark air looms in the atmosphere, and a pungent yet subtle scent lingers in the area. There is one castle guard lazily sitting on a chair nearby, carelessly watching the so-called criminals- obviously bored out of his mind.

Aidan: ….And so I fell on her, and guess what dude?

Jet: [interested] Yeah, go on.

Aidan: [excited] I placed my hands on her breast. [smiles happily, and imitates a grabbing motion with both hands] They felt like soft marshmallows on top of a sea of soft puffy clouds. [takes a deep sigh]

Jet: [grinning] Nice man.

[Jet and Aidan give each other high fives as if they were congratulating each other.]

Jet: [curious] You still haven't told me how exactly you ended up here.

Aidan: Well bro, after I fell on her, I quickly stood up and apologized.

Jet: [sarcastically] Hahaha……yeah…..quickly…..

Aidan: Then some weird dudes with armor grabbed me, threw me against the wall, and beat me down like no other. [laughing] I know I shouldn't be laughing, but it's funny when you think about it. I mean, come on, it's like they've never seen a guy "accidently" grab onto a girl's breasts before.

Jet: [raising an eyebrow] Wait, guys with armor? Were they with that girl you fell on?

Aidan: Yeah bro, it was strange. It looked like they were guarding her or something, I don't know.

Jet: [with curiosity] What exactly was she wearing?

Aidan: [shaking head] I don't know. Clothes, I guess? All I know is that whatever she was wearing it wasn't your typical type of street clothes- they looked pretty expensive dude.

Jet: [furious] YOU IDIOT!

[Jet grabs Aidan through the jail bars and angrily strangles his neck.]


Aidan: [choking] I….*gasps*… was I….. *gasps* suppose….to…k-know….


[The jail guard rises from his seat, un-sheathes his sword, and points the tip of the blade towards Jet.]

Jail guard: [irritated] Don't make me use this boy, I swear I will!

[Jet releases Aidan from his clutches, and Aidan falls onto the ground gasping for air. The jail guard puts his sword away, and sits back down on the chair.]

Jail guard: [pointing at Jet] I've got my eye on you, one more move like that and that pretty little head of yours will be gone.

Jet: [staring at the jail guard] One more threat like that and I'm going to shove that sword up your (insert word here).

[Aidan rubs his neck with his right hand, and coughs uncontrollably. After a few minutes of recovering, he slowly stands up.]

Aidan: [apologetic] Listen dude, it's not as bad as it seems.

Jet: [stares at Aidan with disgust] Oh really?

Aidan: Yeah bro, when I fell on her she didn't seem mad at all, in fact dude, I actually think she enjoyed it.

Jet: [shakes head in disbelief] I highly doubt that. [takes a deep breath] Anyways, we need to get out of here.

Jail guard: Don't even think about it morons, I'm watching you.

Jet: Will you shut up? Did we ask for your opinion? No. I don't think so.

Aidan: [looks at jail guard] Why are we even in jail, Mr. guard dude?

Jail guard: [with an attitude] Are you guys stupid as well deaf? I told you a million times already, you and you [pointing at Jet and Blaze] are being charged for the destruction of public property, and you [pointing at Aidan] are being charged for assaulting Princess Courtney.

Aidan: Calm down bro.

Jail guard: Me? Calm down? Why should I? Here I am stuck watching a bunch of stupid mediocre villains, and the other guards upstairs are having a good time at the Sirania Castle Ball. Now why exactly should I remain calm?

Aidan: I don't know dude, uhhh so you don't get white hair?

Jail guard: [annoyed] Stop talking to me.

Blaze: [to himself crazily] Can't save the Charizards….can't save them. [puts hands on his ears] Who will save them? How will I save them? Someone must save them…..

Jet: [whispers to Aidan] Alright, we need to come up with a plan.

Aidan: [nods head] I agree dude, so….. what's the plan?

Jet: Well, first we escape.

Aidan: [agreeing] Genius.

Jet: Second, we find some formal clothes somewhere in this castle.

Aidan: [smiles] I like it so far.

Jet: Then we crash the Sirania Castle Ball, dust off the old moves, seduce the princesses, and whisk them away in our arms.

Aidan: [curious] Dude, are you saying that were going to………

Jet: [interrupts] Yes, we are going to kidnap them … [brief pause]…. exchange for the throne to Sirania.

Aidan: [shocked] That is probably the most diabolical scheme I have ever heard of………….I like it. But why exactly do we have to kidnap them?

Jet: [trying to explain] Think about it Aidan, we're criminals. We stole from a clothing store, Blaze and I apparently destroyed public property, and you "assaulted" Princess Courtney, at this rate there is no way that King Jager would let us even breathe the same air as his daughters. [grins] So if breaking the princesses' hearts won't do, we'll just have to "borrow" their hearts instead, if you catch my drift.

Aidan: [shakes head] Alright, makes sense dude. But how exactly are we going to even get near them? Princess Courtney has already seen my face bro. And what about Red? We can't just leave without him; he's like the peanut in our peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Jet: [logically] Well since it is a ball, I'm going to assume that there will be people wearing masks. We'll just have to "borrow" a couple of masks ourselves, and blend in with the crowd, piece of cake. As for Red, I honestly don't know. I haven't seen him; you haven't seen him, for all we know he could have gotten captured by Catherine.

[A moment of silence fills the air.]

Aidan: [laughing] Hahaha, yeah right dude.

Jet: [trying to contain his laughter] Yeah, that was way out there. Red? Getting attached to a girl? Very unlikely.

Aidan: Hahaha, yeah bro, that's like trying to pee upside down in a bottle.

Jet: [shakes head and smiles] I know, Red isn't the type of guy to get with a girl. I can't even imagine him with a girlfriend.

Aidan: [laughing hysterically] Me neither dude, the only thing that'll ever go down his pants are a bag of Cheese-Zits…..

A Zero's Tale- Chapter 7: Love at First Sight

It's been quite a while since the last installement of A Zero's Tale, and I'm sorry that I've kept all of you in anticipation. :P Anyways here's the next, and HOPEFULLY not the last, chapter of A Zero's Tale. "Remember, there's a zero in all of us" I hope you guys enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it. If you have any favorite video game music pieces that you want to see incorporated into my story, please PM me or leave a comment. Thank you. :D


Princess Courtney: Courtney817

Princess Jennifer: twilightlullaby

Song: Tales of Vesperia- Echoing Breath (contributed by Courtney817 :D)

Chapter 7: Love at First Sight

Scene: Day of the Sirania Castle Ball. Inside Sirania Castle, Princess Courtney's room. Everything in the room is beautifully decorated, from the golden embroidered linen, to the high quality paintings scattered among the walls. Amongst the shelves lie various dolls, collectibles, and other unusual items that she has collected over the years. Princess Courtney is lying down on her bed, staring mindlessly at the ceiling wondering about this year's Siranian Castle Ball.

Princess Courtney: [to herself] Will I ever find my true love? Will this year's ball be any different? [sighs] I wish father would stop setting up these absurd arranged marriages. All princes are the same, from the Prince of Boran to the Prince of Razonia, all of them are as pitiful as the next. [hopeful] I wish I could meet HIM again…….

[Suddenly someone knocks on the door. Princess Courtney quickly shuffles off of her bed and opens it.]

[Enter in Princess Jennifer]

Princess Courtney: [shocked] My goodness Princess Jennifer, what are you wearing?

Princess Jennifer: Like it? [smiling] It's the hottest new clothing ****going around the Siranian Kingdom.

Princess Courtney: [disgusted] But it is absolutely repulsive! It is nothing but a mere collection of rags!

Princess Jennifer: [laughing] Yes, I know, but it's what most of the commoners wear nowadays.

Princess Courtney: [demanding] Get in here right now! [Pulls Princess Jennifer into the room with sheer force, and locks the door] And remove that hideous thing at once! If papa finds out you were wandering outside the castle again, he will be furious.

Princess Jennifer: [pouting] You're no fun…..

Princess Courtney: Go into my closet and put on my spare dress, at least until our meeting with father is over.

Princess Jennifer: [sighs] Fine, fine, as you wish your Majesty.

[Princess Jennifer walks over to the closet and begins to undress, gently removing her clothes.]

Princess Courtney: Hey, Jen….

Princess Jennifer: [with a smirk] What now, you want me to remove my bra?

Princess Courtney: [puzzled] Heavens no. [with curiosity] I've just been wondering….. what do you think about… [pauses]

Princess Jennifer: About what? Bras? I honestly don't see the reason for wearing them, they're uncomfortable, and-

Princess Courtney: [interrupting] No, not about bras. [shifts eyes] I mean about…… [quietly] boys…..

Princess Jennifer: [giggling] Boys, really? Is that what this is all about?

Princess Courtney: I'm just curious.

Princess Jennifer: What is there to know about them? [with a straight forward tone] They're pigs, they smell like the rear of a rotting carcass, and they're all lying conniving cheaters.

Princess Courtney: [flustered] Well, they can't all be like that….. right?

Princess Jennifer: [laughing] Find me a guy that isn't, and perhaps I'll do all your chores for a year.

Princess Courtney: [nervously] But it certainly can't be true, can it?

[Princess Jennifer finishes putting the dress on and intently stares at Princess Courtney]

Princess Jennifer: [solemnly] Alright, spit it out, what's going on?

Princess Courtney: [shakes head] I don't know what you're talking about.

Princess Jennifer: The more you deny it, the more suspicious you are, [grins] I hope you realize that.

Princess Courtney: [sighs] Fine, fine, I'll tell you, but you better promise you won't laugh okay?

Princess Jennifer: [raises an eyebrow] Okay, okay, I promise.

Princess Courtney: [takes a deep breath] I was at the poor district the other day with the royal guard giving charity to the common folk when I laid my eyes on a very peculiar boy. His scent was rather strange, faintly similar to bananas, but that's beside the point. Anyways, he was running towards me and he accidently knocked me over. When I opened my eyes, I was on the ground and he was on top of me. As I stared at his face, I felt this strange feeling surging throughout my body. Our eyes met, and I was completely breathless. I was lost as I stared at his coruscating blue eyes. It was romantic.

[Princess Courtney starts walking around the room nervously.]

Princess Courtney: But that's when I realized that he had his hands on my breast.

Princess Jennifer: [angered] WHAT!? I'M GOING TO KILL HIM!

Princess Courtney: It's not what you think Jen, after he knocked me over he quickly stood up and apologized in the sweetest manner, [giggling] he even offered his hand to help me up. What a gentleman……

Princess Jennifer: [disgusted] He sounds more like a pervert than a gentleman if you ask me. [shakes head in disbelief] I can't believe you just let him do that to you.

Princess Courtney: But it was an accident, he didn't mean to bump into me.

Princess Jennifer: [sarcastically] Oh, okay, and I'm assuming he didn't mean to put his hands on your breast either right?

Princess Courtney: [trying to be reasonable] It was a misunderstanding…

Princess Jennifer: Whatever. So then what happened?

Princess Courtney: [fiddling with her fingers] Well after he tried to help me up the royal guards grabbed him, threw him against the wall, and [embarrassed] mindlessly beat him down.

Princess Jennifer: Good, he got what he deserved.

Princess Courtney: [worried] And now he's in the castle dungeon.

Princess Jennifer: Oooh, even better. [smiling]

Princess Courtney: [desperate] But we have to help him Jen.

Princess Jennifer: Now why would I want to help a pervert that smells like a banana? If you ask me it would be better if he just stayed down there.

[Princess Jennifer makes her way to the door.]

Princess Courtney: Please, you have to help me get him out of there. Don't you believe in love at first sight?

[Princess Jennifer grabs the door knob and opens the door.]

Princess Jennifer: [laughing] Oh please, I don't even believe in love. [with confidence]To me, love is nothing but a myth, it only makes you weak. Trust me Courtney, you're better off without him. See you later tonight.

[Princess Jennifer leaves the room.]

Princess Courtney: [sadly] Maybe you're right…..

It's been quite a while....I wonder if I still know how to make a blog......

Phew, what a hectic year it has been. College applications, senior projects, graduation requirements, a new car, I can easily say that 2009-2010 was a big change for me. But in all honesty I think it was all for the greater good. Hahaha, look at me, trying to sound like some old superhero. Next thing you know I'll end up wearing tights pants and an oversized cape. :P

Seeing as how this website is called GAMEspot and not TELLYOURLIFESTORYspot, I'm just going to skip all of the cheesy one liners, and horrible food based puns and get down to the nitty gritty- video games.

I honestly can't remember when I last made a blog about video games, so far I've only been making blogs about my new story: A Zero's Tale, other than that none of my blogs have actually featured any video games. Really strange..... Anyways here are all my recent purchases, and games that I have beaten recently in alphabetical order.....hahaha just kidding, what kind of nerd places his games in alphabetical order. *Looks around nervously* :P

Recently bought:

Valkryia Chronicles(PS3)- I don't really know how the game is mainly cus I haven't even opened it. But from the demo I played, and all of the superb reviews, I think Valryia Chronicles deserves some attention- it will definetly be one of those "under the radar" type games like ICO and Psychonauts. I think I bought it in the beginning of January. Hahahaha, my friends always criticize me for not opening new games the moment I buy them. They all think it's INHUMAN, or some other nonsense. I believe that the longer you DON'T open the game, the better that NEW GAME SMELL will be. :P

Games recently beaten:

Borderlands(360)- For a game that blends RPG and FPS elements, I enjoyed it......somewhat. For some reason Borderlands felt really slow for me, and it seemed like it just kept dragging on. It didn't really have a good story plot to tie everything together, and the ending was downright disappointing, but still it's a pretty good game. I just wish Aidan would stop instulting my driving skillz! It's true that REAL drivers drive around rock formations, but it's the AWESOME drivers that try to drive over them. :P

Brutal Legend(360)- Guitar bashing action? Check. Melt your face off solos? Check. Jack Black? Check. If you guys even remotely enjoy watching movies with Jack Black, or love playing the Rock Band series or Guitar Hero series, I would definetely check this one out. Brutal Legend reminded me that you don't need a fully loaded gun to have fun. Possibly one of the funniest games I have played in a LOOOONG time. :lol:

Dragon Age Origins(360)- Just beat this one yesterday, and man it was absolutely spectacular. The combat was a little slow, but the storytelling, phew...... BioWare did an exceptional job. Moral choices that could affect the entire game, many possible romances, a witty line here and there, if you enjoy a good story Dragon Age Origins delivers. Now I definetely can't wait for the sequel...... if there is one.....oh god there better be one....

And thus ends my first game blog in a LOOOONG time.

Have fun gaming guys and girls! And remember not to hit your head on the way out.

A Zero's Tale- Chapter Six: Chains of Love

Wow, six chapters, it seems like the story is going by fast, but this is just the beginning. :D Anyways I hope you guys are enjoying my epic story of proportions, and I hope you enjoy my latest installment of A Zero's Tale. Remember, that's there's always a zero inside all of us.

(I'm sorry if I haven't been very active on gamespot lately, I haven't really had time to log on and comment on your blogs, but I promise I'll try to be more active.)

Music needed: Do you guys think the music adds to the story telling? If so, please send me links to your favorite video game music pieces, youtube is preferred. :D

Characters involved:


Catherine Florence

Chapter Six: Chains of Love

Song: Super Smash Bros. Brawl- Tetris Type B

Scene: Red slowly opens his eyes; a sharp throbbing pain emerges from the back of his head. He tries to move but finds himself tied to a wooden chair. His arms and legs feel like there's an anaconda squeezing the life out of him- whoever had tied the ropes made sure that he wouldn't escape. Red struggles to break free, but this only causes him more agonizing pain. Red scans the room, and notices that he's in some sort of basement. He watches as a group of rats scale the pipes on a nearby wall and escape through an open window. The smell of delicious succulent pork ribs engulfs the basement.

Red: [panicking] Oh my god, where the hell am I? [tries to break free] God, these ropes are so tight! How the heck am I suppose to get out of here!

[The door to the basement opens, and the sounds of creaking wood echoes through the room. Red watches as a mysterious figure walks down the corroded staircase.]

Catherine: [seductive] Temper, temper, my dear Red. That's what I love in a man.

Red: [gasps] So it's you!

Catherine: Oops, it looks like you caught me; I've been a naughty girl.

[Red carefully examines Catherine, and his heart begins to throb rapidly. Catherine is wearing a red silk dress with a cut insertion on the right side- her leg is completely exposed. She is wearing black high heels, a jeweled necklace, and her curly hair reaches down her back. She slowly approaches Red, and sits on his lap.]

Catherine: [with an attitude] You know Red, I've dated many guys, and all of them are the same.

Red: [starting to sweat] A-a-and I care why?

Catherine: A typical guy response. You have no idea how to treat a woman yet you still want me to be all over you.

Red: [nervously] Wh-what are you talking about, you're the one that came on to me.

Catherine: I don't like how you and your little friends deceived me Red, I don't like it one bit. [Gets off his lap] Here I am, a poor innocent girl, trying to make a living running a clothing store, and here you come…

Red: [interrupts] Wait, let me explain.

Cathrine: Here you come, with your band of players, acting all polite and whatnot. But what do you do? [pauses] You steal my clothes. [a tear trickles down her face]

Red: [sadly] Catherine.

Catherine: But that's not the worst part of it all Red, oh no, that's not the worst part. [with seriousness] The worst part is…….. [angered] you broke my heart; you shattered it into a million a pieces and broke it. You spat on it, and trampled it with your dirty feet!

Red: [sensing her anger, trying to apologize] Catherine, listen…..I'm sorr-

[Catherine furiously kicks the chair down and Red painfully lands hard on his back.]


Red: [scared] I'm sorry okay, please don't hurt me.

Catherine: [laughing] Sorry? You think that I'm going to forgive you? "Sorry" is just a word, it means nothing Red, absolutely nothing. You're just like every other guy Red, you always lead the girl on but in the end, after you've gotten what you wanted, you leave her on the curb like some dying animal.

[Catherine makes her way back upstairs, and heads into the kitchen. Red wiggles back and forth, trying to prop the chair upward to its normal position.]

Red: Damn it, this (female dog) is crazy! I have to get out of here.

[Red horrifingly watches as Catherine makes her way back down the stairs with a cooking knife.]

Red: [panicking] Holy (insert word here), what the hell are you doing! Stop you're making a big mistake. You're going to regret this; I'm telling you you're going to regret it.

Catherine: [with a devilish smile] Oh, I'm not going to regret this at all.

Red: [pleadingly] Please, please don't kill me.

Catherine: [kneels down and holds the knife up to Red's throat] All men are pigs Red, including you.

Red: [with sweat forming on his face] Oh god, oh my god!

Catherine: Now I want you to say that "I'm a pig"

Red: [about to wet his pants] Y-y-ou're a pig, you're an f-f-at slobering pig! There happy?

Catherine: [brings the knife closer to Red's neck] I'm talking about you.

Red: S-s-sorry, I mean I'm a fat w-worthless pathetic p-p-pig.

Catherine: [smiles] Now I want you to say that you'll be with me forever.

Red: I-I'll b-be with you f-forever….and ever and ever. P-p-please don't k-kill me.

Catherine: That's all I needed to hear.

[Catherine raises the knife with her right hand.]

Red: [about to wet his pants] HOLY (insert word here)! MOTHER (insert word here)! Son of a (insert word here)! My life is (insert word here) flashing before my (insert word here) eyes! Why do I have to die in a (insert word here) place like this! NOOOOO!!!!

[Catherine plunges the knife to the side of Red's head, nearly an inch away from his face. A tremendously large wet spot emerges from the center of Red's pants. Catherine leans in close to Red's face and luciously smiles.]

Catherine: Now I want you to kiss me.

Red: [still in shock] W-w-w-w-w-w-what?

[Catherine places her succulent lips on Red's mouth, and begins making out with him passionately. Red is too terrified, and confused to enjoy it. After ten seconds of lip to lip action, Catherine gets off Red, grabs the kinfe, and cuts the ropes tied to the chair. Catherine walks back up the staircase, and turns around.]

Catherine: [happily] now go get ready, your clothes are in the bathroom upstairs. Take a quick shower, get dressed, and meet me in the living room in fifteen minutes, we're going to the Sirania Castle Ball and you're going to be my date.

[Catherine leaves the basement. Red cautiously removes the rope surrounding his body, and gradually stands up- still shaking from fear and confusion.]

Red: [scratches his head] What, what just happened? [looks down at his pants, notices a big wet spot] Awww, come on.

[Catherine pops her head back through the basement door.]

Catherine: [with a serious expression] Remember Red, you sold your soul to me, and if you ever, ever double cross me again…….. next time, I'll make sure to drive that knife through your heart. [happily] Now run along and get ready, just leave your pants in the washer room, I'll fix that stain of yours.

[Catherine leaves with a joyful expression on her face.]

Red: [shaking head in disbelief] Damn, what did I get myself into?

A Zero's Tale- Chapter Five: The Wrath of Catherine

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A Zero's Tale

Chapter 5: The Wrath of Catherine

Characters involved:

Jet E. Evil(pspitus)



Blaze C. Ember(th3d3c3ption)


(Song: Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga- Stardust Fields)

Scene: Red and Aidan burst out of Catherine's Happily Ever After Outlet, panting and gasping for air. Sweat continues to trickle down their faces, perspiration rolls off their back like a stick of margarine butter. The intensive heat, and glaring sun causes them to breathe heavily. They notice Jet near the water fountain placing a pile of clothes into three separate cloth woven sacks. They quickly make their way over to him.

Jet: [looks up and smiles] Oh, hey you guys, what took you so long?
Red: [angrily] Where the hell were you!?
Jet: [raises eyebrow] What are you talking about? I was here preparing our clothes.
Aidan: Dude man, we almost got caught by that witch!
Jet: Uhhh…..what?
Red: [throws an angry look at Aidan] What he means is that Catherine almost caught us!
Jet: [without paying attention] Yes, yes, that's nice.
Red: [in disbelief] That's all you can say? That's nice!? Are you freakin' kidding me!
Jet: [stares at Red with a grin] Calm down Red, you said she ALMOST caught you right?
Red: Yeah….
Jet: But technically she didn't catch you. [cheerfully] So therefore, there's nothing to worry about.
Aidan: [agreeing] You know, he does have a point dude.
Red: [slaps forehead with palm] Why do I even bother? Anyway, what was the signal?
Jet: Well that's a dumb question. What do you think the signal was?
Red: [eyes widen] Are you saying Blaze was the signal?
Jet: [sarcastically] No, I'm saying that donkeys give birth to cows…Of course Blaze was the signal.
Red: You could have given us a warning before hand.
Aidan: Yeah dude, that Blaze guy kind of creeps me out.
Jet: Well, I didn't really have a choice. [with shifty eyes] When I walked out of the store with the clothes he threatened to turn us into the town guards if I didn't let him help us. [sighs] He knew about our plan all along.
Aidan: [confused] Wait a second bro, how did he even find out?
Jet: Apparently he overheard us talking about our it when he was in the water fountain.
Red: That bastard.
Aidan: Okay, but why would he rat on us? It's not like we did anything to him.
Jet: [shifts eyes towards Red]
Aidan: [dumbfounded] Oh….yeah….right… [curious] Hold on, if he hates Red then why did he want to help us?
Jet: Actually, [confessing] it was all part of this agreement I made with him.
Red: Are you serious?
Jet: I told him that if he helped us we would get him into the Sirania Castle Ball, and in exchange, he promised that he wouldn't report us to the guards.
Red: You've got to be kidding me. [shakes head] Could this possibly get any worse?
Aidan: Meh, probably dude, we could have Catherine chasing after us or something.

(Song: The Legend of Dragoon- Boss Battle)

[Blaze C. Ember bursts out of Catherine's Happily Ever After Outlet screaming in terror. Catherine steps out of the store- hatred and bloodlust envelops her once soothing face. She tightens her fist and charges after Blaze. Blaze notices Jet, Red, and Aidan, he attempts to run to them.]

Blaze: [terrified] You guys, RUN! Catherine is coming!
Jet: [annoyed] You idiot! Why did you bring her to us!?
Blaze: I panicked okay! I didn't know what to do! [talking to himself] Good going Blaze, you ruined it for everyone! I don't need this from you Ember!

[Catherine easily catches up to Blaze and quickly grabs the back of his head. She tightens her grip on his hair, and furiously pulls him down hard onto the ground. Jet, Red, and Aidan can hardly believe their eyes.]

Jet: Ho-
Red: -ly
Aidan: Shi-

[Catherine powerfully clutches Blaze's left leg, and picks him up like a feather.]

Catherine: [furiously] This is what I'm going to do to you guys when I catch you!

[Catherine tosses Blaze high into the air with ease. Blaze soars into the sky, unconscious and unaware of what's happening. A crowd starts to form around the shopping district. Many people watch with excitement, while others try to cover their eyes. The crowd of people begin whispering to themselves.]

Young Man: Oh man, crazy Catherine is at it again!
Boy: I can't bare to watch!
Little girl: I hope there's more blood this time.
Town Guard: I probably should be stopping this, but what am I suppose to do? She would rip me to shreds.
Elderly woman: Catherine is as hot and feisty as ever.
Woman: This is not going to end well.

[As Blaze hurls back down to the Earth, Catherine extends her right leg backward. Before Blaze touches the ground, Catherine delivers a powerful kick to his gut and Blaze is sent tumbling towards the water fountain. Jet, Red, and Aidan quickly dodge the deadly projectile- Blaze crashes into the water fountain. The foundation of the water fountain is completely obliterated and water starts leaking out. The statues of Princess Courtney and Princess Jennifer, however, remain completely in tact. Blaze remains unconscious as he sits at the edge of the fountain, water flows down his body and disperses along the ground.]

(Song: Lost Odyssey- A Mighty Enemy Appears)

Catherine: [glaring at Jet, Red, and Aidan] You three are next! [pointing] I'm going to destroy you.
Jet: We are so screwed.
Aidan: [panicking] I don't want to die man, I'm too young and handsome to die!
Jet: See Red, if you kept your girlfriend under control we wouldn't be in this mess.
Red: Don't blame me, it was Aidan and his stupid love advice that got us here.
Aidan: Uh, you guys, I don't think we have time to talk about that right now.

[Catherine charges towards Jet, Red, and Aidan at lightning speed. Unaware of her surrounds, her eyes are filled with hatred and contempt. Like a lion stalking its prey she focuses entirely on them.]

Red: [terrified] Oh my god, RUN!

[Red starts sprinting towards the lower ****district, Aidan attempts to follow him but immediately stops.]

Aidan: Wait dude, what about Blaze? We just can't leave him here.
Jet: [tosses a sack of clothes to Aidan] Come on, were evil right? [picks up two sacks of clothes] Evil guys don't help others. Besides….[carries both sacks of clothes over his shoulders] I don't think you want to be stuck with Miss Psychopath over there.
Aidan: [glances at Catherine] Yeah, you do have point.

[Following Red, Jet and Aidan sprint towards the lower cl@ssdistrict. A subtle, yet pungent aroma fills the air. The streets are crowded with thousands of people, the alley ways are cramp and small. Many street vendors continue to shove their products into people's faces, poverty has taken its toll on the people in the area. Rats dangerously cross the streets, homeless children, forgotten dogs, hungry cats, all of them beg for food, and seek shelter. Jet, Red, and Aidan continue running through the lower cl@ss district, dodging people as they try to escape the wrath of Catherine.]

Red: [panting] Is….*gasp* is she still following us?
Aidan: [gasping] I don't know….*gasp* dude, but *gasp* I don't really want to find out.
Jet: [dying from exhaustion] Wait you guys *gasp*, I need to *gasp* catch my breath. All this…..evilness….is slowing me down.
Aidan: Dude, that's what you get for eating that pancake off the side of the street.
Jet: [sarcastically] Well sooorry, how was I suppose to know that we would be running for our lives from some psychotic woman.

[Red, and Aidan slow down, and Jet catches his breath. Suddenly, a watermelon the size of a tire slams into Jet's head. Jet hurls towards a nearby vegetable stand, and crashes right into it. Red and Aidan's jaws drop from astonishment.]

Catherine: [glares at Red and Aidan] So you guys thought you could get away huh, well think again. [makes a cut throat expression with her right hand] You two are next….

[Red, and Aidan quickly rush over to Jet's lifeless body. They immediately remove the various scraps of wood from the collapsed vegetable stand and approach Jet.]

Jet: [weakly] Here you guys, take these with you. [hands Red and Aidan the two sacks of clothing]
Aidan: Come on dude, we have to get going.
Red: [worried] Yeah, were not leaving you. If Catherine catches you, you'll be sent to jail.
Jet: [smiles] Come on, do you guys seriously think that I'm going to rot in some god forsaken prison? Come on, I'm Jet E. Evil remember? [coughs out blood] Just stick to the plan and everything will turn out okay….
Aidan: [sadly] But dude….
Jet: [losing consciousness] Remember…..
Red: Come on, get up!
Jet: [fading away] Stick to…..the plan…..[grins]

[Jet passes out. Catherine continues to knock over peasants as she makes her way towards Red, and Aidan. Her relentless pursuit of revenge drives her forward. Red, and Aidan pick up the sacks of clothes near Jet's body and continue running deeper into the lower ****district.]

Aidan: This isn't good bro, at this rate she's going to catch up to us.
Red: [struggling] Damn it, my bag feels so heavy.
Aidan: Really, my bag is pretty light.
Red: [irritated] What the hell did he put in here? A rock?

[Red removes the sack from his shoulder and carefully looks into the bag. Red finds ten boulders, the size of a fist, evenly layered on top of the clothes. He quickly removes the boulders from his bag.]

Aidan: [snickering] Oh my god dude, hahahaha Jet totally got you.
Red: [angered] That bastard! Even when he's about to pass out he still finds time to do something evil.
Aidan: Now that's what I call dedication dude.
Red: [shakes head] I swear, I think I'm surrounded by morons.

[Red, and Aidan continue sprinting through the lower cl@ss district while dodging the incoming people. Catherine continues to inch closer, and closer with every step.]

(Song: Kingdom Hearts II - VS Nobodies)

Red: [scared] What are we going to do? At this rate she'll catch up to us in no time.
Aidan: Oh, I know.

[Aidan steals a plethora of bananas from oncoming street vendors.]

Street Vendor #1: [furious] Hey what are you doing!?
Street Vendor #2: [agitated] You better pay for that!
Street Vendor #3: [angered] Get back here so I can kill you!
Aidan: Sorry dudes, but this is a life or death emergency. But I promise to repay all of you someday! Who knows, maybe I'll date one of your daughters if you get lucky. [winks]
Street Vendors(all): Get back here you filthy heretic!
Aidan: [takes a bite out of a banana] Mmmmm….. delicious.
Red: [in disbelief] Are you (insert word here) kidding me? What are you, stupid? We already have a psychotic (insert word here) chasing after us! Are you trying to get us killed?
Aidan: Whoa, whoa, calm down bro. [holds up a banana towards Red] If you wanted one you could of just asked, no need to whip out the swear words dude.

[Red snatches the banana from Aidan, and instantly shoves it down his pants.]

Aidan: [confused] Uhhh…. dude did you just…..
Red: WHAT!?
Aidan: Ummm….. never mind….
Red: So why exactly did you steal all of those bananas?
Aidan: Alright, check this out dude. One time I heard from this guy, who knew this guy, who met this other guy, who dated this other guy's sister, who….
Red: [interrupts] For god's sake just get to the point…
Aidan: Okay, have you ever heard of…..[pauses for dramatic effect] The Banana Slide?
Red: No, and I honestly don't care.
Aidan: [with pride] It's an old prank dude. Seen it plenty of times myself. Just slip a banana peel in front of someone, and whoop there he goes, or…..[chuckles] there she goes in this case.
Red: Does it actually work?
Aidan: Just watch and learn.

[Aidan unpeels a banana. He hands the banana to Red, and throws the banana peel onto the ground.]

Red: Why did you give me the banana?
Aidan: Well, you can't just go and waste food bro, it's just not right.
Red: Not right? I thought we were suppose to be an evil organization?
Aidan: Hey man, it was Jet who taught me not to waste food, don't get your panties in a bunch dude.
Red: Jet? [sighs] That idiot.

[Aidan and Red look back and watch as Catherine steps on the banana peel. She easily maneuvers past it. Aidan's jaw drops wide open, and Red quickly smacks him on the back of the head.]

Red: You retard What were you thinking?
Aidan: [panicking] Wait…ummm…maybe there has to be more banana peels for it to work.

[Aidan furiously unpeels several bananas. He immediately shoves the bananas into Red's mouth, and drops the peels onto the ground.]

Red: [choking on bananas] Sto….p….I can't……eat…..anymore….

[Aidan looks back, and Catherine continues to follow them like a ravaging bull- the banana peels don't seem to be having an effect! Aidan unpeels twenty more bananas, and shoves all of them into Red's windpipe. He drops all of the peels onto the ground, but Catherine runs past them like they're nothing.]

Red: [trying hard to eat all of the bananas] Oh……..god…..
Aidan: It's not working dude!
Red: [feeling nauseous] I think, I'm going to…..throw up….
Aidan: Red, come on, she's gaining on us!
Red: [slowing down] My stomach hurts, I don't think I can run anymore.

[Red comes to a complete stop, drops onto one knee, and holds onto his stomach. Aidan stops running and decides to check up on Red. A grotesque growl emerges from the pit of Red's stomach.]

Aidan: Dude….I think you have a stomach ache. [shakes head] You shouldn't have eaten all of those bananas.
Red: [glares at Aidan] Screw……you…..

[Aidan watches as Catherine draws closer with every step.]

Aidan: Ummm…. I think I'm going to go now.
Red: [irritated] Whatever. Get out of here you moron. You better at least follow up with Jet's plan.
Aidan: Don't I always?

[Aidan helplessly runs away, and Catherine soon catches up with Red. With her right hand, Catherine latches onto Red's head and pummels his face straight into the ground. Red starts to lose consciousness. As his eyes begin to shut he can faintly see Aidan running frantically through the lower cl@ssdistrict- dropping bananas behind him.]