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Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

This is an amazing movie - you really get that 8-bit gaming nostalgia, with the plot being as redicoulus as it is and the game-related special effects (the points when he defeats the ex'es, the pee-bar, 1-up and many other)

I have never seen a movie like this one - the soundtrack is awesome, with some great 8-bit tunes, the acting is overall great, especially Michael Cera fits the role as Scott Pilgrim perfectly - the action is awesome and over-the-top - the humour is spot-on, I laughed SO much when I saw it.

I am going to recomend it for everyone - especially gamers and comic-book nerds.

I have watched it two times, and I am looking foreward to the DVD-release here in Denmark, 'cause I am not a second i doubt that I am getting it!

this is a perfec' 10/10

Avatar is booooring!!!

It has been quite some time since I actually saw the movie, but since the movie still gets more attention than a naked man on the train, I feel it is time for me to say my opinion to the few willing to read.

The movie is kinda dull - yes it has its moments, but very few.

the story is completely taken from Pochahontas - I've never been a fan of Camerons movies, but I at least expected it to have a somewhat original story, but that was sadly not the case.

the acting in general is not very impressing, Jake over-acts in my opinion, there is one actor in the movie who does a GREAT job and that is Giovanni Ribisi, who plays the "boss" of the mining company-thing.

the effects are really good, but for my taste it was a bit to tentacle-ish all of it and everything seems to shiny and plastic-ish.

score: 3/10

+Giovanni Ribisi, some effects and the sound.

- acting in general, unoriginal story, too long way to long.

I want Fallout 3!!!!!!!!111

I have seen many reviews and gameplay-movies from the game Fallout 3 and I think it looks amazing..

I already have Oblivion, and Fallout 3 is kind of like that, but with guns, hacking, weird humor, VATS, zombies and other stuff.

I will probably buy it next Friday, because I have my Biology exam Thursday and I am afraid I might not be able to rehearse it if I have Fallout 3 :P