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why why why you?!?!

hi everyone it me again


well to let you all know i'm not in all fire mood to talk on this again theseday's and you all might ask why. Well let start with

number 1 jedikinght52501 he quiet being a leader of all his Union's for one F***ing Union! 

number 2 what i was born with is getting wross let say for this past weekend it went from Friday to Monday noon stop

number 3 i got a psp again butt it my sister and i got kingdom of heart birth by sleep so i play that on spare time now 


and that why i don't post these day's if i suck at spelling i blame the school system around me :P 

and to other psp guy i hop you wife is better buy now man :) 

got bioshock infinte

it a good game i want to replay it none stop and i say if you all want a nice an easy game that only let you 2 guns on you for the hole game i say go for it and the ai in the game is help full in a gun fight :) 

um stuff to kill stuff

Hello everyone out there who has a PS3 and that 360 thing.
If u did not got o the PSN today u o to know this if u want to use the PSN store today or anytime for the rest of th yesr u got to download the store :o no joke.

On to the news i have gotr Borderlands 2 and play it since the day it came out i even blow $220.00 on this game. It has been close to 8 weeks i been playing the same game now. Im going to get to more games next and they ae Bioshock inifent an Dead space 3. Bioshock im only getting the $80 one the $160 does not cut it for me so it can go blow.

Im going to try to ask for the PS Vita for xmas so whish me luck on that and if anyone wants trades on Borderlands 2 pl post on this blog i got a lote organe guns and the pink ones from the dlc so just ask and i want any thing from the dlc and use u need the dlc frist before u can use it! Why say this i ran into people who tried to use it with out the dlc thesedays oh the trade is PS3 only sorry.

minecraft and what nots

As of theseday u guys have not seen me in Gamespot. Well im going o stay but i have been busy with stuff thesedays and gtting my free time done to lil. So as of right now im going to be here just not talkng i well have Minecraft for the PC before the strat of next month and i want u all to wait aftear i get it. Why u al might ask well im going to strat a sever for bfore the end of this year so a Union tat im still a officer im in and can talk to every. Without this website trying to so buggey from here to the sun.

On the othe hand if ur guys has me as a friend on the PSN sorry i been off for a long time i been in a very blah mood for video games but wen Boderlands 2 comes out yes u all well see me back on like old times but i migh be on tonight.

butt this websit is to bggey for me thesedays so sorry for being here a lot

E3 comes and the site goes down

well out of the games i seen yesterday for E3. It was like this to me Dead space 3 and a lot of PS3 games. But snoy lied to us to this year or gamespot. Well the said snoy well pop out the PS4 info and they did not. And all they did for new God of War game is so game paly and walk off the stage like here it is and shut up! Now for the other hand all my Unions was broke yesterday and fuse and many more. So yes to Mr jedinight (forgot the number's) they should remake the website before the E3 of 2013. So u all have a good day

lvl 33 it might be stuck

Hi people it me psp today and look at what i got at a fealmaket yesterday.
Well i bought 2 toys that is old but i can't put the image in so i got the wheel zord from power ranger's zero.
And i got 6 mini-cns and they make the skyboom shield and some name less dud but ita bike a skateboard and moped.
I'm might make a video so u guy's can see them.

On the other hand i'm think the lvl bars are stuck again ad comments for the blogs are not working.
i hopeu all have a good monedy

see u all in a week

i'm not going to be here in GS for a week so deal with it or try to hunt me down on youtube or tell thn later.

not in the moode

to everyone these day i'm not going to be in a posting mood for any Union these day. Yes it was my birthday the past Tuesday 3/13/2012 an Wat i got a hole lot of zip an lot of helping house work like doing water pluming for a hot water tank *sigh* help my grandfather doing other stuff 2 around the house but. it more of a Family thing Right now then any thingeleas i'll be lucky to get on PS3 about 1 or 2 times a day thanks to my lazy sister around here. so im going to say this right nowsorry jedinight52501on being away from my officer job in ur unoin try to getsme one elesto ork in there this weekend. Tell then i'll might see u all later

Borderlands 2

just found out if u preodear Borderlands 2 u can get a gold key an gold guns in the game. But gusse what people i preodear my copyof the game in December of last year so :P :P :P.