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call of duty modern warfare 2

hello everyone i jst got a xbox 360 for xmas and me and my bro went and got cod mw2 today

i was hoping alot of u would like to play with me online i havent yet played it i will be tonight

if u would like to add me on xbox live my name is


hope to talk soon bye !!

madden nfl 10 or ncaa 10 ?? you decide

hello everyone i have been looking at both

NCAA Football 10
and madden nfl 10

and i ddont know which one to get for xmas and i would like it if u told me which is better for online play , season mode , and grafice and if alot of people tell me they will play with me online on one of them then i will get that one

plz write bak

thx !!

games for xmas

hello everyone i know i havnt been on here for ages but i would jst like u to know wot i am hoping for, for xmas

right i hope i will get to following games : fifa 10 (psp)

madden nfl 10 (psp

f1 09 (psp)

assassins creed blood lines ( psp )

I will play all these games on xmas so if anyone wants to play me online on the top 3 games then message me as soon as u can< i will play on xmas online and anyday after xmas

SO plz get in touch and lets play online

free games proper link !!!

sorry the last link i put on wasnt the proper one

if you sign up to this under my link wen i earn swagbucks then u will too

SO SIGN up and get free games

free games !!

if you want to get free games go on this link and earn points to get free games and consols

Help !!!

right this is the thing
people have been saying that tom clancys end war is rubbish for psp
can you tell me what the best online war game is for psp so i can play online and have a good time and not et bored

please help !!!

couldnt wait to get it

hello everyone as i put in my last blog that i was going to buy monster hunter and tom clancys end war
welll i couldnt wait to get monster hunter so i went and brought it a hours ago
its soo good atm im jst finishing the training for it but then im off killing monsters

by saterday i will be able to play online so if anyone wants to play with me online then please comment


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