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One thing that really gets me upset is that I have yet to buy a good controller. Like games, I've owned quite a few. Saitek, Logitech, etc. I don't buy Logitech products because they knowingly sold a gamepad that didn't work, forums were full of it and their stuff sucks anyway.

Gamepads are fair but they are uniformly too small, hand cramping and hard to control. How much code does it take to put a ramp function on the sticks so they are responsive yet don't jump as soon as you move it a micron? Yet not a single gamepad manufacturer that I know of has tried to make one either ergonomic or more controllable. Same for mice. All too small and hard to control because no one has sense enough to put a ramp function on mouse movement either. Especially hard to control if you are a lefty, the buttons on the sides are usually unusable.

The other problem with almost every single game is they don't have fully programable controls. How much code does it take to let us configure the gamepad the way we want? On my PS3 I am always accidently punching the left and right stick down when the action gets fast and having those functions go off when you don't want them to screws you up if it doesn't get you dead. And I can't change them to nothing on any games, even the configurable ones. Aggravating to the max.

FYI By a ramp function I mean having the movement start slow so things don't move a lot when you just touch the stick and then ramp up the speed. Another words less sensitive to small movements. When you get a little older you will know why.

Just a little history for anyone knowledgeable enough to appreciate it. I had an Atari 5200 when it came out. It was one of the first systems to use an analog joystick. X and Y potentiometers on the joystick instead of the 4 LRUD switches on digital joysticks and gamepads. The problem with this type of joystick is that the center of a potentiometer is a resistance value and if it changes the zero point moves and it drifts. I am sure they figured this out too late and decided to make it non-centering to avoid the problem. When you let go of the stock 5200 stick it flops over, no springs holding it in the center and thus no LR and UD adjustment slides required. This made every single game unplayable. This is a typical trick manufacturers do. They make something unplayable and sell it anyway. The Magnavox Odyssey was the same way. They decided to one up Pong by making the paddles moveable in both X and Y. This required 3 separate potentiometer knobs. Perfectly fine if you have 3 hands, otherwise the games were unplayable. I bought an aftermarket joystick for the 5200 that centered the joystick but it required 2 adjustment pots to keep center. OK but it wore out in no time.

To finish up a long story I decided to make my own joystick for the 5200. I used a 9-ball. Made a housing for it, put 4 pins in the sides to activate switches instead of pots and made a working digital joystick for my 5200. I am probably the only person in the world who has a working digital joystick for a 5200. In case you know a little electronics and want to figure out how I did it I'll give a hint. 2 of the switches have to be normally closed and you need some resistors to emulate the pots.

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Seems like every sequel I've bought recently has sucked. Most notably FF13, Duke Nukem and Dungeon Siege 3. None of those 3 should ever have been burned to burn us.


Some others while not bad were not nearly as good as the originals. Bioshock 2, Fallout New Vegas, Skyrim and Dark Souls come to mind.


With these things in mind I am not holding my breath for Diablo 3. There is no quality standards in games and I think it is hurting some companies. Sony is on the ropes and they really pizz me off since I have a PS3. There are way too many games on the market for systems and I think that hurts sales of games and systems because a significant percentage, maybe the vast majority are totally worthless. I don't buy as many games as I used to because they mostly all suck. (I've bought at least a thousand since my first, a Magnavox Odyssey. Actually I had Winky Dink which is arguably the first) Too many bad choices.


I am hoping Diablo 3 and Borderlands 2 don't follow the unfortunate pattern all the sequels seem to be following.

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If you've played and liked any of the earlier FF's, you will be SEVERELY disappointed. It bears NO resemblance to earlier versions in anything except the artwork. Not only doesn't it have replayability, it doesn't even have playability. It joins the ranks of all the other inferior sequels that have come out last year and this year. The sequel situation is so bad it will be the rare game I buy new anymore. ie Duke Nukem 2, Dungeon Siege 3, FF13, Bioshock 2, Fallout Las Vegas, Skyrim (good but not as good), Dark Souls (only slightly inferior). I am not holding out much hope for Diablo and Borderlands 2 either this year considering the other sequels.

This situation is made worse by the fact that reviews on this site (and elsewhere) are uniformly uninformative so there is no way to tell if a game is any good by reading reviews. Everyone knows what they like in games yet reviews never detail the stuff we are looking for. The only stat that matters is user rating and that can't be trusted too far either. I have yet to read reviews of games and not be blindsided after buying the game. Reviews tell almost nothing about games that matters.

Has there even been a superior sequel recently? I can't think of one.