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I loved Diablo 2

I loved Dungeon Siege 2

I hated Dungeon Siege 3

Should I buy Diablo 3?

If you never played D1 or 2 your opinion on D3 is worthless to me. If you never played DS1,2 and 3 you don't know what I'm talking about. Dungeon Siege 3 went completely off the rails, was nothing like 2 and totally sucked. If you are a member with 10,000 snarky but useless posts STFU and get a life.

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[QUOTE="DercDredger"]I am not sure why people continue to attach themselves to the Demon's Souls game when it's sequel already surpassed it in almost every way.Vari3ty

I actually far preferred Demon's Souls over Dark Souls. Just my personal opinion though, most people seem to favor Dark Souls. 

I do too but I'll still replay Dark Souls too.


If they did a DLC they could easily make the Nexus arch stone unbroken and put any size level world there they wanted. It would make a game that has great replay value even better., I know I will play it again every now and then.


I still play the old games in this series, the old King's Field series and especially KF: the Ancient City. It's like Final Fantasy, no connection between the games but style maybe. I still play the old King's Field series, especially the Ancient City.

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I would like to see DLC go away.


Why? Just because it's an excuse to sell you half a game and get more money from you for the full game?

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There is a broken world stone in the nexus of Demon's Souls. If they made DLC for Demon's Souls even this long after release and opened up a new section, would you buy it? I would.

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I would like to see DLC treated like games, listed with the game and reviewed like the game. I would like an easy way to find DLC on the games home page. I just looked at the listing for Borderlands which has DLC and there doesn't seem to be any reviews under Borderlands for the DLC. If there is it should be under the main game not a separate listing like a stand alone game.

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What features would you like to see in a next generation game system like the PS4? What features would make you want to upgrade?


For myself I would like to see 2 or 4 HDMI outputs so that you can play multiplayer without a split screen.

I would also like to see ALL games in 1080p.

I want a better more ergonomic gamepad design, it hasn't changed in many years and I think it can be vastly improved.

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The name Bioshock has nothing to do with Rapture or Columbia (to me), was it ever mentioned in any of the games? It means the style of the game and it sure looks like 3 has the same style to me. How could they completely change the style and still call it Bioshock? It's like Final Fantasy, the only connection between FF's is the style, not even the gameplay.

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" the whole idea of the utpopia city has been done in previous Bioshocks..., Why on earth to repeat the same formula all over again."

Because it's Bioshock, what did you expect a driving game? Admittedly, I could have done without spending any money on Bioshock 2, it was barely worth playing once. This doesn't sound like Bioshock 2 though.

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I've played 1 and 2. I actually played through 1 twice. I would say 1 is a must play by itself, before or after. It sounds like there isn't any connection between Rapture and Columbia other than game style. As far as 2 goes, it has no replay value for me whereas I'll play 1 again, it's a keeper. 2 I could have saved my money on.

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If you use the rations for DLC don't buy the 60 ration pack, get two 30's. You will get the same number of resources and an extra chance for a MK V part over the 60.


For one 60 ration pack you get two MK V parts with a chance at a 3rd.

For two 30 ration packs you get the same number of resources, two MK V parts and two chances for another two MK V parts. So for two 30 packs you will get the same number of resources and 2 MK V parts and possibly 4 MK V parts whereas for the 60 you get 2 MK V parts with a chance at 3 MK V parts max.

Also keep those salvage bots out and they will pile up the rations.