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#1 Posted by psi_kick (37 posts) -

Controllers suck. I've played everything from a magnavox Odyssey to a Neo Geo. The Odyssey is probably the best example of the worst control scheme ever designed. It had 3 knobs so it will only work well if you have 3 hands. The Neo Geo Joystick wasn't the best but compared to an Atari 2600 joystick it's a technical marvel. Saitek makes some decent controllers. My Atari 5200 tried to make a better controller by using X and Y potentiometers instead of switches. Great idea except for the centering drift problem and the fact that the sticks were not spring loaded and just flopped over when you let go. I made a digital joystick for it and I am probably still the only person in the world who has a digital stick for an Atari 5200.

The point is I know a bit about controllers and they all suck. We don't know it because we don't have anything good to compare to. It's like if you have only driven a yugo and never driven a corvette, you have no idea how good a car can be.

That may be about to change. Even though I know that current gamepads from sony and MS leave a LOT of room for improvement, it looks like Valve has gone another route and is trying to improve the control method. Their so-called haptic controller could be the beginning of a long delayed revolution in controller design and quality. If their controller works and is better than current gamepads, manufacturers may be forced to improve their designs and it's overdue.

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If you were going to have to wear and use an Apple smart watch, what features (reasonable, no time travel or tantalus effect) would you want, what would you want it to do?

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I thought about it and it comes down to a game. I probably won't buy a PS4 unless a must have game comes out only on the PS4. That will probably happen well before the PS5 comes out.

I haven't heard anything about backward compatability or downloadable games on PSN. I am assuming they will have to recode old PS1 games again to run on the PS4 unless it has a PS3 emulater and will play PS3 games.

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I'm not really into these type of games but I just saw the Day-Z article and that sounded like an interesting twist. It also seems to have a good reason to play online and not solo. I am guessing that a popular tactic and maybe the most fun is going to be hunting other players? Since the Arma 3 video looked so good I am considering it just for that mod.

Am I going to have to play Day-Z (Survival?) on my lowly Alienware (much as I love crashes and patches) or will it come out for a Playstation? I hope the old Day-Z mod for Arma 2 isn't going to turn out to be better than the new version?

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Excellent, thanks

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Good answer, thanks. I was going to skip it but I'm sick of playing Dialo 2 and even though I have a great Alienware laptop I'm pretty sick of playing games on my computer. I'll probably pick up a used one. It used to be there were great games that you could only play on a PC but I haven't seen anything in a long time for the PC I wanted to play. I haven't played a good space adventure since Freelancer.

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A good indication is what games you go back and replay. I'm almost done with probably my 4th playthrough of PS1 Tomb Raider 1, as well as 2 and 3. Demon's Souls and Dark souls I will play again many times, can't wait for Dark Souls 2. I am part way through my 3rd play of Fallout 3. I replay the PS1 Kings Field series occasionally. The before last Final Fantasy is one I will replay, the last one sucked. Most of the Resident Evil's I will replay. King's Field: the Ancient City for the PS2 is one I replay every couple years. Oblivion is another, not sure if I'll play Skyrim again. Borderlands 1 and 2.

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Can someone give me a link to a comprehnsive list of features and specs for the PS4 (if there is one)? Everyone is so exited about it I am assuming they must know what it is they are gettting but I couldn't find much on an official news release by Sony on this site anyway.

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Generally it's a game that gets me to buy a system. Unless something comes out on the PS4 that I can't get for the PS3 or is vastly superior to the PS3 version, I may never get one. I might wait for the PS5. I wouldn't be surprised if all the hype about how good the sales of the next gen systems are going to be is wrong.

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I bought a PS3 because it was superior graphically to the PS2, plays PS1 games and was the cheapest BRD player at the time. Why would I want a PS4? Why do you want one?

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