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A 5-day BLAST!

Hey Game-pots!

Last 5-6 days i had been in Ahmedabad,a metro nearly 70 miles aways from my place...and i had an awesome unforgettable time there!

Well,i had been aching to see a 3d movie since a long time,so i went to imax there and saw "walking on the moon" by tom hanks there,it was a 45 min film,but awesome! 3-d is really cool,hope they will start to show hollywood films one day :P

Also i went to the worlds largest vintage car had over 120 vintage cars in running condition!

Here's the link

Vintage Car Museum-Be sure to check it...Gs isnt hotlinking so you'd have to copy/paste that,but its worth :P

I also went to alot of malls and bought my gym and workout stuff thats not-so-frequently-available :)

Also for the first time ,i did bowling,i dont know what its called when all the skittles fall down,but i did it once!

In other good news,i have completed Mass Effect 2,imo its the best game ever!

The last mission had a boss like the one in terminator...awesome! they are more of a symbolic fight than a difficult one...

Im looking forward to play a new game and i have listed a few choices down,suggest me!

Bioshock 1 and 2

Bad company 2

Dark sector

Stalker-call of pripyat

Call of Juarez-Bound in blood

EDIT- P.s. My tracks of the month are -

Jam-Michael Jackson

Telephone-Lady GAGAGAGAGAGAGAGAGA ft. beyonce

What are your favourite tracks?

Best Game Of 2010 ?

This years been the best for gamers,every month,2-3 games with huge titles have been lauched,i ve tried most of them,but the one that managed to stand out was...

MASS EFFECT amazing sequel,its got a better storyline,and more immersive shooting(im a huge fan of shooters too)..

Im in the mission where we have to collect IFF data if anyones completed the game,let me know if im near to the end :P

Whats your favourite of '010?

Speed racer is BACK!


remember those old days of speed racer anime?

well its BACK!

i still remember the steering wheel with controls that would jump the car and other wat nots!

even i remember the song "GO SPEED RACER GO!"

Well this were some anime pics and now the real movie one's :-

BTW,its gonna release on 9th may world wide


Speed Racer

i m back!! with 5 things u dont know about me!

hey guys,

i have been tagged by my dude neeraj kumar :)

so here are the 5 things u dont know about me:-

1)i hate to eat vegetables,n pulses n other wat nots

2)i m 5.6 height,medium build and i dont hav spectacles

3)i m very good at maths and car designing

4)i hate insects,its not that i m afraid of them,but i hate them

5)i m a die hard fan of F1,cricket,shah rukh khan,and simpsons

i dont whom to tag rite now,but i'll sure tag 5 of my friends! :P


i was very busy with my exams so i m sorry i couldnt post in ur blogs,

now that i m active,i'll come to ur blogs!

in the mean while i n viveckvivu had alot of discussions concerning a console, n we hav decided to buy a ps2 slim n not a psp slim n lite,it is better for a longer run and has got an enormus game collection,so for a full fledge gaming platform i think ps2 is the better one!

Holidays hav started here in India,n i have like 3 months of free time!


The forth one!

hey guys i recently bot my forth car!

its maruti suzuki swift!

actually due to traffic problems,i couldnt use the camry,corolla and my civic!:P

i had to get one desperately!

Btw i bot it from an NRI for 2.8 lakhs! it has traveled around 4800 kms and comes wit a sony xplod sound system!


And guys guess wat,i m going to modify my camry!

1) Black alloy mag wheels

2)rear spoiler

3)Free flow exhaust

4)Body Kit (after the thing gets complete,it wud look lik this!)

+ a console in 2008,so new year gonna b gr8 for me!!!

Time for a console!

Hey guys it time fo me to buy a console for myself!its been alot time i hav played a game on my console...last was mario and contra in a NES!

here are my options!

1)PS3 20 Gb

2) X360 PRO

and guess wat i m goin to buy it fro hong kong so ican get it at a cheaper price(india's too expensive for laptops and consoles!. ! story's not over yet I am also buyin a SONY VAIO TOO,so 2008 is goin to bring a gr8 celeberations out here!)


The bourne ultimatum


The novel follows David Webb, alias Jason Bourne, as he works to find his old enemy, Carlos the Jackal, who is trying to kill him. As the Jackal enters old age and his infamy fades, he decides that he will do two things before he dies: kill Webb/Bourne, and destroy the KGB facility of Novgorod, where the Jackal was trained and later turned away. Carlos the Jackal uses a diverse collective of aged men devoted to his handiwork and known as "The Old Men of Paris." Webb sends his wife and children to live with his wife's brother, John St. Jacques, in the Caribbean for protection while Webb himself works with old friend and CIA agent Alexander Conklin, and to a limited degree, the CIA, to hunt down and kill the Jackal first. Webb poses as an important member of Medusa (a newer version than the original he was associated with during the Vietnam era) (see Jason Bourne), now a nearly omnipotent economic force that controls the head of NATO, leading figures in the Defense Department, portions of the American and Sicilian mafia, and large NYSE firms. The plan is to use Medusa's resources to contact the Jackal. Webb just misses the Jackal several times, including when the Jackal locates Webb's family in the Caribbean, before Webb stages his own death and convinces the Jackal that he has succeeded. Following this, the Jackal turns to his second goal, to destroy the Novgorod, a large Russian installation used as training ground for KGB candidates. It contains different areas, each simulating a different Western environment. Webb tracks the Jackal down with the help of Conklin and a KGB agent named Dimitri Krupin as the Jackal begins destroying the KGB compound. In a final confrontation, the Jackal is finally killed and Webb returns to his family...


Sooorrrryy!! I m laaatttee

hey guys,i m sorry i was not available last few days cuz my net wasnt workin.....i hope i'll be online from now!!

IN the mean time i have enjoyed very much with my are some things that revved me up!:oops:

I played lost planet and saints creed!! and watched dhamaal too...well it is not in the screens now but if it was i would have recommended it was very great movie!!

well comin on to lost planet and saints creed they were both great..well i had problem playing cuz i had a bit difficulty in operating the controller especially the LB and RB controls...they require much skill...:(

Waitin to see bhool bhulaiya...has ne one seen it??if yes pls tell me bout it...n om shanti om too!!

here are some pics(my first pics) :)


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