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Achievements: Are they worth it?

Do you remember when your friend would tell you that he/she beat a game you struggled on, and kind of rubbed it in your face? Maybe he/she helped you instead. Maybe you beat the game and did one of the two, but it seems now, unless you have a high gamerscore, or a lot of tropheies, that doesn't even matter. Yes, the achievements on the Xbox 360 offer somewhat of a new gaming experience, but for what? People try so hard to get their gamerscore extremely high in order to be on top of the Xbox LIVE leaderboards, but have they ever stopped to think about why? Now, I know that not everyone is like that. I know if you play the game, you're bound to unlock ahievements along the way, but for those who want a high gamerscore, why? Honestly, what do you accomplish by unlocking these achievements? Have you really accomplished something by falling 16ft in the air on Dead Rising? Have you really accomplished something by using warp 50 times on Mass Effect? Didn't you play a game in order to beat it? Now, I'll also admit I got all of the acievements on Resident Evil 5. I saw it as an oppurtunity to see what all of the hype was, but obviously, I failed to comply. People have been beating games for how long now. Why should we get numbers that quite honestly, don't even matter?