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Project exile new release date?

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From a web site that I found not to long ago it had the release date of black sigil to be in march now it is 4/9/08. I am not really sure if that is correct since either company says nothing about the game. The lack of information is helping no one. I would just like one update. I don't think it would kill them.

Latest news of black sigil aka project exile

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The latest news that I found was a new image showing the new title of the game. The new title of the game is going to be black sigil blade of the exiled. The one thing that is frustrating is when the publisher and the developer have given out so little information or set a concrete release date. If they where to have a release date it would help people who want to play the game instead of just waiting and waiting for news of the game. When I find any new information about the game I will most certainly post about it.