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Best of 2011

These are the games that are coming out this year:2011. This year will have plenty of very good games.

LittleBIGplanet 2- Littlebigplanet 2 was supposed to release in November 2010, but was delayed into 2011.Sackboy has became a big star in it'sthree othergames.PLAY, CREATE, SHARE.The gamewill have new features compared to LittleBIGplanet(the first). Here are some features:

  1. Grappling Hook- A fun way of getting around. I would rate this new object- 9/10
  2. Controllinator- Remember in LBP when you tried making afun way to control helicopter? Well with this controlinator you can control sackbots, objects, cars, pilot planes/helicopters. I would rate this new tool- 10/10!
  3. Grabinator- This is a good tool for weak sacks! You can pick up big blocks of sponge, but if you dont have a power glove. He or she is dragging little blocks of sponge around again! This is a good weight lifter too.I would rate this tool- 9/10
  4. Creatinator- Creatinator is very fun in the demo! You can shoot out sackbots, cows, blocks, anything you want!!! Or you can have a rocket war with this tool. I would rate this tool- 10/10
  5. Sackbots- Sackbots, when I saw this tool in May 2010. I couldn't wait. Fooling around with sackbots will be VERY FUN!!! You can make an army, make them dance, or make them zombized!! I rate this tool 10/10!!!!!!!
  6. Music Sequencer- This is where you can create! CREATE YOUR OWN MUSIC! You use it in your LBP level.Rating: 10!

Release Date: January 18,2011- North America

Infamous 2- The sequelto the 2009 title, Infamous. This game is Playstation- Exclusive. The main character is Cole McGrath. The game takes place in a cleaner city, New Maris. (The old game took place in Empire City) There is any other news about this game, but it is going to be good!!

Release Date: TBA 2011


This could be a big shooter this year. It takes place in America, in 2027. A little bit of the game takes place in 2011. It will release for PS3 and XBOX 360. This looks to have very good graphics.

Release Date: March 8, 2011

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Review

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is the best of PS2. It is prime, awesome and a legend. A whole country.

It is the best for cheats,mods,multiplayer and gameplay. The clothing selection. Buying your own cars, houses, a lot of missions. AWESOME 10/10. I really want another game like this one.Here is what I want.

  1. Graphics (GTA IV Kind)
  2. Lots of clothing
  3. A huge selection of houses
  4. planes
  5. just like in SA: lots of space again
  6. cars
  7. mods
  8. lots of missions
  9. lots of guns
  10. the same cheats
  11. underwater
  12. bigfoot
  13. 2-player
  14. online
  15. a SA sequel
  16. carl johnson to return

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