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what do u guys think about the new DmC??

well i dont know about u guys...but im pretty worried that this game would flop...WHY THE HELL NINJA THEORY!!??! ok so i've never played heavenly sword...and not eager to...but why give the game to another developer??also..what THE HELL have they done to dante??GOD he looks so emo-like!!and where's the silver hair he's always known for?? WHERE?!?! and his hair looks even shorter....i was looking at the comments posted by GameSpoters all over the globe at the News link...and 95% dislike the character!! wow..just WOW!! would u ever think that Capcom just MIGHT take this into consideration and say"OOPS1 we F****D up,ok so we're gonna let dante be his old self again"..well GOD i certainly hope so..but,yet again...maybe all this fuss we hardcore DMC are making are pointless..its just the first trailer..its not like the game is Finished or anything...and so ill wait and see... well,what do u dudes think?? will capcom F*** up the series or what?

BACK..with 26 NEW GAMES!!

hello fellow gamespoters,how are u?...been offline for a while now..been to KSA for some time and just came back..and guess what..i got new games...26 OF EM!!! im so excited to play em..i got ps3 games,psp games,and ps2..but sadly the majority of the games are PS2s...not that its a bad thing..but there was SO MANY GAMES i wanted to get on my new ps3..any how here's my games

PS3: 1.Call of duty Modern Warfare 2

2.Batman:Arkham Asylum (GOTY)..WITH 2 3D GLASSES!!!

3.Devil mat cry 4(i wanted to get my hand on that SOB a LONG TIME AGO)

4.Uncharted 2

5.Ratchet and Clank:A Crack In Time

6.Prince Of Persia:The Forgotten Sands

As for the PSP games..well there is only 2..i dont play on it much

1.Metal Gear Solid:Peacewalker

2.ratchet:size matters

as for the ps2..well as u can tell...I GOT 18 GAMES ON IT!!!

1.Devil May Cry 1(FINALLY)

2.Secret Angent Clank

3.Shadow of the colossus


5.Freedom Fighters


7.Okami(again bec. my first copy got lost :( )

8.Sly 2

9.Sly 3(PS couldnt find sly1)

10.JAK 3(and jak 1 and 2 either)

11.Crash the wrath of cortex

12.Syphon Filter Logan's shadow

13.Syphon filter dark mirror

14.Metal Gear solid 2

15.Sonic Heroes(i hate sonic btw but wanted to give this one a try)

16.Shadow Of Rome

17.Tekken 4

18.Devil May Cry 3

So..Gotta go..i have LOADS of games to play xD XD..anyways i miss u guys plz reply :)..

Exams Are Over now...FINALLY I'll GET TO BE ON GS A LOT!!!

(SIGHS)...finally guys..the nightmare is over...untill now atleast..i've finished my exams and now free to roam in the realm of video games..well..for a short time atleast:@:@...a month or so...and then i'll get back to study to finish my second year in high school..and get my general secondry certificate...well u dont know what that is?? it's our graduation certificate's name here in egypt when u finish high school and go to college..and i tell u..these 2 years are a living nightmare here in egypt..not just for my..but for the whole high school students in egypt overall..wanna now why?? well the next blog ill tell u..this time i mean it..

but enough about so glad ill be able to surf gs again...ahh the old days..anyhow how r u guys doin'?? miss ya a lot..

Has it really been so long?

Hey u remember me?? u know,the guy who was obssessed with PoP and DMC and most action games out still cant ring a bell??..well i dont blame u...because it has been almost 2 YEARS since i've last logged on gs..or even written a new blog..dunno what the reason why really....maybe i got insane for a moment and this site..GET A LIFE!!! and so I foolishly did...but then i started to forget the site..thinking that it became boring and stuff..but then a few months ago..i started surfing on it...sadly GS still has this BAD rating system that will surely hunt us for eternity..and then i saw more people(or at least i think so) log this i started thinking(well i trully missed this site..why shouldn't I start logging on it my self?) so then for the first time since Oct 10, 2008..i've started writting my first blog ever back..YAY!!

No seriously's been horrible without GS...(not really that horrible)..but all those i days..I've been thinking that sth was missing out of my life..becasue i was used to always log on GS talk to my friends...who i'm sure have forgotton,i really miss u guys..and i wish to be back talking with u guys in unions,discussion boards and's good to be back...and i promise that i will begin to be online on GS a lot..and write blogs and stuff...(although i promised the same thing before...but this time I REALLY MEAN IT!!)..although around THAT i am currently going through two of my worst years of my learning years..HIGH SCHOOL!!! IN EGYPT!!..but dont worry i'll explain all the fuss about it on an another's good to be back..I miss u guys...AND I HOPE U REMEMBER ME!!!

Beaten God Of War 1 On God Mode+Report abuse update..

God of war 1 WAS FINALLY BEATEN ON GOD MODE!! and i gotta say..IT'S DAMN HARD!!yah it's an old game..but an instant classic and was fun as least i got a taste of what to face in hard games like Ninja gaiden or Devil May cry 3..and the best thing about it..i gotta see the unloacked movies!!

anyways..on the report abuse thing..i'm sorry that i wasnt online lately..becasue school started and stuff..anyways..when i was viewing my moderation was empty...NOTHING WAS THERE!!! of course i knew it's a glitch..but i hope it's otherwise..AND STAYS THAT WAY!!

ok THAT'S IT!!!!

I'VE HAD ENOUGH!!!! ANOTHER REPORT ABUSE?!?!? AND THIS TIME..WITH POINT LOSS? anything BUT the point loss thing..I SHOULD'VE BENN LVL 21 BY NOW!!! AND NOW I LOST 20%!!?!?!?! I SWEAR THAT THE GUY WHO REPORTED ME IS A...oh wait i forgot..he will report me....he doesnt even have THE GUTS TO FACE ME!!..WTF DID I DO TO DESERVE THIS...WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!??! and i really hope that teh guy who reported me is NOT one of my friends..

why gamespot INSIST on screwing things up??

i really dont know what's going on..first the new rating system..AND NOW THE DESIGN!! i fell sick just looking on the Gamespot page..WHEN THE HELL WAS ORANGE CAM TOGETHER WITH BLACK AND GRAY?!? are these guys color blind or somethin'?? and then there was a new glitch(which can be added to the Glitchspot library of pain in the A$$ glitches..) that sometimes u can see teh old design..which by far..the most loveable glitch of all time..and people said so..sadly the glitch lasted for a few days and it was gone..and also..the design wasnt fully complete..union pages and dicussion boards sill have the old design which brought joy to many people..and if i got really sick of the new design and missed the old one..i would open a union page or a disscusion oard..JUST to look at the old design..GOD I MISS IT!!

and anyways..i sometimes get online on i noticed that it had a new design as well as gamespot..only difference is..IT'S A HELL LOT BETTER!! the dudes on understood that white and light blue DO COME TOGETHER!!..and also they kept there rating system..that much resembles the old GS rating system..and i like it a lot..and the page is a bit more alive!!

and one more thing..PLEASE DONT tell me that the gamespot staff doesnt see the bad reviews of the design and complants and comments?? are they like INTENTIONALY making the site even is as if like they said to each other(hey the site is a bit crowdy..lets's make it crappy) WTF?!

and by the way..another to cool off after looking at this hideous to surf on know..that new site tha old staff memeber jeff created along with other the second i knew that jeff created hsi site(and probably to have a payback of what gs did to him...and btw..IS DOING A REAL GOOD JOB!!)'s design is decent..and looks a hell lot like the gamespot wide design??!?(wtf!!??) does gamespot want to comete wih they imitated their design?? i thing is for sure..if gamespot CONTINUE to F*** UP like WILL lose popularity like it is now..

My Grandfather Passed away last week

last wednesday,17th september,my grandfather,who had battled renal failure and Parkinson disease for over 2 years,had finaly passed away last week(at the age of 82..),and rested from his torment in this world..and as for the late news..the reason is that my keyboard was busted,and scholl started last sunday(21st).anyways i got nothing else to say..but please pray for his soul..he suffered greatly during his last days..

Metal Gear Solid 4 Beaten..And thinking of buying a new ps2 game..any ideas??

well..I've just beaten the New Metal Gear Solid 4 gme Cousin bought for His Ps3..And boy WHAT A GAME!! A Masterpiece if May every way,story,gameplay,graphics,sound(and especially the music,it was phenomenal!!)(and Kojima sad that 50 gigs weren't enough for MGS4!?!?) lol...Anyways,I kinda cried in the ending,well,to be exact,I CRIED MY EYES OUT!! the ending was very emotional,and maybe some of u guys will think of it as a bit okward for a guy ike me to cry like that,but i dont care if u think negative about this,it's a very emotional ending,and i played MGS3 btw,and really liked The Main Character(Snake),and i admit that i never liked a game character(except maybe

the Prince and Dante(from devil may Cry,and leon(from resident evil)) like this guy..he kicks A$$..anyways looking forward of buying and playing MGS2 and MGS1,and maybe MG and MG2..

anyways,after beating halo3..which also awesome,im thinking of buying a game for my ps2..yah i know it's a sixth generation cosole and I should buy games for my 360..but frankiy..i dont give a s***'s a very beautiful system,and despite it's limited hardware,but every gen has it's own limits,and the graphics on the ps2 ARENT THAT LOW DAMMIT!!

anyways,what do u suggest me for my ps2?? and i want any genre this time,no specific game genre...and i'm also gonna get MGS3:Subisistince..and i wanna know it's features and the difference between it and Snake Eater,thx guys..

oh and btw..GLITCHSPOT HAS DONE IT AGAIN!! i'm now seeing the old site layout,which at that point i thought(oh maybe the ****** site designers had finally came to their ***** sences,and brought back the old layout..but then again,i was terribly mistaken,for i have totally forgot back then that this gamespot i'm talkin' about..and so the new layout appeared again,leaving in dissapointment..oh well..

first time ever ot play MGS4..AND IT ROCKED+SoulCalubur4 demo thougts..

first of all..i apologize for not writing any blogs for a week now,had soem issues to take care of..anyways,my cousin returned and bought MGS4 for his PS3..anyways..we played it together,and had the time of our lives!!! the game is beautiful in terms of graphics,gameplay,storyline and everything else!! i played MGS3:snake eater and beaten in 3 days..and loved a hell lot!!

In other news,I really was thinking of downloading a new demo for my 360..and chose SC4..anyways,the gmae was pretty cool..i played the first part,which was called SoulBlade(on the Ps1)..and was pretty fun,looking forward for buying the complete game soon:D..