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Reading is great too, even better cause he will be able to note words he's not familiar with on the go rather than pause the cutscenes. I've thought about Dragon Age but I'm not sure if he will manage to deal with the difficulty. Can you slide through the game rather easy on easiest difficulty setting in both Dragon Ages?

Mass Effect is a must-buy too, he loves himself some space opera.

I've bought Kingdoms of Amlur for myself just today as I'm RPGs fan and I will check if Casual setting won't be too hard for him.

Wicher 2 is also thing I wish to give him. I'm from Poland where this franchise is super-popular not because of games but because of books. I guess he will find returning to the world he knew from novels quite fun. I also remember thet medium difficulty setting wasn't so much of a challenge so he might deal with casual.

Thanks for suggestions, keep it coming :)

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Dark Souls didn't exactly work out for me. I enjoyed the challenge for, like, 40 hours but then farming souls and ascending weapons became too time consuming and tedious, so I stuck on Ornstein and Smough. Just could't find anything more to push me forward.

Skyrim was a beast for quite a long time. I did a lot of sidequest, got to level 37 and lost interest after approx. 100 hours. I didn't even manage to beat main quest. Don't get me wrong, both Dark Souls and Skyrim are great games, but there is just a moment when you spend too much time in one world and have to move on to another games. I sometimes come back to Skyrim just to do one quest and then leave the disc in box for another month or so.

Well, Witcher franchise is something else. It actually is a real RPG opposite to two other games. Skyrim is something I would call "Betheseda RPG" (when you play few their games, you can tell they look more or less the same) and Dark Souls is Dark Souls, nothing to compare it to, except Demon's Souls and incoming sequel, of course. Witcher's story, atmosphere is just superb and if I were to pick one from these three I would go for Witcher 2, because it's game I always wanted to play. Story-focused with well-written characters and decent graphics, didn't get monotonous for one second.

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In the next few months, I am going to buy PS4. That means my little old Xbox360 will pass on to my Dad, who wants to learns English while playing games. I've already made a list consisting of games which would probably suit his needs but I am curious what ones you will suggest.

So my Dad doesn't like anything that is hard; games like Dark Souls are out of the question. His aim is to learn English, so games he will play must have a lot of dialogues and it would be best if he could pause the game and tranlate the words he doesn't understand. He doesn't like shooters and anything that goes "bang bang" and "kaboom" too often. He isn't too good with gamepad and will get frustrated very easily if game is too complicated. He also likes when game has good graphics, some outdated games from beggining of the generation are not too welcome. Generally, story is the most important thing, he needs a lot of dialogues so as to get familiar with language.

I've already bought him L.A. Noire, Mafia 2, GTA V and Skyrim (Although I'm sure only about the first one - Mafia 2 might be too hard, GTA too complicated and Skyrim, well, Skyrim might also be okay if he will just run around and stick to main quest). I guess he will also like RDR.

So, can you name your picks?