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Out of Here...

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GS is dead, so I'm done. With a job and noobs everywhere I think it is the end of GS. Peace out people, I will see you around.

GS is Dead...

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This web sites sucks now, it use to be helpful and so were the people a few years ago, but the last year has sucked. There are unions everywhere, SPAM, flaming. Its all just pointless now, and the noobs and people "lacking info" are everywhere. No one really comes on anymore. I am really thinking of leaving, like several others have.

Is there anything good still left to GS?

Got my new PSP

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I just got my replacement PSP.     2.6!!! YAY    Anyway, lets see how long this one holds up :wink:

Its the fourth one in about a year.


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:roll: Will Sony get a life, this is getting to a ridiculous, and 2.7 only supports 50% of Flash 6 (from like 2 years ago) Who only supports half a program it is kind of sad and they blocked the GTA Exploit. Why won't they just get over it? We will find another way to crack it. Anyway W00t! Another Crappy Update!

I will stay 2.6 for now

My PSP broke.......again

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W00t, my PSP broke again. I am sending it back to Sony and they will be sending me my 3 one :roll:. I least it is not the same defect every time. The first time the laser died and this time the analog pad broke and all I can do is run in straight lines. At least I had 2.6 so whatever I get won't matter. I can keep my HomeBrews!

Kingdom Hearts 2.......amazing

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If you played the other two:  Kingdom Hearts (PS2) or/and Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories. Than this one will be even better. I would definitely recommend this game. It doesn't even fell like an RPG, its kind of a shame they drained the platforming out of it though.

Anyway....KH2 ROCKZ!!!!!!

List of Game Orders

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I have ordered all of these games:

  1. GTA Liberty City Stories (for PSP hacking)
  2. Untold Legends 2 (PSP)
  3. Daxter (PSP)
  4. Maga Man Maverick Hunter (PSP)
  5. Kingdom Hearts 2 (PS2)
  6. Final Fantasy XII (PS2)

Now I have to wait, my PSP is still 2.0 waiting on GTA to come in next week before I upgrade to 2.5.

Good list of games?

Now I have to buy GTA

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Darn, I dont really care for GTA, but I need to upgrade my PSP (to keep playing the new games). It is kind of sad that I will probably never play it, just use it for hacking and emulators. Then again, I already have 18 PSP games so what is one more? :D I might get a better deal on ebay.
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