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GTA 4 impression

i saw the GTA 4 gameplay marathon (like many others) and i have to say...looks kinda looks better than san andreas wich i didnt like...i thought it was pretty bad too...vice city was better :)

but anyways...the graphics in GTA 4 really looks f***ing amazing! the smoke and the fire looks really awesome!

i just hope that the story line will be good and a bug free game...and maybe they will realese it to the PC soon? id really like that :)

I Just Cant Wait!!

God Of War 3!!!! i just have to get it...but 1 problem in sight : I Have NO PS3:(:(:( *crying*

way is it realest only on the PS3?! damm...ooh's a fake pic from the web...hope you enjoy

GOW3 fake cover

The Upcoming Film...

you probably heard...but if you dont then here's something for ya...

i guess somebody decided to make an IRON-MAN film...and i saw the trailer in youtube..tell you the truth...looks cool...and the vodeo game is in the making (what a shock!) i hope this game wont be bad as most of the movie-based-games all around the globe!

anyways hust wanted you to know (for thoes who dont know yet...) and i want to hear your opinion about the film and the game

here's a cool picture of Iron-Man of 2008 (BTW):

Iron-Man of 2008


anyone saw the superball?! i heard from my friend that the superball already started?! is it true? because if it is that suck! i missed the 1st game...i think..:P

Best Of 2007!!!

some news about you probably know GS chose the game of 2007 and gave the award to Super Mario Galaxy...i still cant understand way they did that when they have so many other games like COD4 GOW2 Gears Of War Crysis and many more...but thats just GS and me with 2 differnt opinions:)

so anyways i really wonder...what do you think should be the game of the year that is 2007??

BTW....forgot to tell a new emblem!!