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what game should I get?

So my birthday's next week and I'll probably get 2 games, the first will most likely be company of heroes gold eddition but the question is what will the second one be?? I've narrowed it down to 3 finalists: World in Conflict, Sins of a Solar Empire and I just added GTA IV to the list now that it's out and getting soo much praise. Here are my pros and cons for each, I just can't decide which I like best.

pros: Very action oriented, good graphics, lots of explosions, new take on RTS genre.
cons: Doesn't seem to have as much depth as other RTS games, which could decrease longevity. Doesn't seem like there's any kind of skirmish where you aren't locked into the ****thing and are forced to work with your team. May feel a little too similar to COH since they're both war games

pros: Space themed, huge scale, interface that makes managing a huge empire much easier, lots of depth, slow paced, no micromanagement of units, stardoc's approach to copy protection (hand's off, don't need disc to play once installed)
cons: You feel a bit detached from the action and it's not as exciting, slow pace could make it boring after awhile

GTA IV: I can't really list the pros and cons because I've never really played any GTA games in the past. Back then I was younger and didn't like the idea of playing a crime simulator, now I'm older and that doesn't both me as much. The whole open world setting seems really neat and the city is simply enormous. There just seems like there's so much to do that it could last me a very long time compared to most games. I'm not a huge fan of gangster games but at the same time I kinda think that I have totry this game to really enjoy it. After all, I like driving around, I like shootouts and there just seems like there's so much to do, even if the subject matter isn't at the top of my list. I know I shouldn't cave in to the hype but when a game gets 10's (or even 9+) on review sites I take it to mean that the game is good to the pont where someone who isn't an established fan of the genre could try it and enjoy it. I just wish I could try the game out first but oh well.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

OK apparently the word " C L A S S" is censored now, go figure,

I managed to rent Crackdown for the weekend (for the beta)

I tried to get the game last weekened but I didn't have any luck.  I decided to go and see if the video store had it today and it turns out they did :). What's better is this is a long weekend so I'll have an extra day to play around with Halo 3.

So far I'm having fun with it.  I never played Halo 2 online so the main reason I go the beta was to get a feel for the game so I wouldn't be a complete newb and just so I cou;d try it out.  Since I'll only have access to it for a couple of days I won't be able to play it too much.  However that's good because I don't want to spoil it completely and play the maps so much that they aren't fun anymore.

My first impresions are that this is a solid multiplayer game.  Since I'm sorto f a newcomer to Halo (playing it over Xbox live at least) I haven't grown to love it the way lots of people have so I won't say it's the best game ever, it's a good game from what I can tell and it seems really polished, it's pretty clear that Bungie has nailed their formula down.  It's easier to get into than I thought it would be, and the gameplay is very simple.  The weapons are great and even though I never played Halo 2, I can understand why people are so happy that they put the old Assault Rifle from Halo CE back in the game.  The game would be very different without it.  The needler is no longer dual wield and it's actually useful now (I'd even go as far as saying it's a little overpowered if it weren't as hard to get as it is.).  Both of these things do have the ffect of making SMGs and the new spiker (which is pretty neat btw) seem kinda wimpy unless you're dual wielding them but I guess that's the idea.  I personally prefer to single wield weapons so I can throw grenades but that's just me.  I haven't messed around too much with the equipment yet but it does add another level to the gameplay.  The only real complaint I have is that meleeing can sometimes be tricky if the person is moving around you so you're forced to turn because you use the same fingerr to move the right analog stick as ou do to press the button to melee.  The matchmaking system which I had never experienced until now is the best ever put in a game and I'm left wondering why other games never implemented such a feature.  The graphics aren't the best the 360 has to offer but they aren't anything to frown at either.  The art style and coler pallet remids me more of Halo CE than Halo 2 and the HDR lighting does a nice job of making surfaces that reflect light (such as the snow in Snowbound) appear bright.  Halo 3 is looking like a great game and the multiplayer has the potential to be the best I've ever played on the 360 or any console.  We'll just have to wait and see how the final game turns out.

Well I just might be in luck.

So I decided to try calling my local video store to see if they had Crackdown so I could at least rent it for the weekened to play the beta.  They didn't have it BUT they said someone was supposed to return it today and they put my name on it so it's reserved for me.  I'm not getting my hopes too high but if I can at least try the beta this weekend then that would satisfy me.  I technically have Friday off from school so I'd have enough time to try out the beta (because I never played Halo 2) but I wouldn't get as deep into it as the people who will have it for the full 3 weeks so I'll still have a lot to look forward to when the game actually comes out.  I really just wanted to try the beta, I didn't want to spoil the suprise too much.  Hopefully this will work out lol.

Next couple of weeks could be miserable for me.

It's that time of the year when you start to feel like you're under a lot of pressure and I'm feeling stressed out already. First there's all of the school related things that I'll have to do between now and the beginning of June. I have SAT's in June, I have to write a letter of intent so I can start my grad challenge (senior project) over the summer which involves contacting a bunch of people and then there's all of my other schholwork. Teachers have a habbit of trying to cram in a ton of material at the end of the year and there will most certainly be a couple of big projects to do though it hasn't actually gotten that bad yet and I was expecting it to be this way.

The main thing that's putting me down right now is that the Halo 3 beta starts tommorow and I'm not in it. Forgive me for going on a rant but I can't help but feel pissed off at MS for screwing me over. When the beta was first anounced it seemed like it would be just that: a beta and that there would be a screening process you would have to go through if you met the long list of requirements. It seemed like something only the most diehard halo fans would try to get into.

So I sort of passed up the beta and even turned down a potential invite thinking I'd wait for the final game to enjoy a finshed, bug free experience. Unfortunatey it seems like I was mislead. The "beta" is more or less a full fleged demo for the game complete with 3 maps, a slew of game modes and all of the things that will be in the final game. Now tons of people are getting in just by buying Crackdown and people are going crazy over it. It doesn't help that a lot of theese people seem to know nothing about the beta and they continually post stupid questions on the Xbox 360 board here on GS that have already been answered a bizillion times before. I can't help but feel like I deserve to try the beta more than they do because I've been way more informed from the begining even if I didn't plan on participating in the beta, wheras these people seem like they just found out about it yesterday.  It also angers me when people complain about the beta only lasting three weeks, they're lucky enough to get in and all they can do is whine? If it was going to becomke this much of a craphole then why didn't MS just put it up on Marketplace and charge 800 points for it.  Then anyone who would pay $10 could try it and those that didn't want ot could wait.  MS would bring in lots of cash and everyone would be fine. I would buy it for $10 but not any more than that. That's why I haven't joined the masses and bought Crackdown just for the beta. I really want to try Halo 3, but it isn't worth $60 since I have no interest in that game. I know I could rent the game but I'm not sure if there's a Blockbuster near me or any other store where I can rent a game for more than a couple of days and by the time I find out it will be too late since many people are no doubt doing this as well.

I guess the main reason I'm mad is that they (MS and Bungie) made the Halo 3 beta out as something much less than it actually is. If I'd known what it was going to be like before the gameplay videos started flooding the internet last week then I would have accepted the offer when it came a couple of months ago.  otherwise I guess I'll just have to wait for the full game to come out this fall.  Oh and one more thing, I know I seemed like I stereotyped the people who are playing the beta through Crackdown and in a way I am intentionally.  However that wasn't directed at the people who actually bought Crackdown for the actual game with or without the Halo 3 beta as a neat little bonus.  I'm also not bashing people who got into the beta through the rule of three program or those who signed up even before that. I might have to take a vacation from GS for a bit because I won't be able to take all of the "halo3 is soo awesumz!!!!!!"threads that will be everywhere for the next few weeks.  Plus this has made me very bitter towards people in the forums which is very unusual for me.  I just know I'll fee lbetter when it's over and I won't be too sympathetic if something gets messed up with the beta or something like that.  Hopefully this will all be worth it thoguh and the game that gets released will be as good as it posibly can be.


Well I think that about covered everything I anted to say for now.  I had to get that all out so people would know how I felt lol. 

My Birthdays is in 4 days :D (and general blog update).

Hi everyone.  As the topic says my birthday is in 4 days, woohoo!  I probably won't get too much though since I got a computer last year.  I know that I will be getting Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter fir the 360 and I'll probably get the second one with the money I get, either that or Forza 2.  After that I'm going to try and not get any games for a bit so I can spend time with the ones I have once I've built up my library a bit.  I'll probably get a game at the end of the school year with my birthday money (probably GRAW 2) and then I'll buy one ame durring the summer(probably Forza if it's good).  After that I might just wait it out until Halo 3 since there aren't really any games that interest me coming out for awhile.  I also might check out some arcade games if I need something new and fresh.


I know I don't post on here too much, I tend to be more active in the forums so if you want to find me I'm ususally in the 360 board, off topic or system wars.  I'e just been too busy to post blogs regularly.  Life is pretty stressful at the end of junior year in high school.  I'm prepping for SATs in June, doing college ressearch, figuring out what I'm going to do for my graduation challenge project and staying on top of all my academic work.  Luckily most of it will be over by the beginning of June.  

oh and tonight's the Junior prom at my school, but I decided not to go :P  it's overrated IMO and I don't think many people showed up. 


Well that's all I feel like writing now, I'll try to post more regularly from now on and keep you updated on what's happening with me. 

Halo 2 on the 360 multiplayer woes.

Ever since I got Halo 2 with my 360 I've been trying to get it to work over xbox live. All of my other games work fine, but when I try this one game(the only xbox game I have) it says "We could not connect to Xbox live. Would you like to start the troubleshooter?" Of course the "troubleshooter" which is just the regular network test, this doesn't find anything wrong except for my NAT which was moderate. However this was also having an affect on 360 games so I port forwarded my 360 and now it's open but the halo 2 problem still persists and I've run out of things to try(see list of things below) I've made multiple forum topics here, on GFAQs and on and received the same responses everytime whether they be suggestions I've already tried or "deal with it" and other unhelpful posts like that. So anyways here's everything I've tried:

Allowing my 360 to play original xbox games online(obviously)
Port forwarding, this solves some issues I had with my 360 games but not Halo 2
I tried clearing my cache to see if some update messed it up but no change
My router firewall is disabled
I tried putting my 360 in a DMZ after turning off port forwarding but this only restored my NAT to what it had been without portforwarding(moderate)
My router is a linksys WRT54GX2 which is not listed as "compatible" on but then I'm not sure what they mean by that since it works fine with everything except Halo 2. Oh and I'm not using wireless, it's plugged into the 360.
And lastly I called 1-800-4MY-XBOX and their solution was to have me erase my gamesave because it might be corrupt and guess what, it didn't work.
I'm unable to try it with a different game disc since I can't get another one but I doubt that would cause this issue. If there was something wrong with my disc I'd be getting read errors and game freezes/crashes and I've never experienced either of those with this game.
I tried making my ingame profile name different from my gamertag
I tried sgining out of Live befoe launching the game.
I tried reformatting the hard drive on my 360 because I thought that maybe the emulator was broken but this didn't change anything and now I have to redownload all of my stuff.


So if you have any other ideas please please please post them(serious stuff, not "y dont u liek tak ur 360 an thro it out teh window lololololololol.")

GRAW or Rainbow Six: Vegas?

Like a lot of you who are still in high school I have exams coming up(mine start tommorw, better get cramming!!!!) and as a way of celebrating the end of exams I plan on getting a new game for my 360 to expand my library because I only have have gears of war at the momment. 

As the title of this blog implies I'm trying to decide between GRAW or R6:V.  I've had my sights on GRAW for a while now since it was the game the started the roller coaster that ultimately made me choose the 360 over the Wii.  It is a really nice game with stunning visuals and realistic gameplay.  It doesn't hurt that the story is based on real world events and only adds to the realism of the game. 

On the other hand we have Rainbow Six Vegas, another Tom Clancy game that is similar to GRAW.  It also sports nice graphics and solid gameplay though IMO the story is a little too generic.  The reason I'm considering this game is because of all of the good things I keep hearing about the multiplayer, with many people saying it's way better than gears(and the multiplayer in that game is fun but not perfect).

Right now I haven't made a final decision I'm leaning towards GRAW from what I've played in the demos for both games.  I like fighting in the outdoor environments as opposed to the room to room fighting in R6.  Also R6 seems to take too many cues from other hit titles that have been released in the last few years(recharging health and cover system to name a couple) that make it feel pretty similar to Gears.  So basically GRAW appeals to me more at the momment but the multiplayer in R6 might be enough to win me if it's that good.

I also have a few questions though that will help me make my choice so if you could answe these I'd appreciate it.
1. How's the AI in these games?, I've played the demos and the AI in both games is decent by my standards however my squadmates in GRAW sometimes neglect to take cover when they're fighting though they're fine otherwise.
2. Which game has a longer campaign?
3. Do people still play GRAW's multiplayer?  and how is it compared to R6's?(I know that's kind of a broad question)  I played the online demo for GRAW and found that is is very different from single player, though I haven't tried R6's so I can't compare.

The reason for my week long absence:

Last Tuesday I got suspended for a week because I posted in a porn suicide thread.  I'm not coming here to get mad about it, I'm just telling you what happened and providing closure for myself so I can move on.  I fully deserved to get moderated because I did read the sticky that said I'd get suspended if I posted in a porn suicide thread, it was a stupid mistake on my part(I firgot the rule at the time but remembered it the next day when I read through the moderation details).  As with my last moderation the full week suspension did seem a bit harsh, I guess that's just a deterrent to make sure we won't repeat the offense. The difference between this moderation and my first is that my first moderation was an innocent mistake on my part, while this moderation was for the violation of a rule I knew about but didn't remember at the time I violated it.

Anyways I'm back now and I will definately make sure to be more careful in the future so as to not do any more stupid stuff like that.  I will learn from my mistakes and move on now.

*I repeat in case you missed it the first time that I'm in no way arguing my suspension or bashing the moderators, I'm just writing this so I can link it in my sig for a bit so people know why I suddenly stopped posting.* 

OMG only 4 days to go!!!!!

I can't wait until chistmas day when I get my 360 and start playing gears of war, it's going to be so awesome.  The suspense is killing me!!!  I'm planning on hooking the 360 up to my 19" PC monitor so I can get an HD picture.  I'll try to post with my initial impressions on the game and system once I get it but I might get too caugin up in the excitement. 

Also I made my xbox live account a couple days ago and here's my gamercard(which is blank right now obviuosly)\


It's offcial: I'm getting a 360 (a gamers story)

For a long time I planned on getting the Wii soon after it launched.  Being a loyal Nintendo fan at the time I intended to have the Wii succeed my Gamecube that has brought me countless hours if fun over the last 2 and a half years.  Then another console came along, the Xbox 360 which would eventually cause me to shed my wool and get the distinction of being the first 7th gen console I planned to own.

I'd been following all of the news on the system ever since it was first anounced back in 2005, of course this also brought me into frequent contact with all of the buzz surrounding the 360 launch which was only a few months away.  I didn't think uch of it at the time, it didn't seem like a next gen console.  I'd had very little experience with the original Xbox and the 360 just seemed like a souped up Xbox to me with better hardware to me.  Also the 360 costs $400, $300 for the core system which for me seemed like way too much money.  Besides I had another event to pay attention to at the time, the debut of NintendoWiFi.  While the service would later lessen my faith in Nintendo, at the time I thought it was awesome that they finally joined the online market.

When 2006 rolled around things mellowed out for a while and nothing really happened.  The 360 got 2 AAA titles, The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter(GRAW).  While I didn't care too much for Oblivion, GRAW looked really awesome and I dearly wished it would come to a Nintendo platform though I knew it wouldn't be the case as with so many other third party games.  "So what, that's only 1 game that  you like on the 360, the Revolution still has Metroid and Super Smash Bros plus all of the other first party titles.  Then there's the totally awesome motion sensing controller".  While it din't seem too big a deal at the time, GRAW was the game that got the 360's foot in the door for me.

Then along came a little thing called E3, where the newly renamed Wii was truly unveiled for the first time.  All of the new information we learned!  We saw trailers and gameplay footage for Metroid Prime 3: Corruption and Super Smash Bros Brawl.  We learned about the Wii UI and the Opera browser, we learned that the Wii would be under $250, far cheaper than the other consoles on the market.  Of course there was one other event at E3 that caught my attention, the Halo 3 tralier which I had the pleasure of watching for the first on my TV with no idea just what game this was for until the Master Chief walked out of the billowing sandy dessert.

After all of the excitement of E3 nothing really happened again until the fall except for one thing.  For some reason I suddenly got into Halo over the summer.  It started with me wiki'ing the Master Chief because I'd heard several times that he was bionic or something and since I'm a sciency guy I was curious to know exactly how exactly he was integrated with his suit.  Within a few weeks I'd bought the Halo novels(heads up to any sci fi fans out there, these are good reads if you're looking for a good sci fi action novel) and Halo: Combat Evolved for my PC.  Of course I then wanted to play Halo 2 and maybe 3 as well.  I knew Halo 2 was coming to the PC for Windows Vista and thought Halo 3 might do the same eventually.  The only problem was that my PC was not a gaming PC and would not have the graphics power to run this game and since it was a laptop I couldn't just upgrade the raphics card like in a desktop. I never really reached a conclusion as to what I would do about this at the time so I sort of let it drop for the time being since it would be awhile before Halo 2 for the PC came out anyway.

*kudos to you if you've read this far*

Then came September which brought with it the climax of my huge debate and the beginning of the end for the Wii.  It all started at X06 with the revealing of Halo Wars.  Since I was into Halo I was now keenly following any news I head about any Halo game.  This game was only coming to the 360 and it was at this point that I realized that the 360 offered the same for me in terms of games as the Wii did.  For the 360 I had Halo 2, 3 and Wars.  Then there was GRAW and (soon to follow) Gears of War.  For the Wii I was only really looking forward to MP3 and SSBinB, both of which had been pushed back to 07.  Then there was the online, something I really wanted in a next gen console.  The 360 had a well established online service which had set the standard for how console online serrvices should be done.  The Wii's online however still remained a mystery other than that we knew it existed, however at this pont the DS's online had thoroughly dissapointed me and I really hoped Nintendo would do better for a full console than they did for their handheld. 

I decided to look into the possibility of getting a 360.  This basically amounted to learning as much about the system as possible and figuring out how I'd set it up seeing as I needed to have both a HD quality display device and have it near my router so I could get on Live.  I got lucky here since I'd happened to buy a PC monitor over the summer for use with my laptop docking station.  Conveniently enough I had planned to set this all up on the same table that had the router and modem, so it would all work out nicely assuming I can get it set up before the 360 arrives.

I'ts now nearing the end of November and now that the Wii is out, I've gotten the last few things I needed to push me over the edge to gp the 360 route.  Gears is AAA and is being widely acclaimed as having the impact on the 360 that the first Halo did on the Xbox.  The Wii is now out, and while the controller is neat it's not quite as cool as everyone thought it would be.  Lastly, it appears like Wii's online will be grimped with friend codes like the DS's was, though I'll withhold fnal judgment until there are games that support online so we see just what the service is like.

Does all of this mean I'm not getting a Wii?  No, it just means I'm not getting one in the near future.  I'll give the system time to mature and then decide whether it's worth it or not.  One thing I didn't mention in my post was that my gaming tastes have changed over the years.  I've always wanted to play some more intense third party games like the ones I listed above on my gamecube but there was never supprt for them so they never came out and devs didn't usually bother with porting either.  The Nintendo games I've loved for the last few years have gotten just a bit boring and I'm ready for a change, a change a Nintendo console won't let me make unfortunately.