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what would be your favorite retro 3D castlevania game?

what would be your favorite 2D castlevania game?

what is the best style of castlevania, 2D or 3D?

I say 2D is better than 3D with me like-ing super castlevania 4 and sotn in the 2D section along with my favorite 3D game being legacy of darkness.

3rd person shooters

I've noticed that recently a lot of 3rd person shooters have been released such as the new james bond game, army of two, and kane and lynch. Now I want to know which of these is said to be the best around. also which method of movement do you prefer? crouching, clinging to walls with the click of a button, or just walking into a wall and have the game detect whether or not you want to cling. These are questions that I've heard a lot from critics and I want some answers so I'm asking you guys, the gamespot(ers).

alien vs predator (franchise)

I've always loved the avp franchise and even the avp movies were "watchable" to me and I'd have to say that they aren't great but they deserve (in my opinion) more praise than they get and again in my opinion I say the scorn that fans give is a little on the "too heavy" side and that I say to ease up on the hating but I don't really have a place to speak here. So I want to know what's your favorite part of the avp franchise, what's your most hated part, and what do you think is the best game. don't worry I won't judge you if your most hated is a movie and your favorite part and best game are the same. I just want to know the opinion of fellow gamespot(ers).