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Lvl 39! :D

Wow, it's been a while.. anyways, I'm still alive :3 How is everyone going? :D

Mexican steam users

My friends and I are looking for people who mainly speak spanish to play some Left 4 dead or Team Fortress 2 on Steam but if you don't know spanish is ok, we just want to have fun :) also we have a group called "the Mariachis" xD so if you wanna be on the group or have a friendly match just let me know to invite you. :D

New PS3 owner...

Yes I Have the 80 gb ps3 mgs4 bundle and I'm so happy and maybe you tell me some recomendations of games that I should buy or something about the ps3.

So if you want to add me this is my psn ID: Prasto

See ya!

Wii FC!!1

So I gots myself a Wii on Launch Day. Pretty darn awesome let me tells ya. Playing Wii Sports and punching my sister right in the face, priceless. No words needed to describe Zelda, just go play it. and finally beating entire levels of Red Steel headshoting everyone on sight is a blast. So, anyway if you want to send, or get, Miis and/or  messages, just add me. My number is:

8009 5246 7053 3594

P.S. Let´s keep in touch when the Online games kick in.

OMG!!1 I am teh birthday!

In a day like today, but 18 years ago God said: "Let there be Prasto". And I was born. The end.

Which means more moneys for my beloved soon-to-be-mine Wii. And the games of course. I was looking for that PayPal thingy so you could make your monetary presents, but that didn´t work. Anyway with a Happy Birthday and all that would be nice.

See ya around here.

New banner...

As you can see I have now a fine new banner. A pretty darn sweet new banner about Gungrave, and it was done by no other than Fireemblems, this guy is pretty good making banners.

Thanks dude, keep up the good work!

P.S. Did you see the banner Link_fan_316?....:P

Baten Kaitos origins. Sigh...

Y´know, I´ve been waintin´for Baten Kaitos Origins for to long. I practically need it now. It´s become necesary to a proper biological function in myself. I hope I make it ´till 09/25 without dyin´ or whatever. See ya ´round.


Finally i'm in my new home with better conection in my PC better than I expected and its very cool. I can play metroid or mario kart.....^.^...yay!
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