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Bioshock & STALKER

Just got my hands on Bioshock 2. I don't know what to expect yet, but based on what I've seen and read it's pretty hard to make up my minds. There just seem to be too different opinions. There are people who seem to think that the game is utterly perfect or those who think that there has never been a game worse than this. But I still think that I'll be the first group. I certainly digg the aspect of playing as a big daddy and I love the new storyline. I find those little sisters already so cute and adorable that I'd only play the game for them, lol :D

Besides that, I also got the new STALKER. I'm not really into this game, but it might be because I also didn't like the previous ones nor the Fallout 3 which is really similar to STALKER series. But I have to admit that Ukraine has never looked better than in this game. The graphics and atmosphere are extremely compelling, but that's totally enough for me to keep me hooked.

world of warcraft is back in action

Bought gametime on World of warcraft. I'm back in action again. Riding with reindeer and dancing around the christmas tree. Totally christmas feeling + a cup of tea and gingerbread. I'm just creating mood.


I'm going through a mental breakdown, when it comes to computer games. I have no idea what to play. Five minutes of Wolfenstein, again five of borderlands, then five of dragon age, then bioshock and then close it all down, because you actually suck in all of them :lol: gosh, just depressing.

The best game in history!

I'll tell you, that Dragon Age:Origins might as well be my favourite game of all times. If it were even longer, then I think it might even beat WoW for me. That's just as awesome it is. Now I know, what I'll be playing when my WoW's prepaid game card's time will be up on wednesday.

Beats Diablo, Fallout, Oblivion and everything else, I've played.


Started a new game of Borderlands. Have been dieing for like thousand times. There is something certainly wrong with. After all, I've played the game and I still suck. Maybe I should go for super mario or something easy like this :D:D:D just s joke.

Flue :S

I'm ill at home and wasting my time, while playing Overlord II. I really should be studying, but apparently Overlord seems more entertaining :D:D


After taking a look at all those awesome games which come out on Wii and Xbox, I can't help but think that it's really the time for me to get a console at least for christmas. I just can't stop drooling while looking at those great games which already have come out or are about to be released. I have to get on with the times!:roll:

Christmas mood :)

I really can't wait till christmas, so that I could see a bunch of new and awesome games wrapped in boxes:D

And I've also re-discovered Assassin's Creed I for myself. As the Assassin's Creed II will take ages to come to PC, I will just make my wait worthwhile, while playing the first part. After playing it for year, I still can't get enough. However, I can't wait till the second part comes on PC :? Seems way too long wait for me.