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Christmas Break Gaming

I'm so close to Christmas break, the only thing standing between me and a nice long time at home are my finals. But, that will all be over in just a little over two weeks.

What I'm looking forward to comes after Christmas day itself, since I'll have a little over 3 weeks to just relax at home, and I'm definitely going to be doing some online gaming since that's one of the things they don't allow here at college. I've already got quite a few games of mine that I've never been able to try online, since I got them pretty much right when I got here. Definitely going to try out Dawn of War II online, and possibly Company of Heroes. I've also got HAWX to try out and Crysis Wars...none of which I've been able to go online with. Plus, I also managed to get WoW for $5 during Blizzard's black friday deal and so I'll have a few weeks to start a new account and maybe get a character semi leveled up, since I'm wanting to get back into that game, probably very casually, so I can try out their new expansion when it comes out later.

Plus, since there's a PS3 at home, I'll probably be playing some CoD4 but probably I'll end up either playing on my computer more, or trying out the Bad Company 2 beta more. BC2 is actually a ton of fun, and while I didn't have a ton of fun starting off - I had to remind myself that it was the same way when I started playing 2142. It's a great beta and while it only has one map, it's still a lot of fun. Definitely a game I'll be getting when it comes out (for the PC)

Well, I think that's about it. If anyone who reads this plays any of those games, who knows maybe I'll see ya online or something :)

College woes and a new computer

Alright, don't have much to do this morning so I figured I'd stick a new post up on here. So, I'm now off at college and having a pretty good time of it so far. However, I have one pretty major gripe with the college...they treat us like children when it comes to the internet. They've got a proxy that's so darn annoying, there's absolutely no P2P, no online gaming, Steam, xbox live or anything like that...and it really stinks considering I've got a few of my games not downloaded just sitting on steam.

Oh well, but I did finally get my new PC built and have been using it for a while now. It's got a Phenom II 955 CPU, XFX 4890 GPU, 4GB of RAM, 2 500GB Black Caviar hard drives (that I'll be putting in RAID0 soon), a nice 850W corsair PSU, and a slick looking Lian Li P50 case. I've only really gotten to play Crysis (+Warhead) and HAWX on it so far since the rest of my games are on steam, but it handles everything I throw at it great and I'm really looking forward to brining it home at Christmas to actually get my steam games and try those out. Plus, I think I might try out WoW again since there are a few people at my college who play it as well.

That's all for now!

Quick Update

So, bunch has happened as of late. I ended up selling that computer from my last post :( but I needed the money to get a laptop. However, I recently found out that the college I'm going to be attending, the one I bought that laptop for, actually gives its students a laptop to work with. That said, I'm now thinking of selling my lovely MacBook Pro and building another gaming machine with updated specs. If I do end up getting it built that would probably be my next post. Until then!

PC Gaming

So, I just built my first "real" gaming PC...and boy is it great! I've got a Q6600 (overclocked at 3.0GHz), 4GB of RAM, and a GTX260 core 216, running on Vista 64-bit. This machine is a beast!

First game I played on it was Crysis, turned everything up to very high and started playing through the game on the hard difficulty (I've already played it through before on my old system)...boy the visuals are great and the framerates were sweet! I also had BFME II and BF2142 on hand and got to try those out, both ran flawlessly with great FPS. 

I also recently got Assassin's Creed...the visuals are awesome. I've got everything on max and haven't had any lag or slowdowns. The real thing I was impressed with was the game itself, before I bought it I was talking to a friend who was asking if it would still play well even though it was "made" for the xbox 360/PS3. I assured him it would but wasn't actually sure. To my relief the game plays like a dream and the controls feel natrual.

Case in point: My gaming PC rocks, and I'm looking forward to being able to try out some of the great looking games coming to the PC!

Getting my online stuff cleaned up...

Yeah, I've just stopped tracking everyone I had tracked, and have already left all my unions. I've really only ever used GS for gaming purposes so I'll still do that, but I'll just leave the social part to Facebook for now :)

Full Metal Alchemist

Yup, so I updated my profile pictures a bit...I like my user icon better but the banner still needs some work (since it's not actually my own work, besides the text and some minor editing...). Anyways, why FMA? Well I've been watching some anime recently...Naruto mainly but that show has been very uniteresting for a while and I just recently discovered FMA, and boy it's like a breath of fresh air! I'll still continue to watch Naruto (since shippuden isn't too bad just the wait for new episodes is).

On a side note my computer is now back up and running, and actually has been for a little while I just haven't had a chance to write this :)

My Computer!

Yeah so my computer just failed me the Power Supply (PSU) in it just died on me...luckily it is still covered by the warranty but it means a break from all the more fun games I own atm:? But I'm ok with that it'll give me some more time to finish Twilight Princess which I just started playing :D Hope everyone who being affected by the snow is have a good (and safe) time, I know I am!

Almost to 21!

About a half a year later and I've almost made it to level 21! :D Not like I've been doing anything on here but whatever