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Black Friday Perusing

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Although I had to work 8:45pm Thanksgiving night to get ready for our 9pm Black Friday Opening (thus spending Thanksgiving alone since I couldn't go home where everybody else was celebrating) (I'm not Bitter), and got threatened to get smacked in the face by a disgruntled behemoth of a lady, I still managed to get my own Black Friday shopping in.

As soon as I got off of work at 6am, I rushed to Best Buy to see if they still had the only 2 items that I wanted.

The first was "Uncharted: Drake's Deception" for $29.99. They had it. I got it. While I own "Uncharted: Among Thieves", I have yet to play it, but it was a good deal.

The other item. They had that as well. And I got it.

And at Best Buy, they had a special deal where the Bundle was only $169.99, instead of the $199.99 at Gamestop.

I figured they might still have both items a good 6 hours after they first opened because I don't think I live in a community that's the targeted audience for these types of products.

Heck, I just went back yesterday to get a Nintendo 3DS Game Case and they still had the "Super Mario 3DS Bundle."

No more "Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3DS Bundle" though so there might be hope for this place yet.

Funny thing is, or sad since I spent the money, I'm still not sold on the Nintendo 3DS and I can't think of one other game I want for it, besides possibly "Mario Kart 7" when it comes out. The library of games still suck.

But I'm betting, or hoping, that in the long run, the price and the deal makes it worth it. I'm not exactly spending $250 on it ya know. >: p

2 Girls, 1 Guy

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So it's possible I may have to start looking for new living accomodations due to some unfortunate circumstances I now find myself in due to no fault of my own. *Cough* (Trying to keep the BITTER out of this blog and get straight to the point)

So I happen to be speaking with a coworker of mine about my situation and they immediately say, "So are you looking for a place to stay? You can come live with me."

They are also currently living on their own with another coworker of ours. The thing is.............they are both girls...........and I'm a boy.

I don't know how to feel about this. We all 3 get along great at work, would that look? Me and 2 other girls? Is that common practice? Is there perhaps some social perception or misconception to such a predicament?

If this move were to occur, I'd be paying rent for the first time in my life. But at least I'd be able to stay in my current area and keep my 2 jobs instead of being forced away into another state jobless with no immediate plans on where to proceed from there.

Evolution Of A Habit

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When I was younger, I'd play games as they came, which resulted in not finishing a lot of my games.

I'd get a new game, start playing that with every intention of coming back to the game I had just been playing and then eventually lose motivation and forget all about coming back to the previous game. Thus never completing it.

Didn't help that by that time I had already gotten into a new game and stopped playing the new game I had just gotten so I'd be like 2 games removed from the game I was originally playing and hadn't completed.

So now to prevent this from happening I have developed another problem. I have games still in the plastic from like 2 years ago that I bought but refused to play until I finished the game(s) that I had before it. So still the same problem, just in reverse.

And I will also refuse to buy a lot of games I want to play because of my back catalogue which is only increasing.

Even if I'm tired of playing the one game I'm focusing on completing before moving on and really want to play some of my newly unplayed/unwrapped games, I won't.

I'll give one example. I'm currently playing "Final Fantasy XIII". I got it at release and refused to play it until over a year later when I had completed some games. Now I'm kind of tired of playing just that everytime I turn on my system. I have Uncharted, the first one, still in plastic, but I really want to play it now. Also I'd like to get it out of the way so that I may play the sequels as well. But I won't let myself until I finish "Final Fantasy XIII", and still I have other games to complete as well so I have no idea what I will allow myself to do once I finish "Final Fantasy XIII."

This is the first generation where I feel so left behind and now it sounds like the next generation is about to roll around the corner and I'm getting overwhelmed.

I have Assassin's Creed 2 in the plastic and I really wanted to play Assassin's Creed Brotherhood and try out that multiplayer, but by the time I get to that, they'll probably be 2 or 3 sequels after Assassin's Creed Revelations and nobody will be playing that Brotherhood's multiplayer anymore. See my predicament? I wouldn't get and play Brotherhood because I hadn't 't even played Assassin's Creed 2 yet, and I haven't let myself play it because I have other games to finish.

I need to finish Bioshock. I need to finish Gears of War 2. Not to mention some Nintendo DS games and they've already moved on to the 3DS.

I've played every generation of Pokemon Games on the Nintendo Handhelds and I still need to finish Diamond to play either Black or White and I'd also like to get Soul Silver as well.

I'd like to get Bowser's Inside Story. So many Wii games I haven't gotten. I've been separated from my System for so many years and that's been a part of the problem. Why buy games for it if I don't have the system with me. So I haven't finished Mario Galaxy 1, Haven't gotten Metroid Prime 3 Corruption. The good one. The first person one. Not the most recent atrocity. Haven't unlocked all the characters in Super Smash Brother's Brawl.

I still haven't even gotten "New Super Mario Bros." for the Nintendo DS. Wow.

Just some examples.

So anyone else find themselves faced with the same problem? I guess because this is the first generation where I've been able to be the most conscious in, I'm aware of how fast it's passing. The other generations I was younger, not as hip on what was going on and all of the games and what was coming. I didn't have money to buy what I wanted and wasn't able to stand in lines early in the morning for hours to get my hands on a newly released console.

So this time it's different.

I know too much, thus I can't keep up.

Ignorance Truly Twas Bliss. All I had to do was right up a list around Christmas time and it was up to my family to do the rest and it was dependent on them what I was able to get out of a generation of consoles.

Now I only have myself to blame.

I miss blaming my mom.....and Santa Claus. :(

Utada Hikaru Is Quitting Music So That She Can Eat At McDonald's

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Utada has made an announcement that at the start of next year she will be taking a break from her career. Could be 2 years......could be 5 years (Her Words).

This comes after an already 2 year absence from her Japanese Music career. Her last Japanese Album was released in March of 2008. It had one re-cut Single that was released later that Summer.

In the Spring and Summer of 2009, she released her English Album in Japan and America respectively. Shortly after she got tonsilitis, something she struggles with periodically, and had to postpone the rest of her American promotions for said English Album. We heard nothing from her until 2010.

Starting in January of 2010 Utada set off on her mini English Tour titled: "In The Flesh", promoting her English Album from the previous year which in this time had only pumped out one Single: "Come Back To Me" (How Appropriate and Ironic). She sang both English and Japanese songs on this tour, which the fans really appreciated and greatly hoped for and anticipated. Utada chose only to do small venues, such as "The House of Blues" and the like due to her desire to always have the kind of intimate experience she never got with her Huge Stadium Tours in Japan.

She toured spots in America and even a couple in Europe and had a number of Meet and Greets in the United States to meet with, speak to in live interviews, sign autographs, take photos with and sing popular tunes with and for the audience, such as "The Little Mermaid", etc.

The tour ended in London in February.

Since then,fans have been waiting with bated breath for some further activity or announcment from her via her BLOG or some other form. Some want more American promotion for her English Album, others wanted her to return to her Japanese Career.

Well news we did get, but not what we wanted. Sort of........

There is some good news. Before she leaves next year, she'll be putting out a "Singles Collection Vol. 2" this Fall, yup, only her 2nd one in 10 years, which I don't mind. I don't much like Single Collections, though they sell like hotcakes in Japan and with Utada's name stamped onto this product, it is sure to top all of the charts, be a million seller and possibly be the number 1 Album of the year.

Along with the Singles on the Album will be 4-5 NEW JAPANESE SONGS!

The one saving grace out of all of this terrible news. She's currently recording them as we speak. Utada has also stated via her BLOG that she'll be featured in a commercial as well before the year's end and going full throttle to end the year with a "BANG" before her departure. I don't know what else that entails though. She does say she'll be releasing new songs in the AUTUMN AND THE WINTER, obviously the 4-5 new songs, but what does that mean? Does this mean she'll be re-releasing some of the new songs as Re-Cut Singles afterwards to further promote? Will she be promoting any of these new Songs live on television? Music Videos? More Commercials? Who knows, but in order to go full throttle 'til the end of the year, she'll have to do some more after the Album has been released.

Upon announcement of her temporary Hiatus, one of Utada's colleagues was interviewed about it and his words got misconstrued and cherry picked from that interview and an interview he had given years ago and it was printed that Utada wanted to take a break to go and do normal things like eat at McDonald's. Needless to say, Utada was perturbed at this and got to the bottom of it with her colleague and wrote about it on her BLOG to fully explain the situation. Either way, funny stuff.

Utada has decided to take this break to go live life, discover herself and do things she normally wouldn't be able to do (like go eat at McDonald's :p).

She states she still may be a little active during the break, alluding to possibly continuing to write and sing songs as she likes.

Pikachu: Then how would that be any different from all of the other long breaks she took while still making music and releasing with long gaps inbetween?

Me: Hush!

I suppose not being officially on the job and having to deal with deadlines and being forced to create will be the main difference. No stress. She does produce, write, and arrange all of her music afterall.

Pikachu: What a copout. She doesn't need a break. She's been taking breaks since she started. 10 years and only 5 Japanese Albums and 2 Major Tours. Chick be lazy out of her mind.

Me: I'll have you know she also created 2 English Albums as well. Just completed her first English Tou-

Pikachu: How long did that last? Better question. How long does it take to get the center of a Tootsie Roll Pop?

Me: Yo-


Me: She's an arti-

Pikachu: And I'm a Pokemon. Been in the game for how many years now? How many breaks have I taken? America and Japan! TV Shows! Video Games! Music!

Me: What musi-!

Pikachu: POKE-RAP SON!

Me: Pikachu Imma need you to fall back. You are a kid's toy. No creative control over what you do whatsoever. You can't even talk. Pika? Pika what? Pika Boo? This ain't hide-n-se-!

Pikachu: Sounds like it to me. You'll be seeking and Utada will be hiding.....for 5 years.

Me: And in that time bet your cheddar cheese arse still won't have evolved!

Pikachu: Neither will have her music. :)

Me: Pikachu go get correct because I am not the one!

Pikachu: Neither was her 2009 English Album "This Is The One." Have you heard it Totodile? I know I sure hadn't 'til "this one" told me.

Totodile: "Apples and Cinnamon" be cr---Nah nah....I ain't heard it. ( '-' )

Me: Look Pikachu! The point is that the Pokemon Franchise doesn't exist solely upon your shoulders. How many brothers and sisters have been raped and created out of your Franchise now? No offense Totodile.

Totodile: None taken.

Me: Wait until you get to your ugly evolutions.


Me: How many Pikachu?! How many?! "Gotta Catch 'em All!" Are you kidding me?! When did it become OUR responsibility to round up your irresponsible mistakes?! Ever heard of protection! All these balls being flung around, but no protection. What are we?! Welfare?! You sure you Asian and not Black?!

Pikachu: Whoa.

Me: What? ( '-')('-' )( '-')

Pikachu: Where's that pokeball at? Think Imma just hop on up in that for a bit.

Me: What did I say?

Pikachu: Say, "goodbye."

Me: Goodbye?

Gonna miss you Utada Hikaru.

Kingdom Hearts' Songstress

by on

Mostly everyone who played them fell in love with both Kingdom Hearts' I & II Theme Songs and I'm here to introduce you to the Goddess behind the music: UTADA HIKARU

So you probably know of the 2 English Theme Songs "Simple & Clean" and "Sanctuary", but there are also Japanese counterparts to both of those songs titled "Hikari" and "Passion" respectfully.

Utada Hikaru wrote, produced, and arranged all 4 of those songs, as she does all of her songs. She's an artist in the truest way an artist can exist.

As already eluded to, she's both an English and Japanese singer. She's of Asian decent, but she's an American also. She was born in New York city. Due to her parents musical careers in Tokyo, Japan Utada grew up as a child in both New York City and Tokyo, Japan. Thus the bilingualism.

Utada was attending Columbia University in New York while simultaneously becoming a Super Star in Japan with each and every Single that she released. Her first Japanese Album erupted onto the scene with the highest sales for a Debut Album in Japan and holds the record to this day of "Best/Highest Selling Japanese Album in History." Altogether Utada has 3 of her Japanese Albums in the Top 10 Best Selling Japanese Albums List.

Her career started back in 1999. She just turned 27 and just got done with her 10 year Anniversary. Japan Times just recently deemed her "The Most Influential Artist of The Decade."

Utada is my most beloved artist and I've been following her for years. She actually just got done with her first English Tour where she sang both her English and Japanese songs. She has 2 English Albums by the way.

Now that you know a little about her, I'd like to provide you with a few of her songs to listen to:

"Passion" (This is the actual Music Video, called Promotional Videos or PV over in Japan, so anyone who ever wanted a Music Video to "Sanctuary", this is the next best thing. Is part animated, part live action and includes Heartless. One could even interpret it as Utada being the Queen of the Heartless.):

"Stay Gold":
"Stay Gold"

"Prisoner of Love":
"Prisoner of Love"

"テイク 5":
"テイク 5"


And an English song for good measure:
"Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence - FYI":
"Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence - FYI"

Pikachu: "She's Japanese just like me."

Pikachu: "I wonder if she needs a sidekick."

Me: "You're not going anywhere. She already has one."

Pikachu: "Who?"

Pikachu: "Teddy Ursa!?!?"

Out With Ze Old, In With Ze Giggler

by on

Enter "Ze Giggl-".

Pikachu: "Enter The Pika-

Me: "No Pikachu! I am not being cute! You're messing it up!"


Me: "Enter Ze Gig-"

Pikachu: "Ze Giggl-

Me: "Jesus Christ! Why are you talking?!?!"

Pikachu: "I'm saying "Ze Giggler, instead of Pikachu like you wa-"

Me: "I don't want you to say anything! It has no meaning when you say it and you'll just confuse everybody!"

Pikachu: "I'm sorry. I didn't know. I don't know what you're doing."

Me: "Because you won't be quiet!"

Me: "Enter "Ze Gig-"

Pikachu: "...............some Pokeball. You ain't ever lied. I was like I ain't hopping into no Pokeball. I be rockin' them shoulders like I own 'em. I ain't no chump. I ain't no joke. I ain't no ball groper like charmander and squirtle. I take care of mine and keep 'em in check with that lightening lighteni-"

Me: "Pikachu! We can still hear you! Turn your freaking mic off!!

Pikachu: "Oh sorry! I was on the phone with Mr. Mime commiserating about these poor smooks out here that are little more than slaves to their Pokeballs. Mr. Mime knows what I'm talking about. Exactly how much did you he-"

Me: "But he doesn't even speak! What are you doi-"

Pikachu: "I'm sorry home skillet. Imma have to holla back at ya lata. Homie be trippin'"

Me: "What are you doing?! You know you've completely ruined it now?! Nobody even knows what I'm talking about! You don't rock Pokeballs huh?!?! HUH?!?!?!


Me: *Pulls out a Pokeball*

Pikachu: "This ain't Red & Blue and it most certainly ain't Yellow. Put the ball down. Economy be tough. Don't waste anot-.....

Pikachu: *Shaking&Crying*

Me: "Meowth got your tongue? Oh yeah. I've been saving up. I've been saving this MASTER BALL for a very special occassion.

Pikachu: "Let's not do anything cras-"

Me: "You be "rockin'" my shoulders like you own them?! You take care of yours?!?!?"

Pikachu: "Yeah. I take care of you. Because I lov-

Me: "You be keeping me in check with that lightening lightening?!?!?!"

Me: "You think you own me! I own you! When I say be quiet, you will zip your vigilante lips!"

Me: "I'm going to put you in this Pokeball! I'm going to put you in my pocket! And there you will stay. Encased within a ball in my pants!

Me: "This is ZE GIGGLER mooch! And yo-"

Pikachu: "Oooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh. I get it now. YOU'RE "Ze Giggler." XBOXLive right? Yeah, it certainly fits you. I was telling my boy Mr. Mimezizzle that he ought to think about changing his as well. "Ash'sMomOnALeash" is a little playe--

Me: *Throws Master Ball at Pikachu and watches it rock back 'n' forth until the light goes out*

Paying For My Own Identity

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So I'm so over my XBOXLive Gamertag: CSmithSan

I want something that's actually descriptive of my XBOXLive persona and I've become bored to tears with my current gamertag.

I already have one in mind that I'm very excited for and would be proud to don but 800 Microsoft Points for a name change? $10? Really Microsoft? You suck.

Even so, I'm still seriously considering-----you know what.....I'm going to do it.

It'll be any day now and when it's done, I'll be back here to announce my new Identity.

Still sucks. Isn't Microsoft making enough extra money off of their Red Rings? And I'm already pass my warranty so I live in fear each and every time I turn on my XBOX360.

Pikachu: "Pika Piiiiiikaaaaaaa"

Me: "No Pikachu, I will not be changing my gamertag to "Pikachu" or anything Pokemon related."

Pikachu: "Pika Piiii"

I Have A Disease

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I just had a Birthday. I continue to age.

I'm still waiting for the cure.

I trusted you Pikachu.

Pikachu: "..........................pika?" ('')


by on


Cranberry Sauce this!

Turkey that!

Tryptophan nap!

What's with STUFFING?! It' just STUFF! Whose idea was it to pile a bunch of STUFF together and call it FOOD!? NASTY!

Ever heard of a Turkey Buzzard? Yeah BUZZARDS! That's what you're eating! They just take the BUZZARD off when Thanksgiving rolls around to make them seem more appealing! NASTY!


Cranberry Sauce! BUT IT ISN'T EVEN SAUCE!!!! I don't understand!!!! NASTY!

Pumpkin! Have you ever carved out a pumpkin or even just been around a pumpkin for Halloween perhaps? I don't want to be eating that. Whose idea was it to bring over decorative left overs that littered our yards, porch steps, fields and side road ditches from the previous Holiday and insert them into our mouths during the next Holiday?!?! NASTY!

Greens! Or Collard Greens for those who really get down. Why!? It's leaves! Leaves and Grass! Stems and all! And if you're really lucky you'll find a piece of........what is that? A Mouse Pellet?! Oh that's meat!?!? NASTY!

Oh how could I forget.....GRAVY!! EW! NO! JUST NO!! This slop looks like snot and diarrhea got together and said, "Let's Coagulate!" GOD NO! And you people just douse it over everything! Really?! Your turkey, mash potatoes, stuffing and ham aren't complete unless they're drowning in phlegm!!?!?! NASTY!! NO! NASTY!!!

Speaking of Mash Potatoes.......Mash Potatoes! Even has "TOES" in it's name! I don't eat toes. Do you eat toes? Unless you have some nasty foot fetish you don't! What is a mashed potato? A potato beat up for being so darn NASTY!

Butter Beans! What a cruel joke! Butter doesn't taste like that! NASTY!

String Beans! Where's the string? I just see NASTY!

Broccoli! My god. This word looks German! And we all know how the German's get down. Their cuisine has messed up their vocal chords! Everytime they speak it sounds like a crime. Ugly language. NASTY!

Peas! Don't even get me started! TOO LATE!!! These little balls of crap in disguise may look small, but they pack a punch. They will knock your taste buds right on out! Oh my jesus! They have like little stored packets of moosh inside! What is that? Who eats something that sounds exactly like a bodily function in which we perform in order to rid ourselves of waste?!?!?!?! Even in some places, people drink it! That's right! They drink Urine! Well hand me a cup! Too far? Did I go too far?

Well people went too far when they decided to eat things that grew out of the ground! Who likes Vegetables?! Who likes peas!? Nobody! N-A-S-T-Y!

THANKSGIVING is MANSLAUGHTER in disguise. Think of all the poor nasty animals slaughtered to fulfill your bellies. All of the turkeys......all of the pigs......all of the...............well that's about it isn't it.........Well think about the freaking Pumpkins Darnit!

Stop forcing these excruciating expectations upon me every single time this time of year comes around! Don't make me feel as if I have to eat these people's nasty food! I'm not a murderer!

And when did it become okay to make Christmas an accessory to murder?! Ever notice how Christmas has just become an extension of Thanksgiving!?!?! It's all the same freaking food!!! TRAVESTY!!!!

I love Christmas! Don't taint it with the Unbridled Prepostery that is Thanksgiving!

It's an emotional rollercoaster! "Time to open presents!!!!!!" "YAYYYYY!!!!!!!" "Time to eat!!!!!!" "PLEASE MOMMA NOOO!!!!"

Come on Obama! Where's that freaking CHANGE we can believe in!?!?! CHANGE THINGS!!!!!!

Take the Turkey Holiday away! What did Turkeys ever do for us?! Put us to sleep with that Tryptophan Poison! I can't open up presents if I'm sleep! So it's okay when we're put to sleep, but god forbid we put an animal to sleep! Double Standard! That's NASTY!

*NOTE* The contents of this Blog Post are purely for _____________ ________, rest assured. But seriously, I HATE Thanksgiving from the depths of my being down to the pits of a turkey's gizzards and everything in this Blog Post __ ___ ________ ___ _____. It's NASTY! *NOTE*

Androgynous Androgyny

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So that there's no confusion. I'm a boy/male/gentleman/man/lad/fellow/XY Chromosome bearing human being.

Throughout my life I've gotten comments, whether observatory or derogatory, about my "soft" features.

I've even been confused for a female before. Told by one individual that they could only ever think of me as a female.


Now I'm in college. Off on my own. Been so for a while now. Nothing new. Now I'm experiencing a different side of what it means to look like me.

People see my features and assume I'm homosexual. Well......that part isn't new. That started in 4th Grade.

Even in Primary School, kids, specifically other boys, would ridicule me for my naturally curly eye lashes. They'd say I went home to curl them like a girl and what have you.

I've gotten comments about my lips. About how pink they look. How red they look. How much they resemble a certain part of the female anatomy.

I've been told I have girl hands. (Really? That's a new one)

So now I'm getting hit on by boys........young men.........old men.......homeless men............

Anonymously and in person.

I've been accosted twice on the streets of my college campus by these older guys. Demanding I give them my number with their Cell Phone extended. Hovering around me as I pack up my vehicle to leave. Asking me about where I live. Complimenting about my eyes. Telling me I look like a super model. Asking if I'm coming back. Attempting to hop into my car to use a cigarette lighter that's not even there. Begging me to come back as I'm leaving. Still there when I get back. Leaning inside passenger side window of my car as I try to pull off.

Asking me if I'm "interesting in being with a nigg@."

I'm getting facebooked anonymously now by people from my college. They obviously know me. I have no idea who they are. They ask me questions.......compliment me........make statements........

Of course I ignore. I don't want to be rude.......I don't want to give the wrong idea........

I'm naive so my initial response to such compliments is to say, "thank you", and be done with it. It occurred to me that giving the circumstances, that might not be the best thing. So yeah......I a result......periodically through the years here, I get a check up from the select few individuals who are open about their status, don't care if I know, and continue to message me (in addition to the countless numbers who do so anonymously).

Is ignoring them still leading them on? I don't know..........

It's all rather interesting.......I don't lose sleep over any of this. I'm just trying to imagine how it's going to be once I'm officially out on my own in the real world. College is just a miniscule bubble society that's a lesser iteration of what is to come.

Hope I'm ready.

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