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COD4 , and GT5P reviewed + went to see RUSH, and some stuff

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Well I reviewed COD4. An amazing game I must say. Best FPS online out there for sure.

I don't have much stuff to say right now, though it's because I don't feel like writing much.

Cleared COD4, got GT5 Prologue, gonna get GTA IV and MGS4, also got The World Ends with you, and Rondo of Swords. I also got a new punching bag.

I got all GT5P cars!!! Sweet!!!

Oh and, I went to see a RUSH concert last Friday. They played amazingly awesome, even though they're kinda old. The only thing I'd have to critize would be the ****** fat **** fans (at least the ones around me) They never sat down, they were screaming all the time, jumping, playing imaginary guitar, and just being plain stupid. I was gonna hit 2 fat @$$holes that were close to me, but then I figured this was a big moment in their life, since this was the first time RUSH came here.

--- Edit- Check my Prologue review :D Sweet demo.