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Got Halo themed XBOX 360 and Halo 3 Collector's Edition

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Yeah baby! I got the Halo themed 360 the other day, loving it, looks cooler. And today I got the Halo 3 Collector's Edition, those rumors about the scratched discs are true, but the gal at the store fixed it for me, and told me that if it didnt work she'd change it for me.

The game is freakin' awesome, best shooter definately, atleast in multi-player. The CE includes a Bestiary book, the art, how they made it and stuff, with some other videos, on a bonus disc.

My gamer tag is named potterpipi I think, so search for me will ya :D

Oh, and I may be uploading pics :D

I didn't take pics of my 360 out of the box since where I put it the only part you can see is the front.

New MySpace

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Well I signed up for band MySpace since I'm a DJ afterall. Uploaded 4 songs from my first hit album. Go check it out, add me if you wil- DJ J Flow MySpace

Leave comments on songs, etc.


School Started

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So school started again for me today. I'll be way less active, I'll only be active in those unions that I mostly like and on topics that take my interest, I will not be able to post in 'em all. So... now you guys/gals know...

My Wii ***** up

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So my Wii **** up and now I dont have anything, since I changed it for another Wii. I was gonna change it for a 360 Pro, but then a certain someone opened their mouth for too long and made the guys notice their error and now I'm stuck with a new Wii... memory is lost... friends and VC games I had bought too.... so I won't be adding any new friend codes for some time unless the other person is going to send me something.

I got PhotoShop and are Wicked Sick!

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So I leveled up to 30- Wicked Sick! That name could be good or bad :P

On other news I got PS yesterday thanks to a certain someone :D And are back from the dead doing some sigs, till I get great, they look cheap since I havent done this for years :P Take a look:

Please comment on all the errors and tell me how to fix them :D

New One:

Got Tales of the World, cleared Killzone Liberation, and more...

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So today I got Tales of the World! Here is what I can say:

1. There are tons of customization options in game, very fun.

2. Battle is as the other Tales games, still fun.

3. The levels of the dungeons look the same, for each dungeon that is, the dungeons are not the same.

4. You cannot travel anymore like in other Tales games, you just select where you want to go and that's it.

5. The voices of the old chars. are not the original ones for most of them, example: Lloyd is different, Kratos is the same.

6. You can still create stuff by ingredients.

7. You can save anywhere in the normal places, except the dungeons, in the dungeons you must find a Save Circle.

The game is pretty sweet as I've played for now, though the story of it hasnt been coming out alot, just quests, alot of the old chars. are shown from the begining.


Other game news, I beat Chapter 5 of Killzone Liberation and pwnd some noobs on online. Killzone Lib. is probably one of the funnest shooters in the PSP, and it's also pretty basic.

I also made a new game in Disgaea 2 and what can I say, making your own armies is still awesome, and naming the chars. funny names is still... funny :P

I also got a new connection server and it's 2 times faster than the last one in terms of download, I've been dling tons of J music and anime, must have a marathon soon :P

My super rich uncle also decided to give me one of his terrains thanks to my B-day last Friday, and a pool and spa is on the work :D

These past 2 weeks have been nothing but pure fun and sweetness :D

Today was my B-day!

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Ok so today was my b-day, turned 17. Got tons of money and went to see HP Order of the Phoenix, which was kind of a slow movie....

I more than $1k from friends, my family hasn't give me my presents yet, and my father gave me a card that lets me pick a car, I also got some shirts and hats.

But there's only one piece of cake left... guess there's none for you :P

Back from Mexico, got problems

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So I'm back from Mexico, will upload pics soon. It was fun, climbing the pyramids and stuff, there were cheap sellers everywhere in Mexico City lol. But now that I got back home I found out my connection equals a baby pooping... It's ***** up, so here's my excuse for not being active till the problem gets solved, though I'll try to post anyway.

Going to Mexico!

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Yeah well here's the deal, going to Mexico this Monday, gonna be there 9 days. So that's why I'm gonna be innactive. Gonna go to Guadalajara, Puebla, Mexico City and some other places, everything will be 5 stars :D