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Mass Effect Reviewed, more reviews coming up, HeadPlay.

Well, I sadly cleared Mass Effect in 3 days. That was an awesome ride, I wanted to play more :P It most certainly didn't disappoint me, it actually impressed me, go check the review out, this is a game you don't want to miss.

On other news, I bought a HeadPlay, it hasn't arrived yet, but it's one kick@$$ product. Here's a link to its site, check it out, you might want to buy one in the late future! HeadPlay site, info.

I'll be reviewing Overlord and Jade Empire soon.

Assassin's Creed Reviewed, more reviews coming soon

I finished Assassin's Creed. Great game. Made a review, go check it out, it'll help you.

Anyone has it? If so, what part are you on? Trying to get all the achievements? Maybe I'll get back to getting all its achievements once I finish the games below.

I will also be reviewing Mass Effect, Overlord, and Jade Empire soon.

Got a BIG anime collection, and other news

Well, I'll start with the other news so you can all read 'em first :P I cleared Eternal Sonata, and made a review. Go check it. The game actually inspired me to do some research on Chopin. I'm making a project (presentation style) of Chopin, I found all his musical works, his full bio and about 60 pictures. I'm not really sure if I'll ever finish it, since I might get bored of it, but atleast I've made some test ones... I'm also in my finals, so any request you people have will take a little more time to finish.

On the anime news. I got some money on my hands so I purchased the following stuff:

1) Yu Yu Hakusho TV Series Limited Perfect Collection

2) Rurouni Kenshin ~ Tv Series Perfect Limited Edition (FX Version)

3) Tenchi Muyo! ~ Limited Perfect Collection (Universe + OVA + Tenchi in Tokyo)

4) Count of Monte Cristo (Gankutsuou) ~ TV Series Perfect Collection (this one was actually a gift from my uncle)

EDIT: I also got the Trinity Blood Box Set, the Cowboy Beebop Box Set, and the Tenchi Muyo GXP Box Set. I just bought them :D

It's actually all pretty sweet. I used to watch those when I was a little kid. Except the Count of Monte Cristo, which I thought was only some stories, and they actually made an anime about it. I'll be enjoying that after I clear my finals, man it's gonna be one heck of a holiday break. All those anime are gold.

Hitman, Guitar Hero 3, Assassin's Creed, Mass Effect, and more

I'll start talking about the Hitman movie.

Yesterday I was invited to a b-day in the theater and the movie was Hitman. It's probably one of the best movies (from games) I've seen. It was awesome. The action and all, it makes you wish for another Hitman game :P The dude is smart and has the moves, if you like action I'm sure you'll like this movie. For those who want to know something interesting about it [spoiler] The organization turned against Agent 47 for some reason, or atleast the other bald dudes are attacking him, though that's not the real plot. [/spoiler]

On games, I bought Guitar Hero 3 the other day, finally got around to playing it yesterday. Pretty nice, I haven't cleared it yet, though I may clear it today. I also got Assassin's Creed and Mass Effect, but I dont think I'll play those till I clear GH3 and clear Oblivion atleast all the important quests(still clearing the Fighter's Guild for 100% on guild quests).

The other thing is, I bought a new hunter rifle. It shoots up to 1000fps. It shoots .177 caliber ammo, wadcutter and hollow point. It's pretty awesome, the most awesome thing is that I got it in an offer, won't say the price :P

Rock Band, Guitar Hero 3

Here's a story.

I went to Gamestop today to talk to them about an offer of Rock Band. When they tell me, the offer is no longer available, since the game is already out. I was all *%*%%! It's been released 2 days early right? Since even the game alone was there. I told 'em I wanted a copy, then they said, no good, it's all sold out, and even the people who pre-ordered haven't been fully reparted (the quantity of the bundles was too little) So they told me that I may have to wait till Jan. or Feb.!

I figured I couldn't wait that much so I'm going to buy GH3 for the 360 later today, and probably Rock Band(game alone) in Christmas... though I'll have to wait till Feb. so that they sell the drums separately... But I guess I would be winning then, why?

Rock Band bundle- $180 + tax= $190-200 aprox.

GH3 bundle- $100 + tax= $110aprox.

Rock Band game only- $60

Drums- $80

If I buy GH3 first, RB alone and the drums, it would be $240, I would be paying the ammount of RB + only $40 for GH3. I would be saving $20 since I was going to buy GH3 anyway, and I'm not interested in singing :P

Is it a good logic? Post your thoughts.

Also, 2 weeks ago my friend sold his Halo 3 regular edition copy and he received $40, then today I was going to sell my Limited Edition copy and they told me they would give me about $25... -_- damn cheap *****

Vote for moi!

Hey guys/gals!

I sent a DJ application to The DJ List a hell long time ago and I got accepted yesterday. I haven't been able to upload much stuff since they have to accept the uploads and they take a LOOONG time to accept stuff, I posted my DJ MySpace over there, so if you haven't heard my music, you can hear it now. But vote for me! It won't take a min. and you'll be helping me! You can vote on a monthly basis, so you can vote me 1# atleast for this month, and vote for the other DJs you like the next month, or on other ranks.

The link's DJ J Flow

To vote, go there, sign up, and when you have the option to vote, write J Flow on the first blank. Thanks! :D

Also, on funny news, my 8 month old cocker broke my father's Ab Lounge... now I have to pay him $150, what a bother...

The Orange Box or Rainbow Six Vegas?

Both for the 360. Vegas looks ***** real! And Orange Box has tons of stuff. Both look awesome, both look like great shooters. Vegas has military action with very realistic graphics, and Orange Box has a good story and other goodies, such as the puzzle game. So, which one?

Cleared Lost Planet, got new hoodies, onto another game

Yeah yesterday I cleared Lost Planet, short but sweet, the last battle was really cool, Gundam style. Though I'm having the Giant Worm and Moth achievement glitches, but that doesn't matter much.

I also got some new hoodies! Totally awesome ones too. I got a Fox Sasquatch Hoody Deluxe, a Fox Culture Clash Hoody and an Eagle Blue Issue Fleece, they are all cool, but the Sasquatch is the best, Sherpa fur is so warm!

Also, I'm looking for another 360 game to buy... any recommendations?

BTW, I'm a Snake Eater now! Cool!

Cleared TES4: Oblivion and got Lost Planet: Extreme Condition

Name says it. I finally cleared Oblivion! Totally awesome game. Haven't finished 100% though. You might want to check out my review and rate it :wink:

I also got Lost Planet: Extreme Condition. It's pretty cool, never thought blasting alien bugs could be so fun :P Though I'm a bit mad I got a glitch and didn't get 100 achievement points for killing the Giant Worm and the Giant Moth, but it's not such biggie since I'll play it again once and finish it on Normal, and play it on Easy so I can get every last achievement I can.

My bro also got Marvel Ultimate Alliance, I never thought of playing it, but now that I see him playing, I wanna play it too :P But he appreciates every detail of Marvel content in it, he knows all the characters and can tell you their story and all :P So I bet you can figure out we wont be getting achievement points of it so quickly, but we'll get them all :P

I Finished the Fight

I cleared Halo 3 today, I took 2 days and some hours. Awesome game, now I'm gonna play Forge Mode and resume my Legendary file. I'm also gonna start playing Oblivion now.

Any Questions? Check my review, or just ask.