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Cleared Lost Odyssey Disk 3

Yet another LO blog :P

Well yeah, this one actually took me from 5-6 hours to finish. Since a lot of things happen like you're party getting divided... which was trouble... And so, since I didn't level Mack and Cooke up, I had to fight like 2-5 times a boss called Living Ice, and on the final boss of the disk I found a way out :P If Mack and Cooke are weak in your party, buy lots of grounda bombs, cast Cover (only once) on Jansen, and then just keep on throwing Grounda bombs. I cleared that last boss with all my characters alive (and they never died)

This is it, disk 4, man is this game awesome. However, I'll make 2 game saves once I get the White Boa. One of them, I will use to finish the game without side quests, the other, to do the side quests.

I also read that the Silver Kelolons boost your exp a lot, I didn't know that :P I'm gonna try that on my second game save :P I also didn't know you could actually flee battle :P So I always fought :P And yet, I'm way ahead of a lot of gamers who started before me, and I haven't been playing all day, since I think it's a total of 10 real world hours I've played to get to Disk 4.

On other news.... I'm a workout instructor now :P It pays well :P Plus it's not permanently and I can do the job whenever I want :P

Cleared Lost Odyssey Disk 2 + Pre-ordered the MGS4 PS3 Bundle

Yeah so I cleared disk 2. Game's pretty freakin' sweet, but man is it short. I cleared it in 'bout 3-4 runs. I'm pretty sure the other 2 disks will have the same lenght so... I'm expecting to finish it by next week.

Why do I do these constant blogs? Well... just to discuss the game with people who have it :P

I also pre-ordered the MGS4 PS3 Bundle. Which comes with a PS3, MGS4, and a new controller which has the vibration function, all for $500 which is a pretty sweet deal.

Cleared Lost Odyssey Disk 1 + May be moving to Florida

Yeah I cleared LO's first disk in just 3 real world hours. It may not have the best graphics on normal tvs, but the story's awesome, and Kaim's dreams are like... pretty? lol, they're pretty cool. The game is awesome so far, and I know it'll get better, I'm on the second disk right now. I also got LO's OST, awesome tracks.

On real life news, I may be moving to Florida later this year... it's not for sure, but I... really don't care that much :P I bet the girls there will be hot too :P

Persona 3 technically finished, Got Lost Odyssey + Life

Yeah well, I "finished P3" today. I'm in the final boss, which has 14 stages! I was on the 13th... and she killed me... I only had 1 Plume of Dusk left, and so it was all a matter of luck when she used the death spells... **** I thought I had cleared it for real :P

Well, I already know what happens so I'll stop playing.

I got Lost Odyssey today, looks pretty cool, but I think I wont be able to play it since I wasted my free time "clearing" P3...

I'll edit this blog with my LO impressions.

EDIT 1#: I made a P3 review, don't expect a hardcore fan review out of me. I was pissed off when I got killed on the 13th stage :P

EDIT 2#: I just played 1 hour of LO. Pretty good, I know it'll get better. I also noticed the differences between HD TV and normal tv, I'm glad I have both :P

EDIT 3# I'm sick... yeah...

I also went to an "aura reader" guy, because I was forced to :P

At first I thought he was just a stupid liar a-hole, but then by looking at my brother's aura (I have pics :D) he told us every problem my brother has, and he was correct, so it might not be a scam after all... my bro's aura was blood red completely, meaning he has a sixth sense, he can see things others cant and predict stuff. I really dont belive the predicting crap, but my brother really does see things other dont.

As for me, my aura was all golden, he told me I was actually being protected by a lot of angels, and that I had a really important purpose in life. He also told me I was a fighter, and I might do something to destroy evil... I WAS thinking of joining the army or something like that... anyway, I really dunno if to believe it yet, but I'll try to expose him in a few weeks, in my next visit :P

Laptop fixed! + other news

Finally, after alot of complications, my laptop if fixed. Hoorah!

Well, the other news, I've been playing some new DS games such as:

Animal Crossing Wild World- kinda... lame...

Hotel Dusk- pretty cool, but slow

Trace Memory- it's nice, but it feels empty.

Phoenix Wright Ace Attourney- really cool, I thought it was bad but it's actually great.

Feel the magic- it's pretty fun... and stupid :P

Assassin's Creed DS- it flops on the DS, it's so ugly, it shames the next gen games.

Luxor- it's fun to waste time :P

... I also played some other games... but I forgot 'em now :P I'll edit later :P

My laptop is down

on the blog I wrote yesterday I wrote that I would update quickly, but I didn't think it'd really happen :P

Well, my laptop **** up, and so I need to format it, and it's gonna take a while. So, I won't be active for atleast till Monday, or if they fix it before Monday, then good thing...

oh well, btw I'm on a neighbor's pc :P

Buy import games, toys, plushies, j-music, soundtracks, and more! Here!

Hey I'm now working with my pals over at Play-Asia, so check the site out by clicking on the images below, by buying(if you do) items through those links, you'd be helping me get some credit :D Check it out, even if you won't buy. Play-Asia

Play-Asia.com - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions!

Play-Asia.com - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions!

Play-Asia.com - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions!

Play-Asia.com - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions!

Play-Asia.com - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions!

Alot I know, well I was kinda bored, but if you do buy, make it through these links here... well... I'm bored... I may update quickly after this..

Now Playing/Impressions + Other Stuff

Lately, I've been playing only the DS.

These are the games I've been playing, followed by my thoughts so far:

  • TLOZ Phantom Hourglass- Pretty cool, but there are some moments in which you have no clue what to do :P
  • FF XII Revenant Wings- Cool, I like the style, the visuals differ from other FFs, but it's a pretty fun game.
  • Mario Party DS- fun, but for some reason I can't get the Wireless to work unless I'm way too close to the other person.
  • Bleach The Blade of Fate- It's ok... I expected more. I like Bleach's PSP games more.
  • FF 3- Cool, especially if you have cheats lol
  • Dragon Quest Monsters Joker- it's like Pokemon but with DQ monsters, it's pretty cool.
  • Brain Age 2- the first time I played it said I was 50:shock: :P I suck at it.
  • Drawn to Life- it's really kiddy... but it's innovative.
  • Guilty Gear Dust Strikers- all the characters are already unlocked, therefore, its fun to play from time to time.
  • Code Lyoko- meh... I used to watch the series but I really have no comment about this yet, haven't played it that much.

  • Elite Beat Agents- its something... unique if not weird :P The songs suck ass lol, they're all 80s, but it's fun sometimes.
  • Lunar Knights- It's pretty cool.
  • Trauma Center Under the Knife- good, I say it's easier than the Wii ver.
  • New SMB- meh it's Mario, jump on an enemy and kill 'im :P
  • Puzzle Quest Challenge of the Warlords- it's like Hexic, which is pretty fun sometimes.
  • FMA Dual Sympathy- I haven't played it yet, but it looks cool since I saw you can use Scar (that was him name right? :P)
  • Luminous Arc- Pretty awesome. It's like Disgaea on some aspects, what took my interest was that it involves religious stuff.
  • Advance Wars Days of Ruin- Waay better than Dual Strike. This one is definitely cool.
  • Kanji Sonomama Rakubiki Jiten- It's supposed to be a dictionary or something like that, I only used it once, it's ok.

Those are the games I'm currently playing when I have time. I'll make a review strike in the near future :P Since I don't play the same game in a row. I got school, workout (which is definitely top priority, love working out), gotta play vgs, anime (when I eat at home), and a meditation break (which I use to learn other languages) So my time is already full :P Oh and my dog too :P

BTW, if KG reads this, or any Freewebs user, I had the question that, I was trying to put music on the Haiku section of my site, but for some reason I can't upload songs anymore... I thought it was bandwidth, so I deleted one of the other songs but I still can't upload... Therefore, I can't update anymore...

Freewebs- Nippon-Realm


Yeah I was bored, and I needed to waste some time. So I made that cheap site :lol: Go check it, you'll notice that the Anime Recommendation's section is exactly the same as the one in my union (The Soul Society) made by reyad :P kudos to that.

It isn't a big deal of a site but well, it sucked 3 hours out of me :P Go check it out and post something in the forums!

I dunno if I'll ever update again, lol, guess I'll update whenever I feel like it.

Happy New Year 2008!!!

We've entered 2008! The year which I'm going to alot of places in Europe plus will have all muscles ripped :D

Well, happy new year to all! Hope you have a good one! Try to start the year with good stuff, happy moments, I've started it drinking with the family and exercising!