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Any requests?

I'm learning a bit more with each sig I do and now I want to promote myself, so if anyone has sig requests let me know. and BTW I won't be posting all my sigs anymore so if you want to check up on my works just let me know and you can visit my albums. Thanks

new sig

Ok I think this one is my best so far and I won't be posting anymore in a while. When I have about 15-20 or so done, then I will post my album. Thank to everyone for their support!

My 2nd sig! Rate it!

Just made my 2nd sig not too long ago and i hope y'all like it. It might be a bit too vibrant because my monitor is messed up and i can't see RED! ouch! so lemme know.

wow finally! I'm back!

WOW! I can finally start typing again. For about three days ny type space would be a solidwhite instead of the navy blue and I couldn't type a thing! Thanks to Matt and Paintball for posting for me in the tech forum (I appreciate it, really!), even though I got no help from GameSpot. I've asked a couple of others and they say it happens from time to time or at least it's happened once. Either way it's good to be back and I just made my first sig! Tell me what you think!


I'm just going to save some cheques from Solda and just visit my wife in Ecuador for about two months. She'll be here in December or so, and this way I can get some jiggy jiggy. I'm sick of work and responsibilities. It's time to go.


I was collecting my Employment Insurance since I work in the construction field and because I'm off of it now and without a job I called my old boss back... Solda Pools called me before the new season and because I was living with my dad, out of Brampton (where Solda is), I said no. I got into a bloody fist fight with my dad (literally) and I'm now living with my cousin in Mississauga, not far from Brampton... Steve says sorry Tom I talked to Peter (owner) and he said we're full, blah, blah ,blah, whatever. I walk my dog later on and stop at Nu Bella landscaping and they said they'd hire me and I was working on wednesday! Cool! Good because my cousin's house is 2 houses away from Nu Bella, but they only pay 10.50/hr. Everything's going good for me and yesterday I get a message on my cell (Motorola V710 :P) from Solda saying to call Steve if I can start on Friday!!! Whoa! Usually I'd say f#%k that, but I've been with them for 3 years and they'll pay me 15.50/hr., only it's a few buses to get there (who cares?). So I want to get paid more but I don't know what to say to Nu Bella and I've only been with them for 3 days! Oh well, see what happens next...

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