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What do you do?

A couple of people have asked me what I actually do on GameSpot, so I thought I'd answer via blog. Given I'm terrible at updating this blog this can also act as a sticky post of sorts if somebody takes a look at my profile wondering why I've got a staff icon and seem to be upset about the state of ducks.

So, I'm an Associate Producer and I work in the London office. Given that somebody could be editing videos and also have this title I suppose it is slightly confusing! The kind of production I'm involved in isn't actually making the sweet videos on GameSpot, but in site production.

Essentially, I do the stuff that you don't see for the UK team. Ever wondered how videos actually make it onto the website once the video crew (Cam/Danny/Johnny/Seb) is finished with them? Yup, that's me. I also take care of promotion for the UK, which is essentially updating the carousel on the homepage, and post witty things on our Facebook and Twitter accounts. When big announcements drop during UK working hours, I also take care of some of the trailers and such you see going up on the site, which is pretty cool when it's a big game you're looking forward to. I also take care of The YouTubes, copy edit some written features, photoshop monstrosities, and occasionally pop up in the GSUK Podcast.

Most importantly, I'm in charge of pressing this button if anything breaks. 

Make Go Website

That's pretty much it, but if you've got any questions about how on earth this behemoth runs, just pop a comment below.

Where's Sarah?

Oh hai there. Afraid I've been extremely lax in updating this blog, but been rather busy with the day-job. Well, that and too many good games came out recently! So here's an extremely brief rundown of what's being going down in Lynch Land.

  • Jumping off vantage point and generally stabbing people in Assassin's Creed: Revelations.
  • Jumping off yet more vantage points in Batman: Arkham City.
  • Continually forgetting to complete Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception after rage-quitting when I kept on dying in this bit with a fountain near the end. Grrrr.
  • Feeling guilty for not spending enough time on the GameSpot Minecraft server, though will no doubt make a full return once I tire of big releases - check out the Fear The Creeper blog for all the latest goings on.
  • Mucking up audio levels on the podcast.
  • Almost, maybe, probably at some stage, coming round to the idea that I'll probably give in and play Skyrim at some stage.

What have you good folk been up to?

Bonjour le web

Greetings! Having just entered the hallowed halls (/open office desk plan) of GameSpot today, I figured I would get my blog on and let you know what it's been like. Hopefully this will provide you with some entertainment and sufficiently creep out my new colleagues when they realise I already knew who they were. Nice.

Small bit about me first then I guess. I enjoy video games, films, music, TV, novelty t-shirts and most of the internet (there are some dark recesses of the online world best left alone). That pretty much covers it and lets be honest, we're probably all more interested in the inner-workings of GameSpot than my brain.

I've spend most of my first day getting settled in and getting the grand tour, so lots of wondering around being introduced to people and attempting to not grin like a madwoman. There was also time for my introduction to the CMS (essentially the brain behind the site) as my job is mainly going to be making sure there's plenty of videos on the site for you to watch and letting you know they're there in a friendly yet persistent manner. Hey! Listen!

While I've been here less than a day it already feels like a bit of a blur, so lets just round this off with my top 5 highlights from my first 5 hours:

  1. GameSpot = video games.
  2. I will get to spend lots of my time watching video, about video games.
  3. I got a shiny new GameSpot Staff badge on my profile.
  4. I spotted a pool table in the break area.
  5. Danny dive-bombing the CNET crew with a remote control helicopter.

You'll probably notice me around the site so feel free to say hi or just pop a comment below if you've got anything you ever wanted to know about GameSpot HQ, such as 'Sarah, what colour are your desks?', answer: white.