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Hey peoples been awhile

Jes I be bloggin what's up home slices lol, ya I had to say that :P ;). How's life everyone??? Ponic (and yes I am referrin to meself in the 3rd person lol and I still use me instead of my) is now 18, ya that's right Ponic is now officially a legal adult!!! hehe oh just think of all the naughty things I can do now! THINK OF THEM THINK OF THEM! And considerin I have a car now so I definatly can it's just that nice and funs ;) hehe haha lol. Well for me party I went to the bowlin alley...and well I do stink at bowlin I mean at one point the ball was in the gutter when it started off lol and I felt bad how like an 8 year old got a strike and the only way I could was from a mess up in the computer lol, ya you heard that right a glitch happened giving me a strike even if I guttered it ;) haha, I got some spares though. But that's not the funny thing, I went to throw the ball and for those who watch London Tipton (ya that's right I've seen her from time to time ;) I'm that hard to figure out lol) I did something like her lol. I let the ball go and it hurtelled into another lane haha no strike though sadly :lol:, I kinda froze there for a second like "opps..." haha.

for me presant got the usual cash...got Futureshop gift card, Bestbuy gift card, Music Maker (which I have used to make a techno song already :D), and got 3 new Monty Pythons are you all truly surprised? I'm so nuts hehe, oh and I scare my friends now by creeping up behind them then screamin in a demonic voice, "HAIL SATAN!" lol I'm such a hyptocrite haha since I'm a strong Christian ;) haha hehe...also made a new video ya been awhile since I've done this...made this one especially for all those who have viewed my videos before it's a trailer for the the end series to the song Here Comes the King. Enjoy peoples and I'm goin to post the song I made laters



Also I knows most of me tv.com pallies are gone...infact only a select few are sitll on here from when I was a starter at tv.com ;) But the point is Dan (oh did I just say my real name :P) is also leaving tv.com...well not exactly though more kinda sorta. Like I will come on to check over my show that I edit periodically, and you can catch me on gamespot...even though I hate so many of the people on lol to be honest...the tv stinks now except for a select few shows that I watch but the only one that is not ended would be House heh wow huh? Well it's true I dispise all shows...those are so not reality shows that couldn't be furthur from not reality! S*x shows...uh no wrong on multiple levels! Violent shows...if I need to see people blow up in blood columns of death for enjoyment someone needs a life or atleast therapy lol. Anyways no worries you can still PM me I'll just reply to it from GS now, and I'll still blog no worries, also THE COOKIES ARE MINE AND YOU CAN'T HAVE ANY! :P :lol:

Lastly if you wanna catch me elsewhere you can find me on Halo online there I'm NAM_ZIM (for the computer...again hate Gamespy lol) catch me on Yuri's Revenge online ponic there also...tis me nickname but I'm not there all too often, I'm on youtube as shadowguy321 used to be on putfile but the site went stupid and I doubt the account still exists..and once I master the games a bit I'll be on C&C 3 online and RA3 online also. Ya that's right I'm known all over the internet lol my world domination is already workin people have joined the insanity trio (and yes it's not a trio anymore! lol) and soon you will be attacked by an puppet of some kind...even if it's a sock puppet. :lol: If you're ever in my neck of the woods swings by and say hi to mes, besides some of yous got me MSN and we chat there...when your on... (elie!) :lol: glad you enjoyed me little...well now big bloggy :D

My usual halloween story/to all American users

Alright peoples, number one my usual halloween story! I went as Indiana Jones, had my whip and everything, my friend went as a tv box, :lol: he was almost unable to fit through the door, after sitting down his head just went flying back haha. My other friend she went as a pregnant lady I told her, "You should put a knife in the stomach and say you had an abortion!" :lol: haha :P. Anyways my box friend of course had some people hittin his box as he walked down the hallway, it was so big hehe and you just kinda wanted to push him down, then obviously help him back up. In my english class my friend hid right ahead of the class wit his head and hands in the box planning to jump out and scare her, of course the teacher walks in and just goes, "Who's in the box? (insert name here)" :lol:, everyone laughs and we ask her how'd she know, her answer, "Because I'm not as stupid as I look" then smiles hehe, then my friend is unable to get up, he went down and got stuck haha. As for me, when I walked into religion class my teacher was dressed in the same costume, both of us take a shock stepped back by 1 step for a second at the same time :lol:. Then both, show the hat, show the Indiana Jones tag, now my shirt was red under because I didn't have the white button down, and he goes, "I've got the shirt" so I said, "I got the whip" hehe and showed him it haha. Went cracking it at lunch, and before that me and my friend were gonna enter a mummy contest and I went like, "Come on, you'll have an Egyptian on your team! Mummy wrappin is in my blood!" by the time she says yes too late they had the teams all up *pouts* we coulda won!!! :lol:

At the end of the day me and my friends were talkin, and I just notice my biology teacher sneaking up behind then just gives my friend a smack on the box, then comes to me "I've been diein to do that all day" haha :lol:. And I also told me fwiends who are twins, "Next time, you 2 should just switch places" hehe :D. Anyways to me American friends you might wanna read this

Please help do this.. Refuse to accept these when they are handed to you.

I received one from the Post Office as change and I asked for a dollar bill instead.

The lady just smiled and said 'way to go' , so she had read this e -mail.

Please help out...our world is in enough trouble without this too!!!!!

U.S.Government to Release New Dollar Coins

You guessed it
If ever there was a reason to boycott something, THIS IS IT!!!!


Together we can force them out of circulation.

Please send to all on your mailing list!!!

Who do they think this country was founded on!!!

not American but I think you guies should do that

Wow heh life is really confusin...

Well you all know mes, I rarely rant...unless it's kinda warented. Well here are me rants heh

Well in religion class we were going over some world issues and that, anyways well my rant is wow. Stuff like cloning and that, how people don't believe in our free will and our souls. it's like people deny the existance of God and all the importance that goes with it. Humans have the free will and that, what is teh world comin to you know? Machines being considered humans, people thinking they can make humans perfect (ya like God is unable to do better...pfft!) Then you get people who go PROVE GOD'S EXISTANCE! Alright, I will

I've got a watch, now in all honesty how many people would believe the watch suddenly just materialized itself? Or that it's pieces fell out of the sky and landed perfectly then it just magically got programed??? If anyone says yes, and actually believes it...well wow! Anyways, I'm going with most people will believe a watch maker made it right? But no one saw the watch maker do his work right? But it's obvious he did it, because there is the watch. Same with God, we never saw God make Earth but we know that he was here because the Earth exists. What ever happened to the world? Didn't we use to fear God, and love him...these laws were easy how did they get so distorted? Suddenly humans think they can make a perfect kid, they can create a human with a soul and the breath of life?! I'm just saying, wow! It's so disgusting what humanity can think they can do, some people can even put a price on human life!!!

Anyways shifting gears, isn't it weird how you can think you have the pieces of your life together, then someone comes along and totally messes it all up?! I would write it here, but I'm worried some people might read it that shouldn't...so I don't want to publically write it on the internet. This I don't mind saying outloud, my math teacher kicked me out of math class today, why? Because I have a loud sneeze, and despite my saying so, and others who have had me in their classes before including in elementary, he didn't believe any of us. :lol:, well whatever frankly he can get a stomach ulcer the goes clear through his whole body over that for all I care..

I really...really...REALLY HATE ENGLISH!!!

We had to pick a novel and read it, then do a critical analysis on it, wow those critical analysis are beyond hard! All the books I wanted were gone, so I ended up having to pick one at random, since I love suspenseful books...and I ended up picking some random stupid book "The Sea" I can bet 100-1 it's not going to be suspenseful especially if it was school picked. I also hate english teachers how they just have this ability to suck a story dry, and place meanings on there that don't even exist!!!! Oh and who can forget, HORRAY FOR HATRED OF ENGLISH GAH! Lastly we had to do a useless essay on ourselves...ON THE FIRST DAY! But since I was totally rusty and well off course then, the essay got the lowest possible grade that isn't a failure, basically I'm along the select few who get to redo it, why do I get the feeling this is as good as a failure...oh and me doggy, his owners asked for him back so he's gone now. But the poor dude was depressed anyways without his original owners BUT I STILL MISS HIM!!!! And still HATE ENGLISH LIKE MADE!!!!

This just in!

:lol:, PONIC HAS A NEW DOG SUDDENLY! :lol:, I was drivin back home, enjoying my lack of paved road...lol they are pavin it and right now they have it ripped up so I get to bounce around while I'm drivin! :lol: IT'S SO MUCH FUN! WEE!!! he he...anyways I get to my house and I just hear my mom saying "stay, sit we're gonna go see (insert real name here sukas you won't know me real name), come on Max" so all I see if the door open, my mom's hand holding onto something, then a dog's head! he he, he sees me all happily, tail waggin and everything! :lol:, little poodle/hound cross he's 2 year's old and he could be mine. It just depends on a few things we are just sorta takin him for a trial run, but I would want him! If I get him I'll take a picture of him and post it!!!


Me went to the amusement park, WHOO! :lol:. Well here is the higlights of the day, for one when we went on the ferris wheel my friend doesn't like it, ironically she doesn't like the Ferris wheel especially when the cart thing sways in the wind...lol but I hate roller coasters and she loves them lol, so it evens out...even though everyone tries to force ponic on em, SO NEVA GONNA WORK! :lol:. Been on 1, not doin it again! When we went on that swing ride, well first they made one that is lower to the ground, you know that like old school one lol, but they also have a large tower one which is as high as the ferris wheel...I really shoulda gone on that one :lol:, anyways on the swing ride, since it was swingin around you got me with me arms out, and I started doin this. "HI *insert person or place getting the hi to*" "You're ugly!, you're uglier, you're ugliest, and you I just don't like you!" "HI LOG PEOPLE, SUKAS YOUR RIDE IS STUCK!" lol, while we are turnin around, I kept doin that :lol:, I got one person on another ride to wave back at me he he :D ;), the fun houses were cool, the rock one they played Linkin Park, so lol I was lovin that he he. Went on one of those high slides :lol:, since I'm dramatic you got me goin "I CAN'T MAKE IT GO ON WITHOUT ME!" "You're infront of us!" "...what's your point?" :lol:

Went on the zipper, basically it has 3 'branches' which branch off into 3 more carts so a total of 9 carts....lol anyways everything turns, the carts turn like mad, so you would not want to eat lunch before it, I got well semi sick with almost nothin in my stomach, and you feel like you're gonna hit the person next to you :lol:, and the whole ride turns also, so it's cool. The bumper cars were nice, first thing you hear me say just before the ride starts is "YOUR BUTTS ARE MINE!" lol, I make it my mission and I always succeed to bump every bein in the ride atleast once, and it always works lol, and of course I love doin my random ha ha's when I hit someone :lol:, since I drive in reality...lol I've had practise :D *angel halo* 8). We saw an escape artist also, that was cool...she got out of one of those tanks filled with water, while she is hand cuffed...it was awesome watchin her do it. :lol:, and at the stands I did this

"Give me 2 cotten candies" "That's $8" "Eight bucks? Fine...here's your rip off money" "Hey be nice" "I don't have to be nice, I'm the payin customer" "Well who taught you that your dad?" "No myself" "Well still be nice" "No, cause I'm payin if I want cotten candy you go *makes salutin motion* 'YES SIR!' and you give it to me, if I want this whole stand you go *makes salutin motion* 'YES SIR!' and you give it to me! And if I say this is a rip off you go *makes salutin motion* 'YES SIR!' and you agree with me!" :lol:, he had no answer to that one, I did the same thing at the coke stand, cept he just did the salutin motion and said "yes sir, ok I'll do that" :lol: Now fastin forward to the end of the day

We all get back to me friends house and their parents warn me they have a new German Shepard, so havin known guard dogs I want to stay back and give her time to get used to me, the last thing any of us saw comin was for her to go nuts, break out of her owners grip on the coller and bark like mad at me, and bolt it after me. Like I said, havin known dogs I new she'd try to bite me leg, so I kept them movin, and thankfully I did, because she got 2 bite marks...not too serious cause I kept my legs movin, if they were still or slow she definatly would've clamped down on my left leg, and I'd be in a cast right now :lol: or in the hospital, anyways her owners quickly got her under control, and I was pretty ok, got 2 scabs now though lol, she penetrated the skin and they started bleedin, atleast not too deep so it's minor. They took her outside, then cause they wanted her to get used to me + she kinda has to since she could see a bit of me from time to time, they brought her back in later on, on a choke chain and a leesh and the parents had a good grip on her. We tried to see if she'd get used to me, lol she growled instead, and every time she did her owner gave her just a bit of a slap with the the leash, obviously not toooo hard but hardish...lol eventually she just stopped lookin at me :lol:, she was nice to everyone in that room, but me...

And on thursday...me and me friends are havin a "potluk" or however you spell it in ze park so it'll e funs! Anyway final thing so you can stop readin a big wall of text here :lol:, CONTINUE ELIE AND ANONYMOUS! Our PM cult shall grow stronger! MUAH HA HA! WE ARE JUST BEGINNIN OUR WORLD DOMINATION! :D