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I had something similar with the new SMODs video. I sat through the advert, the video started to play, a full page advert loaded over the top of the page that I couldn't close without clicking on it, which opened the damn ad's website.

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@DigitalDame: Any chance you could tell the editors to upload stuff without the image viewer or use an external image host in the meantime? You can embed imgur slideshows.

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Just completed flip mode in 508 deaths. That damn Gravitron killed me 40 times so I missed the 500 deaths award.

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I block ads simple cause there are to many ad the site take lot longer to load when ads arnt block, followed by the fact malware can hit you from ads

The only problem I've ever found is with the background ads like this Bloodborn one. It squeezes the articles and comment box by about 10%. Not the end of the world but they're already narrow enough because of this stupid new standard that every website seems to have adopted in the last 5 years.

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Using adblock perchance?

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@DigitalDame: Do you guys have certain conditions for how you get paid for ads? I'm fine with letting them run but I'm not sitting through the same ad 20 times a week. I can just leave them running in a background tab and mute the browser, right?

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A tenuous update: it "seems" to be fixed. In 5 minutes I could land on something that'll bust it again but for the moment it looks like we've got our dark theme back and I can resume being able to make out the words on the page.

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I'm getting a similar problem but for the dark version. I get this on the dark version but the light version is normal.


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So I saw the schedule on the main page and Danny's show isn't on it anymore. Part of the downscaling?