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09/09/09 9:09pm

Why Hey there!

Well its all nines today. I started writing this coincidently at 09/9/09 9:09pm :D well anyway you may have noticed i have hardly been on gamespot.. but i always seem to take long hiatus's away for some reason but tend to come crawling back once there something interesting in the gaming world going on. ... Which i have yet to check up on so lets make this short.

My first year of college is done but second year starts monday with me STILL doing Fine art & drawing, graphic design and now sculpture for some reason. but i have worked my ass off all summer just so i can get most of it done which i have and hopefully will be able to start playing games again!! (add my gamertag if you havent yet i have live until july 2010 :D)

Well i dont have much else to say except.. ITS GOOD TO BE BACK :D


college has been busy, 360 back NEXT WEEK! and FF posponed??!

Wow i havent blogged in a while!

Hope you guys had a good christmas and new year! while you were playing your video games and eating your turkey i was busting my *** all of the holiday season with college work.. great. plus my 360 was still away.. and still is.. so i havent played any games for about 4 months! i havent even seen gears in play i have been so busy let alone played it! anyway yeah im p****** about the whole Final fantasy being prosponed until next year thing.. was lookin forward to that :[

ALSO 360 IS BACK NEXT WEEK boooya! ..... boooya? anyway add me on my live account!


Im an Artist.

Ive been painting for years drawing, sculpting ect ecttt

so as of january i once i have my new pc im opening up an ebay account and i am going to sell pop art and anything of that nature. Also i will paint copies of famous pieces if people want that kind of stuff too. Too all you gamers though i will be painting pop art versions of game characters and normal versions also to put on ebay to sell. Canvas sizes will vary depending on preference from the buyer. Stuff like this -

cloud, final fantasyyoung link in black and white pop artadult link in twilight princess black and white pop art formgtaIVgunin door black and white pop art

ganon in black abnd white

IM ALSO DOING ALOT OF STUFF LIKE THIS ON CANVAShttp://i109.photobucket.com/albums/n44/xx-shanna-xx/art/Angelina-Jolie-1.jpg

So yeah if you like anything i will paint it for you next year. ebay account soon.


I have never been a PC gamer, i have never wanted to play on a gaming pc nor buy one. Until now.

I am an avid console gamer but i want to change. I want the best of both worlds!

Now i need your help, i dont no a thing about gaming pc's and all that all i know is i want something with about 2g-3g mem and a very good sized hardrive. I will buy it just after christmas and i will be spending around £500

any ideas people? or do i need to extend my budget which i dont mind doing.

I dont wanna go crazy but still

Ooooo also one i can hook up to my HDTV :D

any help guys?

Are you proud to be ....

... The Nationality that you are?


I was thinking earlier about wether or not people are proud to be what they are, British, American, Mexican, French, Australian ect. I think i was thinking about this because of the whole Barrack Obama president-elect thing going on in America.. i was thinking does this make you proud to be American?  Or if your British, like me, Obama wants our goverment to send another 3000-4000 troops over to Afganistan to "help" them... does any of this make you proud to be British? Or the very recent news that some of the terrorists attacking mumbai are British of afgan origin. Are you proud of living in the western world? Hated by the 'real' world? 

I wouldn't change my British nationality... but I'm certainly not proud of it.

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