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What i got for Christmas is..(little late)

ya im a little late with this but i was with my family the whole of last week,

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year :)

my best gift was a tv! :) 36" 720p (it's in my small room so i can' make it look so fancy)


i also got a wireless optical mouse for my laptop (i bought the laptop dirt cheap from my brother so i like to think of it as a gift :P), 2G toshiba flash drive, and hdmi cables for my tv

other then electronics i also got a lot of cloths and $200 of which i spent $40 two days ago to buy saints row (Great game).

Well Again Happy New Year! (let's hope this one isnt as bad..)

got my 1st laptop!!!


it's the

Toshiba Satellite M55-S331 it's from 2006 but my brother bought it back then, he sold it to me yesterday night for $100! it's in great condition, he's selling it because he's buying a new one. i'm so happy, it's a great computer and works with about the same performance my main pc wrks and that's from 08' this is my first laptop, and i'm so happy.

reason i never bought a laptop before is because i thought they were to expensive and i could buy a better pc for a cheaper price.

it's a great laptop, i'm happy :)

i got an xbox 360! :]

Friday the 28th, 4am in the morning, me and my brother went through heavy traffic to bestbuy waited in an hour line, then had about 10 seconds to pick my self up a 360 bundle, waited another hour in line then i had my 360.... with.. kungfu panda and indian jones... :|

alright, time to go to gamestop for the buy 2 get 1 free deal, we went to gamestop and there was a line coming out of the store of smelly sweaty fat people, but i pushed my way through and get gears of war game of the year edition, hitman: bloodmoney, and Amped , so far i have only played gears of war and must say that game is awesome!

now, just can't wait to get my first RRoD! oh, the joy!



day ago i was suspended for 24 hours on gamespot because i called a game gay and got 15% exp taken off that 2 weeks @_@

little bit to harsh don't you think?..

level 20..

seet :] i'm lvl 20 and 1%... wonder how long it will take to get to 21 :O

and Gah, school started... got to do really good this year cuz it counts 0,o

game and games...

i got resistance fall of man and uncharted drakes fortune today... though i don't want to start them because i don't have my harddrive yet... it should be here on monday..



mah new HDD!

i bought this about 3 minutes ago cuz i was running out of space on my gay 40g one... and, how does this make sense a 37G ps3 + 3 games 5.3G all together equals 24G???!... wtf that doesent make sense... if i had 3 games and it went down that much.. i wonder how many games i can have on it..but YAY!:? for me... i get to play mgs4, assassins creed, and CoD4 all over agian!!!!!!T_T ehh.. i have to wait 3-7 days for my hdd to come... hmm... what should i do,... other news,... check out this video :P i seen it a long time ago but only showed some people

 i'm also trying to get some money for uncharted.. i currently have $30.. need 20 more $........ i might sell something... like my wii 0,o thats sitting in the corner.......

Things to do...

return lair to gamestop for $30

sell pes 08 to blockbuster for $25 and sell def jam icon to block buster for $14 (i boguht it for $8 gamestop)

and make a craigslist page for my wii for about $400 to see if anyone will buy it