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Farewell PS3, Hello Earthquake

An earthquake killed my neighbourhood and then my PS3 got the YLOD great times. This made it worth not having power for 3 days and water for 4. If only the cracks hadn't been filled in so I could throw my PS3 down one. If I had more skills I'd photoshop it in just for satisfaction. At least I can still take my puppies for walks. Random rant is now over. Now I must go PS3 shopping so I can play Dead Rising 2 when it comes out.

Throw my PS3 down thisPuppies

Thanks lazyhoboguy

1. Like the lovely soul who tagged me I majored in History at University but I graduated this year. I have just being putting off the inevitable of deciding on a career but I'm thinking about working with special needs adults.

2. I am obsessed with movies as much as gaming and own 600+ DVDs. My favourite genre is horror.

3. I have 28mm holes in my ears.

4. I have two dogs. A Pittbull called Minta and a Pittbull Staffy cross called Lycan. They both like wearing sweaters.

5. I also own two rats called Tyler Durden and Flooding Disaster.

6. I was expelled from high school for having pink hair and refusing to wash it out.

7. I am a vegetarian and I don't drink which often annoys people for some reason. I smoked from ages 11-18 but quit.

8. I collect The Little Mermaid things but ironically hate the Atlantica level in Kingdom Hearts.

9. My favourite console is PS2 and my favourite games are Silent Hill and Final Fantasy X. I am slowly learning to like my PS3 and I'm trying to widen the type of games I play out of necessity.

10. I live in New Zealand and it's pretty average because games take forever to come out and people here can be small minded. Oh and I'm 21.

This didn't really annoy me. I just feel sorry to anyone who has to read it :P

I don't want to tag anyone because it makes me feel mean. But feel free to tag yourself.