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Fable Three free?

I saw on the XBL marketplace that Fable three was a completely free download. Is this a glitch or is it actually free?

Free games are always welcome though.. lol

Hey guys, I need your help. Please.

Hey guys I havn't made a blog in quite a while now. I have been looking for a reason to make one.. lol

but anyways i have a question that I would like to ask.

Well two actually. I have been out of touch in the world of movies. I havn't watched a movie since Avatar was

so can you guys recomend me some movies to cut my boredom?

And while your here. Can you guys recomend me some games that came out 2007 and back. That is what my Pc can run so yeah. i would ppreciate it if you can help me out here guys.

Signed this Petition.

Sign this petition. It is google trying to stop sopa and pipa

Two bills before Congress, known as the Protect IP Act (PIPA) in the Senate and the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) in the House, would censor the Web and impose harmful regulations on American business. Millions of Internet users and entrepreneurs already oppose SOPA and PIPA.

Please sign this!!

Repost this!!!!!!!!

i think i will stick with last years stuff.

So i got bf3 and MW3 and i got to say i hate both of them. I like Bfbc2 and black ops a whole lot better. sop i think i will stick with last years games.

In Bf3 i cant even play because i keep on getting spawn killed over and over again. And in Mw3 there is too many campers for me to even play. It seems all the noobs from black ops have moved on to MW3.

Now in mw3 when i am not getting camped on it is a decent game but until the next COD comes out i don;t see all the noobs leaving. I felt the same way about black ops when i first got it

I will most definently be sticking with Black ops and Bad company 2.

But anyways My christmas was decent. I got



Razer lycrosa mirror special-Keyboard

Led's for my pc



And $200

With that money i bought an Monitor and Saints row 3

Saints row 3 is the best game I got this month......

Well anyways How was your christmas?

I hate microsoft ,and my list finalized.

I hate Microsoft so much. i hate them with every ounce of my being right now. I have been locked out of my pc for a month now because my copy of windows xp was apparently mot genuine. so Instead of notifying me about it i get locked out of my PC for a month. So had to waste $100 on windows7 just so i can turn my PC on. Ughhh. Now i lost all of my stuff. i really really hate Microsoft right now.

Ok now that is over with I finsihed my list for Christmas.

Call of duty MW3

Battlefield 3

Saint row the third

Xbox 360 controller


song of the week

I leave you with this question

What is your favorite song?

Hey guys.

Hey guys. My mom has been getting on me for not making a Christmas list. But i don;t know what i want to get. i don't have really any ideas. i don't want bf3 or mw3.

I don't have any idea on what i want to get.

So i guess the point of this blog is to see if you guys have any good suggestions.

I have an xbox360 in case anyone was wondering.

And i don;t want Bf3 because i will get it after i build my PC. in a while.

And I want to get this out. If i had made any posts on last Friday that made little o no sense at all i want to apologize i was out of it . I had a party it got a little to crazy and well yeah... Anyways i am sorry if i had any stupid posts last Friday. this is the fourth forum i have had to do this on....

Hi! Another update for a while!

Hi. How has everyone been. what have yous been up too havn't bloged for a while nd i really don't get around to read muany blogs from you guys anymore. sorry about that.

I guess i could tell you what i have been up to.. right?

I will anyways!


I have become obcessed with Rhcp (Red Hot Chili Peppers), Foo Fighters , Soad (System of a Down) I can't get enough of these guys. they are just the greastest bands of all time.

Of coarse

some other bands i have been listening to are

Nirvana, Five finger death punch, Mastadon, Velvet Revolver, Guns n Roses, And some Aerosmith.

My top five songs are

5. Forest-SOAD

4. Ariels-Soad

3. Californication-Rhcp

2. Rain dance Maggie-Rhcp

1. the Pretender-Foofighters

Honorable metions

My hero-Foofighters

Around the world-Rhcp

Times like these-Foo Fighters

Learn to fly-Foo Fighters

Thats all for music fo now!!!!

(You should look most of those songs up on Youtube!!)


Well really nothing too interesting.I have been playing halo reach, madden 12, and Bfbc2, And BF2.Like I said not much.. lol


I have been out of my groove for a while now, but I will show you some of my most recent.Just made this today!^^I really like this one Even though no one else really did.. :cry:I like the effect I got on this one. Black and white + one color!I really love the colors i used in this one!How many bewbs can you spot? lolMy second favorite color^^proboly my favorite pice by myself.And then this + my favorite color!!

I am getting $300 to put towards my new pc build. For now i am gonna get a new case, Hdd ,and Psu




I will order those the beggining of next week . Can't wait for them to arrive!!

Well that is really all I have to say. So i gues i will leave you to look up all that music, right?OK bye!

Hi all.

Just an update blog.


I vectorized that. that means i used an image as a reference and basically painted it with photoshop. It only took 8 hours.. no big deal..

This was a request for someone at the MDL. I like how it came out.

random sig.!>!

My favorite sig i have ever made. ^^

LP'S /

I never did get to finish that. my psd died a horrible death...

my second favorite thing from myself.

_______________ ___________________

enough of that crap... lol

now onto gaming.

well halo reach homefront anf bf2.. that sounds about like all i ever play...

_______________ _________________

Now onto something that i have plans for. I am gonna build a pc for myself. My current isn't cutting it, with its pentium 4....

here is what i want to get.












Now to get the $$$ yay!.!.! ..


I am one happy dude.

OMFG!!!!!! I am sooo happy rat meow. I got myself a brand new custom built PC. OMFG!!!!!!!!! It is beautiful.. It make me want to :cry: But anyways It is a powerful sumnbitck. I will have picslater of my setup now. My brain is slowly melting now due to the fact that this isan epic piece of epicness that iown. HA that made no sense.


processor: intel pentium[R] 4 CPU 2.80GHz 2.79 GHz, @,00 GB of RAM

Video card: Geforce 7700 OC To about 8800

Sound card: Ripped from an old 1998 gateway Works great though

Motherboard: Biostar

OS: Windows XP professional 2002 service pack 3, I want meh Win 7 back :cry:

Powersorce: Coolmax

The case is an old gateway no the one i got the audiocard from But it does the job better than most cases. Metal FTW!

Well anyways this is a big stepup from my Acer laptop!




I have been palyin Halo reach and homefront alot latlely. I hit the Ten GS mark last week to. Not bad for 8 months in my opinion.


Well i am playin Zelda Oot, Majoras mask And pokemon Emeral;d and gold. I am not gonna go into details on that though cause i think i caould get banned for that. If you really want to know though PM me about it.

I want to bet Bf2 and Bf2142 but i dont have the money for it. Saying i just bought a PC. That i love soo much!

I have crysis but i dont think it will work for me. It was used and the activation code may not be valid anymore.



I have been driving a lot lately. For me that is big. I never get to drive anything But now i get to do it alot more.!


Oh before i forget i made a Deviantart account.

I cant get on it right now so i will just post my user name


For anyone who feels like looking me up!

Soo anyways BYE!!!!