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sorry guys, theres not alot of peopleon my chat yet, my deepest apologies

hi guys

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hello and guys i know that no a lot of people come here but if you want to change friend vouchers then make a comment


poke ranch pics

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Hey guys sorry for the lack of pics and blogs but i just uploaded some pokeranch pics so you can look at the adorable pokemon. More comming soon


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Spore is a good gamecand shoulb be bought by people who have a great imagination!

please help!!!

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Hi guys i really need help on how to level my self up faster can you please put your suggestions on the comments please! Thank you

My dads slow computer

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I your one of those people who look at my website i only have a few videos because it thakes a long time to upload the videos. more of my videos will come soon just please be patient and the videos will be there shortley:(

Website upgrade

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Hi peoples if you benn on my website you should see a slight difference in the backround and new videos are added hope you like my web

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