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Seriously, Sony?

OK, this is just plain wrong. Just plain wrong!

Here's the sitch: My PS3 recently died in a horrible explosion of fire and rage. OK, not really. But, it got the RSOD (Red Screen of Death). Heard of it? Me neither. Seriously, nobody I brought it to had ever heard about it. Anyway, I have a 500 GB HDD that I swapped with the original around...8 months ago? I backed up the old one and ported it to the new one, and it's been working fabulously since. Then, the system died. It became completely unusable, and I contacted Sony about repair.

Fast forward a few weeks, and I sent in the system a few days ago. Now they're sending me a different system back. That's not the issue. The issue is, I sent in the PS3 with the original hard drive and kept the new one with me. Now, it's useless. There is no way to back up the data on the HDD without the original working PS3. So, basically, I have to start from scratch. I find this completely ridiculous.

Come on, Sony. How many people have had their PS3's crash to the YLOD? How many of them had no way to back up their data after it happened? I understand the whole piracy threat, but these are loyal consumers who are being screwed out of hours of save data because you haven't given us any tools to fix this mess! I just want my data! Is that too much to ask?