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This was a triumph

If you read the blog title, there's a 60% chance that you're thinking of Still Alive from Portal. Well, that's what this post is about. Just a few hours ago, I just finished Portal within the span of probably 3 hours. Fortunately for me, I just borrowed it from a friend of mine so I wouldn't have to spend P1,000-P2,000 ($10) on a 3-hour game but if I hadn't known that it was this short, it would definitely be worth it.

There's also the song Still Alive which I have to say is THE best original song for a video game of all time. I have searched the Internet for the original song to Coulton's version to Rock Band sightreads to covers to Hatsune Miku. What I'm trying to say is, as a music lover, I really really like Still Alive. It makes me regret that I have to kill GLaDOS. :(

I'll probably review the game sooner or later. Hopefully, I'll buy Portal 2 soon unless it's as short as the first but I'm convinced from the reviews I've seen is that it's worth the buy.

Here it comes I said RUN!

This is just an update that's been happening this past week.

Senior high

Last week, marked the beginning of my senior year in high school. Can't wait to finish it and start going to college and have some fun with what I'm really interested in (games, music, art, etc.) But before that, I still have to go through 9 months of high school :(. Since this is just the first few weeks of senior high, the entrance exam's won't be a problem until August or something. Can't really say that I have my gameface on since this seems like another year in high school but with more work and test. I can't tell you college plans so you're gonna have to wait 9 months (if you're interested that is).

X-Men: FC

Just yesterday, me and family managed to caught up with X-Men: FC. My sister didn't need to rush since she already watched it with her friends and me and my parents haven't. Plus, she said she LIKED it which is rare since she's not a fan of superhero movies. Favorite scene has to be the one with the Cerebro (the part where they used that satellite dish thing to search for mutants) mostly because they used a Gnarls Barkley song in it and Wolverine was hilarious. Overall, it's a great film and definitely worth watching :)


I'm pretty sure you're thinking that my gaming life has been boring since I'm more of a single player guy but I'm sharing it and whatevs. I'm sure you've noticed that most of the games I've been playing are on the PSP. The reason for that is, I'm finishing as many PSP games as I can before I can get the PS Vita. Plus, there haven't been many exciting for the Wii.

Hexyz Force: Decided to start over and play Cecilia's story

Persona 3 Portable: Finished it AGAIN. Playing it AGAIN as Minato. (I'm so addicted to this game) Currently, a few days before the final Shadow.

The Legend of Heroes: Really impressed by the story so far. Currently in Ruan

Persona remake: I decided to give it a try but it's gonna be awhile before I finish it. Mostly because it's lame. If you want this just for the story, go ahead. If you want a fun RPG, it's not worth it.

Random things

-I think you guys may now call me an otaku

-Learning some Japanese

-Discovered this site called SkreemR. Thanks to this, I've discovered more music than before. To this day, I've tried out Röyksopp, Digitalism, some QOTSA songs and some Gnarls Barkley songs.

I think that's about it. Just a small recap of what I've been doing. Special thanks to Gnarls Barkley's Run for giving the idea for the title.

Gaming update

Once again, it's been a while since I first blogged. So a few months after my Xbox had the red rings, I finally got over it and got hooked to my PSP. I finished a few games and got a few new ones and I gotta say, the PSP has greater games than I expected especially the RPGs. I know that I was hating on the whole sprite-RPG games but now I was wrong to judge them. So here are the things that's been happening:

Peace Walker: I ended up starting all over since I couldn't recall much of the story.

Hexyz Force: Still trying to finish Levant's story

Dissidia: Trying to get the true ending

Valkyria Chronicles 2: Nearly finishing the game. Currently on November

Persona 3 Portable: Finished it. Finishing it again as the female protag. Currently a month away from facing Nyx.

Patapon: Still on "Facing GateGhoul Baban"

Hopefully, I'll finish as many games as I can before the NGP comes out.

Gaming is DEAD!

Just to let you know I do not think that gaming is dead. The title is just a way to get your attention.

Through the first quarter of 2011, I've heard news that Dragon Age 2 is out, Guitar Hero and DJ Hero has been cancelled (perhaps, temporarily) and hints of a possible GTA5. These news came from the big names of EA, Activision and Rockstar Games but what about the smaller names like Atlus, Valve and Sega. Respectively, the best games they've put out have been Persona, Left 4 Dead and Sonic the Hedgehog. When was the last time have you heard news of a possible Persona 5, Left 4 Dead 3 or a new Sonic game.

Never mind the first paragraph. The purpose of this post was to just share you guys an unknown developer called Anino Entertainment. They're an indie game developer from the Philippines and had small success on making their names known. They currently make games for the PC, Wii, mobile and DS.

Don't underestimate them. They have tried to go big. Some of you may have heard of the game "Anito: Defend a Land Enraged". A game of Philippine setting praised for its visuals, sounds and gameplay. It's an RPG with a simple plot: save the world from total destruction. The game was pretty old being released in 2003 and was quite good. It won two awards: Innovation in Audio from Independent Games Festival 2003 and 2003 Gametunnel Role-Playing Game of the Year. Based from the screens, I can really see why the game deserved such awards. Forgive me for not playing it because it's really old and I can't find a place to buy it.

So you may think that they're pretty weak because of the ports they use. Actually, they had one chance to make it big by going to the Xbox 360. In 2007, they had plans to release a game called "Project Phoenix". A local newspaper had this to say:

Project Phoenix is set in a futuristic high-tech cyber-punk megacity called Xenon, where the ruling organization is a large company called Terrastar Corporation, whose business is being overwhelmed by underground computer hackers.

Terrastar then hires a female death row inmate who gives her reprieve in exchange for working as infiltrator to the hackers' domain. For her to do so, the character, named Sarah, is imbued with cybernetic body parts and martial arts skills and will be equipped with an arsenal of ranged and melee weapons.

She would also have "magical" weapons in the form of "nannites" -- microscopic machines developed out of nanotechnology that can transform to some type of melee weapon or floating gobs of enemy-seeking energy.

Sarah would receive mission objectives from her secret headquarters in one of the buildings in Xenon. From that location, she would be able to enhance her entire cybernetic form, armor and weapons, which range from pistols, rifles and swords. She would also be capable of dual-wielding some of her weapons. Sarah can also improve herself aesthetically where she can add new looks to her armor and hair.

Apart from her skills with weapons, Sarah would also be capable of using various sorts of vehicles to travel to different areas in the map. Likewise, the map would not be limited to flat terrain as Sarah would be able to climb up tall buildings -- both from inside and outside. She will also be able to fight vertically as there would be flying enemies apart from the ground-based opponents.

The game employs a third-person swinging-camera perspective reminiscent of the Splinter Cell series. The turn-based combat system is also similar to Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, though in Project Phoenix, the battle will be much faster. Sarah herself would have different types of attacks and counters, depending on the weapons she carries.

The game is influenced by movies and books such as Blade Runner, Aeon Flux, The Matrix, Equilibrium, I Robot, Ghost in the Shell and Neuromancer, among others.

Anino Entertainment President Niel Dagondon said the role-playing aspect of the game will be the major focus. As Sarah progresses in her missions, she will be able to level up and increase her physical attributes.

Dagondon said Project Phoenix is still largely in pre-production stage and that the actual development would start soon. The prototype game could still drastically change in the final version but he said they have already decided on some aspects of the would-be product based on the prototype.

As for the storyline, Anino Entertainment Producer Paraluman Cruz said the basic plot will be retained with a few changes, if necessary.

Cruz also revealed Sarah would not be a single heroine and will, in fact, have a love interest somewhere in the game.Alexander Villafania

Seems good, right? It's like a mixture of Final Fantasy and Metal Gear Solid. Unfortunatley, the game has been shelved for a long time and there are currently no video demos or screenshots of the game. Personally, I believe that they can make this one and probably be GOTY material. If you want to see then share it, buy some of their games if you like, or whatever.

Thanks for reading. :)

Is the PSP worthless now?

After my Xbox had the red rings (again!), I decided to go back to my PSP and picked up where I left off. As it turns out, The last time I played my PSP was sometime during November. I was surprised a bit 'cuz I have awesome games like Birth By Sleep, Peace Walker and Rock Band Unplugged. I mean, I could've sworn the last time I played was at New Year's Eve. So I just played like I never had the Xbox. Here are the things that happened so far:

Birth by Sleep: Trying to finish Aqua's story in Proud mode

Peace Walker: Lost and trying to find it.

RBU: Had to start all over 'cuz data was corrupted

Hexyz Force: Still trying to finish Levant's story

Retribution: Just started.

So right now, I'm getting bored 'cuz all I've been playing was BBS and I want to get a new one but all I've seen are Japanese RPG games. Sure, they look good but I'm getting tired of the whole sprite RPG-strategy games. What do you think? Is the PSP worthless?

The Secret Project

I know I haven't been very active in the blogs as of late 'cuz nothing interesting has been happening in my personal life so far. This is just a recruitment post for The Secret Project. It's a forum site where you can discuss just about anything. It's not really popular right now 'cuz it's still new and it has just about 50+ members. If you wanna join us the link is at the bottom. And just to let you know, I go by the name of cscrocker (not pokefan_10).

The Secret Project


November 19 update

Hey guys so it's been a long time since I've blogged 'cuz I think u guys won't even care anymore but here it is anyway.


So my schoolmate's dad just passed away, which is something that rarely happens to me and this is the first time it did. He didn't go to school for 3 days and I kinda felt sorry for him even that we don't get along. I sent my condolences through, what else, Facebook and some cash but I don't think that's enough. Do you?


Facebook's been boring for me in the past few weeks. All I've ever done was check updates then go. So if anyone of you would like to add me as a friend, feel free to do so. I'm willing to make anyone a friend (or not :P).

Video games

I've recently bought DJ Hero 2, Fallout: New Vegas and Fable 3. All of which were awesome. DJ Hero 2 got me feeling the same way I did in the first one, not caring about rockstars just DJ's.

2010 Dance Night

So, I went to my school's dance night which is sort of like a prom a litttle while ago and it turned out great. When I got there, there's these guys dancing in a routine which is the dance club. Around 10:00 pm, two opening acts came up which I never knew. So the first act was a bit boring 'cuz by their final song the audience just left. The second act was alright just because their vox is a girl. Eventually, the band came in with some serious equipment. These guys are RIVERMAYA who are very influential in my country until their original vox quit. The entire time was loud. When I left, I keep hearing this noise as if a TV was broken inside my head.

So, anyway, a night well-spent.

Stuff in school, new BioShock and Saturday school

Stuff in school

So this week was pretty fun in school. Yesterday, we did this thing called a "dobla kara". I don't know what you guys call it but this is something you SHOULDN'T do. This is where a guy has to dress up in half. One side a boy, the other a girl. Then the have to lip-sync to a song that has a boy-girl duet. So when the real thing happened, we laughed like crazy. I mean it was so funny, I wished you guys could've seen it.

New BioShock

So I'm pretty excited for this one since I've been a fan of the two BioShock games. The funny thing about it was that the next game will take place in the air, not underwater. Maybe, they should call it "AeroShock" :P So this game has more normal people in it which kinda lessens the horror that the fact that you're not alone. From my point of view, I think the game helps people with their phobias. The first BioShock game was more on paranoia then the second one is more on hydrophobia and the third one will probably be one aerophobia. The Big Daddies have changed slightly since they still keep their size but not their appearance. Plus, so far in the trailer I haven't seen a single Little Sister or a plasmid and what's worse, it'll be out in TWO YEARS!

Saturday school

So I have to go to school tomorrow even though it's Saturday. I don't really care since it's the Wednesday schedule.

GH and RB DLC this week, moved out and a rare occassion

GH and RB DLC this week

So this week was a good one for DLCs on GH and RB. GH had the Used and RB had some mixed singles. I wasn't a big Used fan until I listened to Pretty Handsome Awkward and the Taste of Ink (both are good songs, though). Probably the headliner for RB is La Roux's "Bulletproof" and I find it alright for a girl who looks like a guy (androgynous :P). I'm excited for next week since GH will have Sum 41. FAT LIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Moved out

Yes, we finally moved out. Actually, we already did last Friday. So my room was awesome although very cold, very nice view and it's pretty quiet (too quiet :shock: ). Well, everything is not perfect. We don't have cable TV. My sister has to sleep in my room since her's isn't done yet. On the good side I can sleep late now that I have to wake up late :P

A rare occassion

This is actually a rare occassion for me. A schoolmate of mine cried deeply after we watched a movie. The movie was called John Q, it's a drama film and it's very heart-warming. I didn't notice at first but she probably cried after John's trial. She had to go to the women's restroom to calm down. She's alright today.

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