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First Impressions: Vanquish

I have been in quite a gaming slump, but now that my hometown Washington Nationals got knocked out of the playoff race last night, I am sure to have more free time.  Although, the Capitals start playing next week, and I am planning on going to opening night, they're giving away a magnet!

I started Vanquish last night and I can't say it is challenging me too much.  The game reminds me a lot of Bulletstorm and the controls are easy to pick up.  There doesnt seem to be much story, which, at this point, is probably a good thing.  I'm storied out between mine own writing and heavy games like Fallout 3 and Last of Us, not to mention Splintercell Blacklist, which was decent.


I'm hoping to get through this game soonish, but we shall see.  My attention span is all over the place and I have been spending far too much time daydreaming.  Those self-help books and pundits say you should visualise your new life, but I don't think this is exactly what they mean.

Keep Calm and Game On.