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First Impressions: Undead Nightmare

It's almost October and it feels like a fun, scaryish game might be just what the doctor ordered.  It was this or Silent Hill and I thought this might be more amusing.  I have fond, fond memories of Red Dead Redemption.  This is a fun take on an age-old idea, one that has been more prevalent over the last few years.  Take a popular game, pick it up in the middle of the story and turn the story on its head with zombies.  Repeat as needed.  It is a great idea and the mystique of the original game is maintained.

The story picks up before the finale of the original game.  John Marston is at home with his family when Uncle comes through the door, raving and rabid, needing to be put down.  John is forced to leave his family and begin to investigate what is going on.  The rest of the world is infused with the undead and John comes upon all the locations he's known are overrun and he must intervene to save people.

This game came out on the heels of the original and I should have played it then, but I didn't, so here we are.  It is very amusing and the only thing I'm kind of ignoring is the fact that I have to go back and save places after saving them the first time.  The controls are very similar, though, after this many years of playing the original, I can't be sure.  I don't like that I don't have the unlimited ammo or weapons I'd unlocked before, so that makes it a very tighter game.  I prefer being over-powering to the enemies, but this is probably better.

I can't make any honest complaints on this game, but it is the only Rockstar game I plan on playing this month.  Keep Calm and Game On.