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First Impressions: Tom Clancys Splintercell Blacklist

I have only ever played one Tom Clancy game before and got so thoroughly stuck that I gave up. After watching some of the footage for this one and seeing that the CE came with a remote control plane, I was sold. I've played a few hours in, and while I am sure veterans of the Tom Clancy games will complain or lament, I am finding it fun and challenging.

I'm a fan of stealth. While playing Metal Gear Solid 2, I was introduced to the concept of hiding in plain sight or just silently killing foes and throwing them overboard. As I've progressed as a gamer, I've found stealth to be a lot of fun and a challenge if the AI is either too aware or not aware enough of your presence. The story of this game is based on terrorists threatening to killing US targets if the US doesnt do something or another. It isn't the most affecting of stories just for the remoteness of the action. You play as Sam Fisher, returning as a covert operative to thwart these people by any means necessary. The game sometimes punishes you for being too brash and rewards you for being stealthy.

I won't lie, the game is kicking my butt right now. I know.  I'm playing it on moderate difficulty, but still, I'm having a heck of a time getting through missions. It's hard to just guess what you're supposed to do or what missions are best to do in the progression of the game, so I'm just kind of randomly choosing and that might be part of the problem.

The visuals, as you would expect from an Ubisoft game, are quite good. The cut-scenes are fantastic and the actual game play is pretty seamless. I have had the occasional glitch, but nothing like Fallout or even Last of Us. I am really glad I got this on release and I'm hoping to slog through it if I can over the next few weeks.

The only detraction to that is my sister is a) staying with us (as are her in-laws) and b) she's prego and ready to pop. When baby 2 comes, I expect the wheels to come off. I also kind of got stuck in a spot in Virtues last reward, it kicked me back to the beginning of the game and I'm not sure why. While I'm in the hospital, I might think about bringing my 3DS. Keep Calm and Game On.