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2014 Gaming Update

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Long time no blog, eh? I know. I had hoped they’d fix this site, but more than anything, I need a place to post some reviews

From last year:

From this year:

I’d written some of those reviews some time ago, and I have to say, of the three, I was really impressed by Dishonored and the scare in Silent Hill wasn’t something to scoff at. It was pretty scary and worth the money…though, I never did find my nail gun I’d had DLC for…stupid pre-orders. I am expecting Thief to come in soon and yes, I have a PS4, it is still in the box. For those of you who are/were loyal readers, that should come as no surprise. Is this site still all wonky, or is it worth another shot? My patience is thin.



Ditto - when it comes to finding player reviews, it's like finding a needle in a haystack. I was thinking Mobygames.


Still wonky, though there's meant to be some promised fixes/updates due soon according to Lark... take that as you may. :\

Nice to see you. :)