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look in the boxofthe game for the key , and a multiplayer game...battlefield 2
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its only good if you have friends that use it, others wise there is no point in getting it
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you pay for guild wars...
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Microsoft Vista is not made for gaming, It is made for showing off itself. If you look at most new game specs, you will see lines like this: "Minimum Requirements: 256MB Ram, or 1024Ram with Vista"

I see that you are getting a new system, hopefully you built it yourself, and have a choice of operating systems, if not, and are stuck with Vista, there is still hope, you can un install Vista, reformat and install Windows XP Professional. That way you can insure better framerates, and more enjoyable gameplay.

I wouldnt say that unless you have windows Vista because i have it with 3gb of ram and my games run better than they did with XP surprisingly. so dont say its bad untill you have tried it!:x
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try lowering your graphics and it should run good, thats what i had to do and now it runs great.