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Another Year , Another Gamescom...

Hello Everybody ... so like every year i go to gamescom i did this year to because why wouldn't i?`when i only live like 100 km from where the event is held!

As it seems the event this year was HUGE because it was sold out like month or two before it even started ... Which was never the case as long as i can remember.

On a Saturday morning me and few friends of mine stood for over 2hours at the entrance just to be few of the first people to enter because of how long you have to wait on the games you wan to actually try ...

And once it started we managed to get to ''The Evil Within'' and still had to stand for over 2 hours oh dang i thought but oh well it was worth it.

After that we just roamed around looking at stuff because wait times on most of the things went from 2 to 5 or 6 hours which was not a option when you are at the event only 1 day...

Other than that we tried out ... ''Dead Island 2'' , ''Dying Light'' , ''Gauntlet'' , ''Lara Croft'' and few other mini games...

We went into ''Quantum Break'' show by mistake because we thought we would get to try the game ... oh well time wasted there but it was quite okey we slept :P

Other than that the event was mediocre not that big of a deal ... nintendo booth was interesting and fun because of the smash bros tournament and etc , etc , etc

Blizzard like always took more than half of one hall ... EA looked abandoned except for their ''Dragon Age Inquisition'' and ''Fifa'' booths ... Sony and Xbox was overflowing with awesome sing star or dance revolution thingies but other than that ... last year was much more fun.

There was not many games to look at and well only thing that i really liked was Square Enix booth they had it going from all the sides with best gifts and nice events ... FFXIV:ARR had nice boss events going and on other side it was LaraCroft and Kingdom Hearts ... Naoki Yoshida was battling with Ichiro Hazama in ''Theatrhythm Final Fantasy'' which was really amusing :) And not to forget they had another booth going on with PvP from FFXIV:ARR so for me SE won the gamescom this year.

And Ofcourse a Photo With Pikachu!

Accelerating Life

People still keep passing by They are moving accelerating fast But i keep on standing waiting for the to pass Red light is shining on this crossroad of life My legs are trembling i am scared to cross This street that has no lights at all Trembling from this cold I lose all my dreams to reach the top And so i think if they were right I have no chances of success But maybe i am idiot indeed But this world if full of idiots like me...

Painting Of Life

Something little Just a bit different I wanted to be Someone out of non ordinary picture Defying the rules I was moving and hidding Under those smiles With crying face and soul But now i do realize How hard is it to break them all To break those rules Created from long ago And even if i do play by them It doesn't mean That i have to be the same As all other are In this painting of life...


I just wanted to introduce myself ... I am just 19 years old traveling around the world with interest in writting poems oh which i will post here also later ... plus my interest extends to gaming world and Anime + Manga world ... i am most of the time absorbed into my work but i love to chat with people on my free time i hope to get along with most of you on GS :) been using this website for years but only lurking and i thought that i should get into the community.