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Accelerating Life

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People still keep passing by They are moving accelerating fast But i keep on standing waiting for the to pass Red light is shining on this crossroad of life My legs are trembling i am scared to cross This street that has no lights at all Trembling from this cold I lose all my dreams to reach the top And so i think if they were right I have no chances of success But maybe i am idiot indeed But this world if full of idiots like me...

Painting Of Life

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Something little Just a bit different I wanted to be Someone out of non ordinary picture Defying the rules I was moving and hidding Under those smiles With crying face and soul But now i do realize How hard is it to break them all To break those rules Created from long ago And even if i do play by them It doesn't mean That i have to be the same As all other are In this painting of life...


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I just wanted to introduce myself ... I am just 19 years old traveling around the world with interest in writting poems oh which i will post here also later ... plus my interest extends to gaming world and Anime + Manga world ... i am most of the time absorbed into my work but i love to chat with people on my free time i hope to get along with most of you on GS :) been using this website for years but only lurking and i thought that i should get into the community.