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I'm surprised no one has suggested the Gothic trilogy yet.  Very well made RPG series, they are connected and the third one is huge.

Also the Neverwinter Night series (not the online one).

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I find polls more to be about popularity rather than anything else. Now if you left it generic and didn't mention those specific games and just talked about gaming genres maybe you'd have a point. Regarding ME being linear, so what, it doesn't make it any less of an RPG. RPG stands for role-playing game, key words role-play, it's not about non linear quests or open world. And as I stated ealier there is plenty of RP in ME, as much as F3. As far as conversation options, there is usualy three or more types of ways to handle different encounters. Your opinion has been noted, my opinion is that it is closer to Fallout 3, minus the open world, but with better shooting gameplay.


As I agree with you, I have to point out that RPG's have evolved a lot, even if they are RPG/Shooters, RPG/Action, RPG/Sci Fi, they are still RPG as Gooeykat mentioned, you play a character that has a role and as you play it more to your liking, you define your role even more in that game.

But I believe that the main debate here (Aside from the poll!) is that pure RPG players only see fantasy games are RPG's, this is false, as long as you can fit a role, customize yourself in any and all ways you want, be it with armor and weapons or skills, have different options to take in quests and/or actions that change the game's perspective towards you, and have deep story telling to immerse the player into the game, then the game can be qualified as a pure RPG. So if ME, F3 or any future game that's coming out can bring all those criteria into a game and do it successfuly, then they should be catalogued as pure RPG, even if they don't have swords and magic.