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Achievement Seekers - XBox 360

This entry really isn't a blog, its moreso an advertisement. For those who use Facebook, come check out the group "Achievement Seekers - XBox 360"

Achievement Seekers is an (Facebook) online community of gamers coming together to share tips, tricks, strategies and opinions for XBox 360 and XBox Live games. Also, as the our name suggests, we will also be sharing advice on obtaining in game achievements, as well as reviewing and discussing our favorite games.

This group is just beginning and I'm sure you want to join and be a part of its success from the start!

Looking foward to meeting you there,


What To Do This Weekend

Here's my dilemma...

I have been so busy recently working, running errands, and working on my business venture that I haven't had the chance to play any games recently other than a few minutes here and there on my Nintendo DS and Wii. This weekend though, I plan on taking time just for myself, and my games. I plan on pulling all night game sessions on both Friday and Saturday (preferably on my XBox), but I don't know what to play.

I have yet to play Half Life 2 or Mass Effect, finish Gears of War or Halo 3 or Marvel Ultimate Alliance or Saint's Row. These are the games that I own, but I was thinking of buying or renting something new for the weekend. Maybe I can find a copy of Ninja Gaiden II somewhere. I'm also interested in Tomb Raider Anniversary, Burnout Paradise, Dark Sector, The Club, and Time Shift.

I have no idea what I want to play. What's your suggestion?

I'm Still Alive!

I know it has been a while since I have been online and gave any type of contributions, and I know that tis isn't the first time that I have said this either, but I promise, I will be back on more regularly in the coming months.

In the meanwhile, here's a breif run down of my life...


yeah, that's about it for me, lol!

But on a side note, I recently purchased a Wii. I was in Blockbuster (of all places) and they were in stock. So I bought it. Not that I could necessarily afford it at the time (definitely an unexpected expense), but b/c I wanted to get one for my son for the longest time, and I could not find one (nor half of America) since they came out. So, given the opportunity, I bought it. To my surprise, you can find a Wii just about everywhere now. Had I known that there wasn't a rush, I would have just waited closer to his birthday to buy it instead of him being in the store when I bought it and already being aware that we were bringing one home (it's not like I could have just held on to it for the next few months after he saw me purchase it). Ok, I'm just venting now, but it's ok. I have no regrets.

I also have no more time. I'm about to bounce, but next time, remind me to vent about being scammed in regards to a home audio system. Until then...

December 8, 2007

It's been a while since I've left a blog online, so I feel obligated to at least write something. So, here we go...

1.I love my Xbox 360: I am glad I made the decision that I made. Though, I still feel like a traitor to an extent, I am glad that I bought my 360 (as long as I don't experience the Red Ring of Death).

2. I miss Paradise Island: We used to have a lot of fun and interesting conversational topics. I still stand bymy expectation that Paradise Island will rise again. We're just on Hiatus right now. Christmas break is coming, and with all the new games that are out, and Christmas Presents that people are getting, there's a chance it may start picking back up... either that or when everyone is done playing with their Christmas presents, lol

3. How did I end up being the Leader of 2 Unions: Trust me, I'm not complaining, but I am officially the leader of 2 Unions... Wow! There are a few things that will be in store for both in the future (not necessarily the immediate future, but nevertheless).

4. My favorite game so far on the XBox: My favorite game would have to be Rainbow 6: Vegas. I officially fell in love with Microsoft when I played this game online with my friend that lives over 5 hours away and we completed the co-op story.

The End

And my decision is...

After months (if not years) of deliberation, I have finally made a decision... As of today, I am the proud owner of a brand new XBox 360 Elite. For the longest I have been holding out for a PS3 and with the current price drops now would be an opportune time, but the with the lack of backwards compatibility as well as the... Who am I kidding, it's was a decision based entirely off of the games. The PS3 lacks the current of future Exclusives that would make me buy the system... at least fornow. I may get a PS3 one day, but for right now Ratchet and Clank is not enough of a reason to spend $400 - $500 on a system, It would end up just ultimately being justa very expensive game.

Preseason NFL Picks

It's about that time again. Where every Sunday is dominated by 9 hours of continuous, non-top action. No, i'm not talking about God of War, fellas! I'm talking about the fact that Football season is right around the corner.

Everyone can make Superbowl picks come December that sound logical, but I want to know before the first kickoff, who will crowned champs this year? Will it be Indy again? Will San Deigo avenge a "surprising/disappointing" playoff defeat after a tremendous run last year? Will a NFC team get some love? You tell me!

Actually, let me know who you think will represent both the AFC and the NFC this year in the Superbowl, plus your pick for the eventual Champions.

Thanks to all... 8)

Recent Views 101

Not that it's really important, but I did want to document the fact that I have had 101 people check out my page as of today and surprisingly, just the mere simplistic thought of someone (or 101 people) taking time out of their day just to take a look at my page has put a smile on my face.

Thanks to all that have visited, and welcome to all of whom that will, :P

OMG!!! Is it really that Serious??? (part 2)

Look, I'm being misunderstood on my stance when it comes to theMike Vick situation so I thought I'd make a part two to my Blog.

I do not condone any one harming animals. Whether that be Dog, Cat, Mouse, Pig, Hamster, or Kangaroo. I just think that Vick lives in the United States in America where there are so many freedoms that we take for granted everyday, he should be allowed a fair trial. I do not believe that Vick should be lynched or fired from his job (essentially thats what people are calling for) based off of allegations at this point. Also, there are worse things in the world that others have and will do, but their situations will not be scrutinized as much as Vick's situation b/c "we" here in America have a soft spot in our heart for dogs b/c of them being so "cute" and "fluffy". Frankly, I don't like dogs nor do I think that they are cute and fluffy. But, the point of the story is that they are dogs. Nothing more, nothing less. They are pets and I'm sure that more dogs are killed by being ran over by a car in a day than "Bad Newz Kennel" has killed in 6 years of existence (only 8 dogs were reported as being killed). When was the last time you seen an individual go to court and stand trial for killing ANY animal on the highway??? But b/c Vick's "associates" killed these dogs without acar means that Vick should be kicked out of the league??? I"m sorry, I just do not agree with the majority of people that are calling for Vick to be kicked out of the league or to be ousted from the Falcons.

If Vick is guilty, he broke the law and I expect him to be punished. Being a Mike Vick fan and an ATLien, I hope his punishment doesn't include jail time but that is not up to me. I just don't think that people are fully aware of what the charges of Vick are. If Vick was sponsoring Cock fighting" arenas, I don't think people would be so irate. But, again, b/c of dogs being so "cute" and "fluffy" people have a soft spot in their hearts for them and Vick may miss this season regardless of whether he's guilty or not. AND that is not FAIR.He's already suspended from training camp, and I suspect the rest of the season (and/or his career depending on if he faces jail time) is next. Just leave Vick alone.

To Vick:

If you can hear me man, not everyone hates you. Everyone makes mistakes. Whether that's the choice of friends we make or the women we date, or even the wrong answer on the test we need to pass in order to graduate... EVERYONE makes mistakes. You are definitely in the prayers of myself and a lot of people I know. Everything will work out for the best, trust me, you'll see.

Maybe It's me, but OMG!!! Is it really serious???

Ok, I do feel what Vick did was stupid (if he actually did it), but only b/c he is a Multi-million dollar NFL QB and dog-fighting is illegal in the state of Virginia. My feelings are hurt and my prayers go out to "Ookie" and his family. I wish he wasn't involved. However, assuming that he isn't innocent, I don't understand why everyone is ready to lynch Vick.

For all of you that do now fully understand what Vick is being charged for, let me explain. Vick is not being charged for killing a dog. Vick is not charged for electracuting a dog. Vick is not charged with shooting nor hanging a dog. Vick is charged with sponsoring illegaldog-fights(by buying property used for breeding and fighting dogs), purchasing dogs from out of state and either transporting them personally or having them brought to Virginia, gambling on the fights. MIKE VICK is not being cited for killing a dog. I've looked at the Indictement and Vick's name is not mentioned one time for killing a dog.

Let me ask you this, How many ants have you stepped on in your life? How about flies swatted? How many times have you or a family member gone hunting for deer, rabbit, or another forest animal? How many cows are killed yearly to provide the US with enough beef to keep McDonald's in business? A lot, right? And Vick's dog-fighting ring is sooooo much worse, right? Oh, I guess, it's different b/c insects don't have feelings, and forest animals and cows (and/or other animals) are not domesticated. That's not a legit reason to throw Vick to the sharks in my opinion? I mean, if dogs weren't "cute" and "fluffy" would anyone really care. If dog fighting was the worse thing in the world, it would be illegal everywhere, not just in certain places and/or states. And if you want to make the case that hunters use the animals they kill as food, that's not always the case. A lot of hunts are just for the sport of it. Remember Ivory Hunters anyone???

The fact remains, Vick wasn't sponsoring an illegal Motal Kombat Tournament for Midgets, he was "sponsoring" dog-fights. I'm apauld that people are calling for Vick's head. I don't think what Vick has done, or not done, should be affecting his career at this point. If Vick is convicted and has to go to jail for any extended period of time, his career will essentially be over any ways. But he should be allowed due process and assumed innocentuntil proven guilty. When was the last time you seen any "regular joe" arrested for anything and protestors called for "regular joe" to be fired or suspended from Pep Boys? You do understand that we live in the United States of America ladies and gentlemen and we are entitled to a few rights? One of them is called due process and the fact that we are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

My Terrible Decision

To buy, or not to buy...

I have the intentions of buying a PS3 before the end of the year hopefully, but the next iteration of Madden comes out in a few weeks. Part of me is thinkig that I shoud buy Madden on the PS2 for now and enjoy it, and then just buy All-Pro Football (and/or Madden)for the PS3 when I get it. However, the other part of me is thinking that I should just wait. Only b/c I believe the PS3 version will be a better product than the soon to be forgotten PS2 version. Plus, before I jump next-gen, there are still a few games that I would like to actually play first. Like... Dragon Quest VIII, Final Fantasy XII, Odin Spear (Ithink I spelled it right) plus a few others.

So.... what do you think?

1. Buy Madden now and All-Pro Football for the PS3 later,


2. Save my money and use it to buy a next-gen version of Madden andlater on this year and just focus on playing other PS2 titles I haven't played yet while I still have the desire to play them

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