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well ive been a gamespot user for just over a year, initially signed up just to ask a few questions about games, then just stuck around. i go on when im bored, i love football, play it all the time (it was an injury that got me playing games and thus onto this site) im now in the final year of my GCSE's, i live in england. i support Arsenal. i think man city are **** dont mind rugby, i prefer american football. love getting drunk. most of my friends would probably think its a bit nerdy that im a member of a site like this but... who cares. umm i listen to ALOT of music (as most teenagers do) mostly Hip hop, R&B and american punk/emo music, also drum and bass, jazz (when im withgirls ;D) and the various types of metal. im an ace at racing games, but prefer tactical shooters, and free roamers (gta etc) also the FIFA series, where i forever love pwning every team under the sun with my gooners. i dont follow politics, but i think they are all knobs. :)