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Ispeakfact memorial.

Ispeakfact was many things on System Wars; he was an enemy to some, a saint to others, a jelly-inducing machine to the rest of the people on System Wars. Cows looked up to him; some even wanted to be him. He was the king of cows and deservingly so. No cow made people jelly like he did and now I don't think a cow will ever make people jelly again. Ispeakfact was also a talented artist; he made works of art. The jelly pictures were amazing and hilarious. He really was a true visionary. I don't know about you guys, but I'm going to miss his posts and threads. He was a very funny man. Never once did he troll, he just informed. System Wars won't be the same without this visionary man, he made System Wars fun and entertaining. He got banned doing what he did best... making people jelly.

Lems this is a good day for us, a day that we should always remember. We can now post freely without fear of being jelly by him. This is a great day indeed. But we should never forget the king of the cows, ISPEAKFACT.

He will live on in all of us, every time we post a :cool: we shall think of him.

Goodbye Ispeakfact, may you rest in JELLY.

Zlychop memorial.

Zlychop was a very annoying, stupid, and pathetic man. He kept making terrible threads, the threads he made just kept getting worse and worse. He was a hated man on System Wars, not one person liked him. I felt somewhat bad for him, but he did deserve it. I thought he was going to surprise me one day and make a good thread but now that day will never come. After all he did, I thought System Wars would never recover. The users of System Wars, which I like to call friends, surprised me. The users fought back against him and never gave up. It was a great victory, a victory that we needed. This is a great day for System Wars. Let us rejoice and never forget this day, the day that Zlychop was banned!

However, something tells me this is not over... Not by a long shot. His boyfriend Darkdouche is still here, Darkdouche will be angry that his lover was banned. He is going to want payback and he will take it out on System Wars. If we stand together and fight, Darkdouche will be no more. I know that we can do it; you guys surprised me with Zlychop... Maybe you guys can surprise me again.

Who is with me?

Inb4uall memorial

Friends. We are gathered here today, as you are all aware, to pay our last tributes and respects to the memory of our departed friend, Jonwh18, better known as Inb4uall. He was a good man, he always made me laugh, whether it was intentional or not. He was a great and entertaining friend who made System Wars fun for all of us. He tried to get Zlychop and Darkdude banned but failed. However, even when he did fail to get them banned, he showed System Wars how corrupt the mods really are. And that was the real victory. Inb4uall was no man... he was a symbol, a savior, a legend. We didn't deserve this "legend" and now we have to pay the price. We should have done more, we should have appreciated him more, but we didn't. It's too late now. No one is to blame for his leaving but us. The last hope System Wars had left is now gone. May God help us. May God help System Wars.

Now we lay to rest our beloved Baconbro and friend. May you find peace and comfort somewhere else. System Wars may have failed you, we may have failed you... But we always cared and respected you. System Wars will not be the same without you. We now bury you in honor.

Inb4uall if you're reading this, I'm sorry... We are sorry.

We didn't deserve you... But we did need you.

Legends are never forgotten...

Credible and Non-Credible list.

Credible list:
1. Freedomfreak 100%
2. Mitu 95%
3. Adobeartist 94%
4. Wasdie 89%
5. Verbtex 88%
6. Solidty 87%
7. Darklink 86%
8. Stevo_the_gamer 85%
9. lundy 82%
10. Blabadon 80%
11. Arisshadows 79%
12. Spyder0416 77.5%
13. Michael0134567 76%
14. Super600 75%
15. Xvision84 68%
16. Caseywegner 65%
17. Bpoole96 64%
18. Charizard1605 63%
19. BBrikistan 61%
20. Greengoblin 60%

Non-credible list:

1. Inb4uall 59%
2. Free_milk 56%
3. Parkurtommo 49%
4. Obviously_Right 39%
5. Heil68 36%
6. Cheleman 32%
7. Todd2r 32%
8. Ispeakfact 25%
9. Platniumgamer 18%
10. Finalstar2007 16%
11. Sonic1564 15%
12. Tesselation 13%
13. Tormentos 7%
14. Gamerwillz 3.5%
15. loosingends 2%
16. Sniper -1%
17. Shadowmoses -4%
18. Johnnycage -6%
19. Darkdude2k12 -8%
20. Zlychop -12%
21. Davekeeh -20%

If you are not on the list and you want to be... tell me.

My vision....

I keep having these visions, these visions won't stop or go away.

The vision starts with me on a rainbow, seeing flames, people burning.

Then another vision, it was clear to me what was going on....

The vision was me on a rainbow, looking down at the flames. The people... not people, cows. Yes, cows. Cows burning, everything related to playstation is burning.

I asked myself, why? Why am I getting this vision?

It was clear in my head. I was supposed to be the savior of the cows, the savior of the PLAYSTATION.

I thought, should I prevent the death of playtation and its cows?

And I knew the answer, no. A simple no.

I'm not being selfish. The cows don't deserve to live, it's no place for them.

Us lems can rebuild, make it a better place to live. Where gamerscore and kinect is the future. Where trophies don't exist, where Uncharted and any other movie games don't exist!

This my friend is the future I want to live in.

On that day, I'll look down from the rainbow and see the burning of the cows and playstation. Ill smirk and say............