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XBL Name Change!!

Well, it's official, i changed my name from platinumrug05 to PSC Keyblade. I'm reppin my clan name PSC (short for Pimp Squad Click) and i am lovin it right now. I had thought it was bad at first because when i went into a few games, i was continuously getting raped by people i know i can rape and it was making me wonder. But that wasn't the case, i was raping later in the day and all and it's making me happy. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!1 My friend cantbebetter wasn't really too excited to find out i changed my name, i apologize man but i really wanted to because i was getting tired of platinumrug05. I wanted something original, that suits me just fine.

Super Smash Bros. Tournament!!

I don't know why i kept avoiding this topic for so long. Well, i think it was this past Tuesday or Wednesday when we held it at my school. There was no money put down, but it's ok. I won anyways. Ok, let me explain. The brackets were kinda messed up at first, i was supposed to go up against a bot in the first round, and i did, and i won. The thing is though, my friends bots are modified, he has a GC development kit to where he can alter the bots A.I. and increase it's level. Mine was supposed to be level 16, but i found out it was it was level 13. It's ok though, i still whooped it. I OWN with Falco. Well, the rounds didn't get intense for me until i got further into the brackets, i faced off against this dude who likes to play with Samus, he owns with Samus, but i own harder with Falco. Guess who won?? ME!! He was salty. So like i said, it didn't get intense until later, when i faced the person who is ALMOST as good as me. I haven't played since DECEMBER, and i owned every single last one of them, it was beautiful. I won the tournament, he took me out twice, and i took him out twice, i was determined NOT to make it a sudden death match, because i know that i wouldn't have won. So i worked hard and owned him at the last moment, there was like 10 seconds on the clock, i won the tournament and the respect of many people. Gosh, i totally own sometimes. Afterwards people were playing little matches against each other just for fun, and every match i was in, i owned completely. Next tournament is going to be retro (N64 SSB) and i have it downstairs in my basement. Guess what i'm going to be doing over the summer? Wooowww!11

Platinumrug05 Brings the Review

Ok, so i know most of you probably know that the new maps for Perfect Dark Zero are out and downloadable for 500 microsoft points, for those who actually have PDZ. Well, i'm here to bring you a review of what you'll expect in each level. Also, i would appreciate if you would rate me on how well i reviewed each new level. Rooftops- Of course, i know most of you have played the rooftops level in the single player and hopefully at least once on the co-op part. Well, it is basically the same level, except it has been completely rehauled. There are still rooftops and places for snipers to get an advantage on the opposition, but those can be easily found due to close inspection. Also if you're one of those people who love throwing laptops everywhere, this is the perfect (and when i saw perfect I MEAN IT) level for you guys. There are so many places to toss and laptop and watch it rip away on your opponent(s). Also, be warned though, this is a sprayers paradise. You guys know who i'm talking about, those n00bs who [as soon as they see] open fire on you and spray your entire life away, yeah this level is perfect for them. Also, for people who love UGL's and Mines, this place is perfect as well, you just have to know where to put them in order for them to be effective, because the keen eye can easily spot a mine if careful and cautious. There's a lot of twists and turns in this level, so if you don't know your way around, be prepared for some backtracking. Overall, this level gets an 8.5/10. Trench- I already know i'm going to like this level, because in this level there is no place to hide. There are places where if you position yourself right you might make it a decent hiding space, but really, there's no where to run. Camping is almost illegal in this level, because even if you do the opposition has the upperhand on you. If they're skilled that is, if they're not they're walking into a trap. This is one of those levels that are perfect for ONE on ONE confrontations. This is a decent place for laptops and mines and UGL's, but me i wouldn't recommend it. Since it does have an open space for RCP weapon holding folks to easily see badly placed mines or UGL's, or laptops for that matter. Also for infection players, this level is not good for you, considering there is no GOOD place to hide, so scratch that out. Although i said there are no hiding places, there are a few, underground. But if you want ground level action, no hiding no where. Not unless you make the map small. Eradication vets, this place is simply perfect for those clan matches. Overall, i give Trench a 9.6/10. Plaza- Let me start off by saying when i played this level in the demo, it sucked ass to me. No doubt. But now that i see the thing again in a different light, i actually think it would be a WONDERFUL match for Sabotage or infection. Me, i wouldn't recommend infection because the ones who are the skeletons, keep this in mind, you can get easily spotted in this level. At least from what i saw, if you're not careful. If you shoot all the lights out, it can make for an interesting match for people who love to box or just have a pistol as the main weapon. SMG's are kinda unfair in this map, at least to me it is. Also, do NOT buy snipers on this round or put snipers on this round, mainly because there is not point to do so, and also because for a skilled sniper you could probably get some nice kills, but since the level is so enclosed it wouldn't be hard for someone to find you once you've shot off a bullet. Overall i give Plaza a 8/10. Gasplant- Now, before you all get excited about this level, Gasplant is just an extended (and when i say extended I MEAN IT) and ULTIMATELY better version of the Tower level. It takes place outside mostly and there is snow on the ground with trees and lots of places to hide for cowards. Also for all you infection people, this map is THE ULTIMATE INFECTION MAP, no lies here. This map is bigger and better than Tower, it's just the tower, but instead of a tower, you get a gasplant. Inside the gasplant, it gets tricky because if you're using the secondary function of the RCP or Superdragon it gets a little bright in that room. Not unless you like brightness then go striaght ahead. Erad might not be so good on this level, i'm saying this because i despise tower, and i probably will despise this level as well. Stairwells and entrances that you don't see unless you look define this place with a passion. But overall i give Gasplant a 8.2/10. Also, to clarify everything, every new map's variation is only small, random and base 1+2. There is no 2+3 or 3+4. Just to let you guys know that. Thanks for reading all of this, enjoy the new maps.

My Lovely Girlfriend

Is getting me a crap load of books for my birthday. Now i know what most of you are probably thinking "WTF?? Books, and this fool is happy about getting BOOKS, NERD?!?!??!" But it's not like that, they are actual books that i would actually want and would read if given the chance. She's getting me three ENTIRE series of SW books, not all at the same time though but i'm getting them.

Doing Clan Matches Again??!!

Well, my Leader made it official that we are going to be doing clan matches once again. We're starting them back up, so i am really happy. Because since our last clan match, we have significantly improved as a clan ALTOGETHER!!! I have gotten a lot better as well on PDZ. Which is great because we have a lot of skilled players in our clan. So with the return of a few veterans, maybe we can show people what it means to be in da PSC, B**************!!!!!! P.S. Anybody on PDZ that wants to challenge us, if you have a clan on Gamebattles send me a PM, and i'll try to tell my leader about it so we can set it up and do the clan match thang.

Barely On GS Anymore??!!

I noticed that even though i post like crazy, note that i have over 15000+ posts, i have slowed down my time on GS for things like school, college and video games. Even though this is a video game based website, i come here only for the homies i have. Nothing else really. Also, for all the wonderful unions i am apart of. I can't wait til i hit 20000 posts, that will be the day.

New Games?!

Well, i want some new games, and my mother got a crap load of money from re-financing her house, and it's a CRAP load of money. More than we can ever get ahold of. But it's going to be cool. I want a crap load of more games, but i doubt she'll give them to me. But i want to get some more, like Far Cry.

Pissed! What's So Bad About It?

Well, let me tell you how bad it is. Today, on Xbox Live, i was enjoying some Dynasty Warrior 5 Empires on my 360. So i looked on my friends list and saw my really, really good friend Kutt Calhoun is in a game with some more of my friends. So i decide to finish some stuff up and join the match on Perfect Dark 0. Well, what i didn't know was that friendly fire was on, and i was punching Kutt Calhoun, and so later on, we had a boxing match (on PDZ) and just when i was gettin ready to kill him, he pulled out an RCP and headshot me. I was pissed nonetheless. So it happens again with my other friend SixthEvilDead, and i'm getting even more pissed. So i decide to leave because it was making me seriously angry. So i join my other friends game DRRICHARD, and i get killed by a n00b. I politely ask him to revive me, and what does he do? He teabags me while i'm dead. I get EVEN more pissed and decide to leave yet again. So i find me another match, and join it. Then my friend Termlesshalo sends me a game invite, so i join. I see that Kutt Calhoun and SixthEvilDead are in the room, i should have suspected so. So when we get into the match, i am on the team with my dude term, and i buy me a sniper. I instantly dispose of Kutt within the first minute of the match. But i got killed by Sixth with a super dragon. So we play a few more games, and i'm the host. So i make it a Killcount match (free for all basically) with 16 bots, on secret agent with nothing but DY-357's on. That is Kutt's best weapon to annihilate with. Well, let's just say, we private chatted with each other, and i was getting pissed more and more throughout the game but i was winning. I did win the round. He thinks that we are going to have friendship problems, although i keep trying to assure him that we aren't. But that's basically how my day went in the last 50 minutes.

I'm Back

Well, i was suspended for saying forget the mods. So a mod came to one of my most frequently visited unions and used me as an "example" or some crap like that. I don't care, i'm back on here, and i'm getting ready to get things poppin.