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So im finally back on gamespot after all this time,as you have seen with my previous blog about the ps3 i actually did get it in the end as yes ive enjoyed it but now lost intrest and glued my self to my xbox 360.Cant wait for some of the new amazing titles coming to xbox and PS3! For instance:

. Call of juarez bound in blood

. Fight night round 4

. Batman Arkham Asylum

.COD modern warfare 2 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

>and loads of others

PS3! You are finally on my wish list after all this time!!!!

Well sony after all this time have to say you have impressed me!As now you have produced what i think is the best game in the world"metal gear solid 4" now i desperatly want a PS3 (definetly for christmas)and to make it worse its ONLY the new killzone and motor storm coming out (I really want these games!!!)Sony i will happily say you are now back on your feet!!;)

super mario races back into argos on his sold out kart!

As soon as mario kart was released it was sold out instantly!Leaving me the next day very anoyed and upset i would have to wait another month to get a shining new copy! But last night was very lucky as argos recieved one copy (can you believe it just one flaming copy!)reacting to this matter very quickly i reserved it and collected it the next day! AND BOY IT WAS WORTH THE MONEY as this game offers you a month full of fun!