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Thats the Way She Goes..

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During this from college I usually get pretty bored, got my grades, 3 B+'s and a B-. I recently re-discovered an old show I used to watch constantly. No doubt it is on my top 10 list of TV shows ever. IT never gets old. The show is Trailer Park Boys. It's about 3 friends, Rick, Julian and BUbbles who live in a trailer park of course and come up with schemes to get rich quick while also staying out of jail. WHile the show isn't for everybody, I still think everybody should take a gander. Yes it's canadian, but it is very good, it's like The Office UK with tons of language and characters everyone can enjoy.....Now go watch,SUnnyvale Trailer Park awaits

Wishlist Time

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Wishlist 2010

Hauppauge hd pvr- my old capture card was a piece of junk, hopefully the 200$ price tag is worth it for the hd

Valkyria Chronicles- I know, a little late, by two years. I was actually burnt out on rpgs so I decided to stop buying them, now I'm kinda looking for a decent rpg that will last me a while.

The rest are clothes, specifically from Banana Republic, my favorite store. I guess when you get older your list gets shorter and you ask for lamer things…..

2011 and beyond (countdown)

Little Big Planet 2-1/18/11-(hopefully as fun as #1)

Last Guardian- TBA(hopefully 2011)

Gears of War 3-9/30/11

Dead Space 2-1/25/11

Portal 2-4/11/11 (please don't come via valve-time :P)

Rage- Jul~Sept 2011( hopefully not a combo of borderlands and fallout 3)

Elder Scrolls V( take as long as you need, don't need another fallout:nv on my hands)

Dragon Age II 3/8/11

Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception-oct~dec 2011

Diablo 3-TBA( most likely come out late 2011 if at all in '11, wait til blizzcon)

Deus Ex: Human Evolution-mar 2011( really iffy on this game, hopefully square doesn't drop the ball)

ICO+Shadow of the colossus-TBA probably Q2(Own both on ps2, just glad they'll be on the same disc, and pray capcom will release okami in hd)

Mortal Kombat-4/19/11( iffy on this title, maybe they can pull it off)

Twisted Metal-2011( gameplay wasn't impressive but it was the very early stages…hopefully)

Duke Nukem Forever-2011( probably summer release but not certain)

Crysis 2- 3/22/2011

Alice Madness Returns-Feb 2011( probably get pushed back)

Witcher 2-early 2011( Hopefully)

Project Dark-2011( take as long as you need)

LA Noire- 6/30/11( heavy rain action game ?)

Agent-2011(really nothing to talk about )

Thief 4-?

Fallout Online…..

Blizzards new MMO( Blizzcon here we come)

Modern Warfare 3- nov 2011(not so much looking forward to playing, just looking forward to seeing how it turns out)

Vaporware/valve-time releases


DotA 2

New source engine (ie: CS 3.0)

StarCraft:Ghost( We can still pray right :D)

Duke Nukem Forever

Half Life 3

Random Commercial

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I am a little bored over here, just turned 9 o clock in cali, and too lazy to study. Black Ops is at a friends so i cant really play that so im stuck searching for something on netflix. I recently rediscovered one of the best commercials i had ever kind of left me waiting for more....I guess i'll be bored til thanksgiving break in 3days... PSN:WulfDog if you wanna play some black ops

PlanetJumper ops

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only played the first mission in single player, went straight for the multiplayer.Good so far...but,I'm having such a hard time picking a gun i actually like, I'm level 30 already and I've been using ninja pro, sleight of hand pro and lightweight pro with a mp5k or ak 74u....i seem to dislike most of the guns I have used. As well as that, I'm not finding a map i truly like, although i do enjoy the snow maps so far, grid and summit. But i was hoping for a map like pipeline and highrise, though i hate camping and the idea of it, those maps were really memorable, it was like side against side, hopefully more grow on me, or wait for the map packs in the coming weeks.....check it PS3ID:WulfDog


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Black Ops pre order bonus finally went back up on amazon, but instead of the title 20$ preorder bonus you get 200 points worth20 dollars for any game you get on amazon. It just a little over a week til Black Ops comes out, this is the first game in recent memory besides Red Dead Redemption that i was really counting down the days for. Kinda disappointed with the box art, but whatevs....

Bored, hate that feeling

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Just waiting around until Fallout New Vegas and Call of Duty toarrive on my door steps. Gah just 8 more days. I have absolutely no games to play in the meantime, guess its the decision between finding American McGee's Alice or Roller Coaster Tycoon.

How to: Modding Counterstrike part 1

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I've been bored with games lately so I decided to come back to one of my old past times, modding counterstrike. I see a lot of people still play counterstrike, so I've decided to do a series of blogs on how to mod your css.

We'll start from the ground up: Background Menus, how to create your own unique one. First off you can always go to FPSbanana and download yourself a ready-made background, but I think creating your own is much easier and a lot more fun.

1. Find any image online preferably a large one to match as closely as possible to your css screen resolution so you won't have to edit so much.

2. Now it's best if you have Photoshop or some sort of photo re size so it matches your screen the way you want it. Re size your image the way you want it. Save it as a .tga, not necessary, but makes it easier.

3. For this part you will want to download VTFedit. It's a freeware legal converter that takes targa files or any picture file in general and converts them to Valve Texture Format, the only thing your css menu will use as a file. Open your .tga file or whatever file on the left hand side, then select save as….This part is extremely important you must save your VTF as "background01" or background01_widescreen" depending on your screen resolution. I play at widscreen 16:9 and 1280x800 so I try and make it match best I can and I use background01_widescreen.

4. Once you convert your file, you must go to your computer then

steam>steamapps>"acctname">counter-strike source>cstrike>materials>console. Just drop the VTF file in there and load up CSS and it should work just fine.

You probably don't have a console folder so you just need to create one of course, new folder named "console"

common errors:Only one background is allotted, so if you save more than one to your console is will revert to default, also make sure that if you play in widescreen you type it in after background.

There are other ways of course to create a menu for css but this one is easier and takes the least amount of time, and with a picture editor, your menus look a lot cleaner and the resolution looks good.

Two random ones i created whilst writing this blog. If you can't figure out how to do pm me , or if all else fails send me a picture and I would be obliged to make it for you, please no gratuitous nudity or anything inappropriate if you do.

Stay Tuned, my next css mod will probably be 3 easy steps to creating the perfect spray, and getting started on creating your very own map using hammer.

More Games to Play before you Die part 2

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In no way are these my favourtie games, just the ones I've played and felt that they were a giant leapt forward for the gaming world.

1. GoldenEye 007-No contest on this one, the start of console first person shooters.

2. The Sims-ridiculous concept turned into attractive and addictive game, the first video game for the masses.

3. Sonic the Hedgehog-Sega's response to Mario, a very fast paced 2D platformer that is still enjoyed by many today.

4. Legend of Zelda: A link to the Past-Great top down game that lead the pack in action adventure for a while.

5. Final Fantasy VII-Picked this one because of the successful change from 2d to 3d plus the spectacular cut scenes and an amazing story.

6. Metal Gear Solid-Safe to say this is one of the greatest stealth games ever created; it helped garner in a whole new era of stealth action games.

7. System Shock 2-Considerably good combination of first person shooter and role playing elements make this game fun on all levels.

8. WarCraft III-Multiplayer RTS that was a great alternative to StarCraft.

9. Super Smash Bros.-Fun arcade style fighting game that was one of the best multiplayer experiences for a console

10. Grand Theft Auto III-Gave new meaning to open world, wonderfully done 3d game.

Waiting in Anticipation

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It seems as if games today have been getting a little stagnant at least for me; But the new year is almost around the corner and I thought it was time for a list.

Most Anticipated game in no specific order, with no specific timeline

1. Half Life 3


3.Deus Ex Human Revolution

4.Alice: madness Returns

5. Doom 4

6.Twisted Metal

7.Mortal Kombat

8. Diablo III

9. Fallout Online

10. Unreal Tournament 4

11. Counterstrike source 2

12. Portal 2

13. Duke Nukem Forever

14. I Am Alive

15. The Last Guardian

16. Max Payne 3

17. Roller Coaster Tycoon 4

18. Age of Empires Online

19. Star War's: the Old Republic

20. BioShock Infinite

10 Games that you should play before you Die part 1

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10 Games that you should play before you Die part 1

1. Half Life- Amazing game. with an almost generic but good storyline and a physics and ai engine that blows most games away this was the game of games.

2. Diablo 2- In its heyday it was one of the greatest online experiences that everyone enjoyed, and is still fairly relevant today.

3. Deus Ex-Amazing experience from start to finish, story was superb for a video game.

4. World of Warcraft- If you haven't played this game by now, for shame, it is probably the most fun I've had online since Counterstrike. It was far from flawless but played well with what was given and the shear amount of fun contained in such a huge world.

5. Counter-Strike-This is the greatest multiplayer shooter experience ever created. It's slick graphics for its time and the amount of playable mods made this game a must play, even nowadays.

6. StarCraft-The Real-time strategy game to define real time strategy games, the definitive RTS game that set the bar for what was to come.

7. Doom- Loads better than Wolfenstein with decent graphics andbuckets of blood, this game was a leap forward for all games not just fps.

8. Super Mario 64- First attempt and a successful one at that for a 3rd person Mario game that is still a top game on almost every list.

9. Unreal Tournament-Torn between 2004 and the first, but both were very good with great graphics and online that people still play.

10. Quake III Arena-A multiplayer game that makes you scream for more, this would become the biggest competitor to the original Unreal Tournament.

This is the first of an ongoing list of must play games, These games you may know, but more obscure and spectacular games with be obtained on list no.2